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It’s around the title of research reports, around the agenda of company board conferences as well as in the nation’s policies of countries everywhere. All of us understand it is really an important subject.

However the question for you is, how will we get it done?

No transformation will occur when we just sit lower and discuss it. We have to evaluate which we want to complete to get it done.

And that’s why AvePoint Japan, that has supported Japanese customers during the last ten years, partnered with Senate bill C&ampS Corp. for hosting digital Workplace Conference recently.

As providers of Microsoft cloud technology, we’ve observed Japanese companies still challenge the established order. As understanding workers in Japan, we’ve also seen the lengthy, unproductive working hrs and disregard for work-existence balance firsthand.

Everyone knows that what Japanese companies need are actual methods, information, framework, tips, and practices to resolve issues, especially because the Work Reform Law is going to be enacted beginning in April 2019.

For that Digital Workplace Conference, Microsoft 365 specialists from Microsoft travelled directly into provide the latest information and finest practices.

Being an AvePoint Senior Content Editor located in Japan, I had been with all this great chance to witness this conference unfolding with my very own eyes in Tokyo, japan. Without further ado, listed here are my key takeaways from #DWC2019.

Takeaway #1: We’re facing exactly the same challenge wherever we’re.

Within the era of agility and cloud, companies around the globe are facing exactly the same kinds of problems: the necessity to accelerate time-to-market, surviving the destructive forces of change, and with mass confusion (the typical enterprise understanding worker spends 20% of time tracking lower information). Workers face similar challenges whether they’re located in Tokyo, japan or Toronto!

Having seen the countless guests in the conference to discover the most recent cloud technologies, I have faith that the people of Japan appreciate this and therefore are wanting to gain knowledge from the best and brightest.

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Takeaway #2: If you would like switch to happen, get people to excited.

Another enjoyable surprise ended up being to observe how excited everyone was to determine the most recent technologies close up and private.

When Stella Chernyak, Senior Director of Microsoft 365, and her team demonstrated the Microsoft Teams’ “background blur” functionality utilizing their own cellular devices throughout the opening keynote, whispers of “Wow!” erupted of all the corner from the conference room many people even clapped!

Anna Chu, a Senior Product Marketing Manager with Microsoft, taken the sentiment around Office 365 adoption best when she stated, “Users aren’t excited by technology, they’re excited in what technology might help them achieve.” In my opinion that’s what went down during DWC2019 – people felt excited simply because they saw what Microsoft 365 would assist them to do.

Takeaway #3: Bots would be the future!

Jace Moreno, who required the closing stage, transported this excitement right through to the finish. He showcased how bots and AI can extend the functionality of Microsoft Teams from his personal Teams atmosphere! Not your plain, over-simplified, whitewashed Contoso demo here everything originated from a full time income, breathing atmosphere with relevant examples. Also it absolutely captivated the crowd.

Because he walked through how he is able to now book a Microsoft shuttle using a Teams chatbot, increase the value of his meal card balance, co-edit your blog publish, share his calendar, and provide an online high-five to awesome coworkers, I possibly could have the audience’s excitement build.

Then Jace demonstrated how AI-driven bots can communicate with people by asking “intelligent” questions. For instance, should you book a passenger bus, the bot asks, “are you going to visit this meeting?” and when you agree, it’ll ask if you’d like to examine your PowerPoint deck (after which launch it)!

Many were either smiling, whispering something to one another excitedly, or taking notes as quickly as possible. I possibly could tell their minds were hurrying trying to puzzle out how you can leverage the AI in their own individual organizations.

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Witness #ShiftHappens yourself – come along on June 12-13 in D.C.!

Since AvePoint Japan showcased how you can challenge the established order making shift happen, we wish to pass the torch off and away to our colleagues in North America—it’s time for you to continue the conversation in america!

AvePoint has produced the #ShiftHappens Conference for industry professionals to talk about insanely actionable strategies. Keynote presentations include experts from Microsoft, Forrester, Constellation Research and much more. Customer-brought sessions that showcase digital transformation in the trenches include customers for example Merck, the middle for Medicare &amp State medicaid programs Services, Mastercard, Bank of Hawaii, Oak Ridge National Laboratory &amp more. It is now your use say “Wow!” and let AvePoint capture your imagination using what the long run holds. Find out more at and register here!

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