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Records management has existed for any lengthy time. Once the first person was nominated to color a scene on your wall of the cave, records management like a profession came to exist.

For years and years the concept of keeping records fell to individuals who have been nominated to do this. It was not the task of everybody others within an organisation held down to recording records and managing them through their lifecycle.

The development of technology at work would be a significant alternation in this method and records management like a profession.  As soon as everybody were built with a computer, it grew to become impossible for any small group of individuals to manage all of the content which was being produced. Records management must be pressed towards the user.

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Big systems were created to house all of the electronic records, greatly in the same manner we’d initially managed physical records. We requested users to operate in one location, but store, save and retrieve elsewhere. And users weren’t impressed.

Today, we’re around the precipice of some other great alternation in records management. Click To Tweet

They consistently found ways for this constraint, first via file shares and much more lately via document discussing apps like Dropbox. This loads of group discussing was a complete nightmare for records managers (I am talking about, we’re all longing for records management, right?).

Today, we’re around the precipice of some other great alternation in records management. This time around, however, we’ve the benefit of technology to facilitate these changes.

Records managers everywhere are searching at how they may incorporate records management into standard business processes while hiding the controls in the finish user. Instead of asking users to make use of a new or counterproductive system, we’re building it in to the business applications in which the user works where the details are being produced.

Find out more about this subject in the Digital Records and knowledge Management Conference in Canberra, AU on 24th &amp 25th This summer, I’ll exist the very first day giving an exhibition on “Records Management: An Electronic Whirlwind.”

AvePoint may also be running the round table session on records management at work 365 and SharePoint in the event. We’ll take you step-by-step through the advantages, features and risks connected with relocating to the platforms. We’ll also discuss the brand new secure data center Microsoft has launched in Canberra.

Expect to seeing you there!

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