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Likely one of the most confusing WTW scenarios for Office 365 users may be the decision between whether to use Microsoft Teams or Yammer. For a lot of, it’s a lot more of a headscratcher than the choice to use Microsoft Teams or Outlook. Teams folded out (type of unexpectedly) in 2016 and is just about the darling of the Microsoft modern workplace. However, that doesn’t mean Yammer doesn’t have role.


Yammer and Microsoft Teams can overlap a bit within their use cases, however i think it is makes lots of sense for their services for separate reasons. How you wish to communicate is usually the deciding factor which to make use of when: Yammer or Teams.

I won’t say this information is prescriptive for those individuals every situation, however i will uphold the advice made because sound practice for taking advantage of both apps and improving the way you communicate with your colleagues, customers, vendors, and everybody else you train with.

In most cases, Microsoft Teams is the best for smaller sized groups of folks that work carefully together inside a directed way whereas Yammer is the best for random interaction with individuals across a company. Let’s talk a little more about where you’d use Yammer versus Teams and why.

Bigger organizations will discover a real requirement for both applications smaller sized organizations (under 1,000, your house) could see you don’t need to use both. Within the latter situation, I’d generally recommend using Teams over Yammer if you need to pick among the apps to make use of solely.

Let’s enter into the utilization cases and explanations why I make individuals recommendations.

The Loops 

Microsoft lately folded out what’s likely the very best graphical representation (that I have seen) of using their communication-based apps. The interior loop, outer loop, and open loop are essential to bear in mind when speaking Teams versus Yammer.

Microsoft Teams is actually designed for your inner loop. Should you not like this marketing speak, consider the continual back-and-forth conversations you’ve and file editing you need to do with individuals you train with regularly (including exterior folks).

That stated, Microsoft Teams isn’t nearly chatting, either it supports live, concurrent file editing, the opportunity to bring websites and apps straight into Teams as tabs, and audio/interactive video. All on desktop and mobile, and all sorts of without departing a main application.

Microsoft Teams is the best place to will work. Conversations are informal, short, and to the stage. It’s called Teams because you’re dealing with close-knit… teams. Including exterior people not inside your network!

Yammer is perfect for your outer loop. Yammer does allow groups to be closed off to others, but it’s generally used as a gathering place that people join groups which are important or interesting for them.

Yammer is particularly popular for communities of practice, where individuals with similar job type across management chains can combined efforts to discuss guidelines or perhaps create and recommend corporate policies according to their expertise.

Many organizations host CoPs for project managers, attorneys (for differing types), accountants, safety and QA folks, and marketing professionals to help keep the “voice” of individuals professions consistent across the company regardless of geographic location, org chart status, or history using the organization.

(CoPs are a finest practice in the understanding management world and could be known by lots of different names, including center of excellence, communities of engagement, understanding centers, and others. As the definitions between a few of these could be subtly different, for that everyday readers, they’re effectively exactly the same.)

However it doesn’t have to be completely work-related: Yammer is ideal for affinity groups and interest groups. I have seen Yammer be the best way to gather professional organizations like local chapters of Toastmasters or professional societies chapters but it is also just like helpful for an organization softball league.

I love to boil Yammer lower to being a spot to achieve to individuals with an knowledge of an advertisement hoc way. You might not know everybody and they might not even speak a foreign language, however that makes no difference. If you’ve ever were built with a situation where you’d love to gather professionals on the subject right into a town hall, get a megaphone, and get all of them an issue wishing someone knows the solution and can help you save from hrs of research and unanswered calls, Yammer is the tool of preference.

Understanding Office 365 Groups 

Microsoft Teams and Yammer are built on Office 365 Groups. Developing a Team or Yammer Group creates a workplace 365 Group with membership that you simply designate. All these Groups winds up getting a number of workspaces in other Office 365 apps. Enjoy it or otherwise, you’re likely to receive a plan in Planner and a site in SharePoint (where your files finish up being saved).

This is a good factor, as you’ll likely end up requiring these apps to aid your projects. But it is also worth noting that, unlike with Outlook Groups (which can conveniently be “switched over” from Microsoft Teams if needed), Yammer doesn’t let you move to Teams without having your files, plans, videos, and whatever else stuck in the old Office 365 Group.

So, should you pick Yammer and also you spend a couple of several weeks by using it discussing files, photos, videos, tasks, etc., you cannot just “switch” to Teams. You’ll require a migration tool to maneuver everything. Same factor goes if you are using Teams and then decide that you would like to make use of Yammer rather all the best.

This complete thing gets type of complex, but  this infographic  can help simplify it.

Getting Lower to Brass Tacks 

Everything discuss “The Loops” is a touch vague. Actually, Microsoft intends so that it is so that you can make use of your creativeness to find out which scenario is sensible for you. Unfortunately, it’s usually harder than that whenever you’re within the real life. Here are a few general guidelines I’ll help with as a little more of the prescriptive look at the Teams versus Yammer conundrum. Lots of people would disagree here, so make certain to consider what I say strictly as guidance, not as a solution for you personally. And you can search inside the Office 365 professional community to get other ideas.

Looking to get work done? Use Microsoft Teams

Should you truly have deliverables or ongoing work inside a dedicated group of people, I’d certainly recommend using Microsoft Teams for your situation. The opportunity to edit files simultaneously, chat in an organized way, and hold random and scheduled video conferences in Teams makes this the perfect tool to achieve that. Yammer will quickly receive better SharePoint support, but Yammer’s design still doesn’t result in the communication facet of being employed as streamlined and natural as Teams, for me.

Attempting to gather individuals with similar interests? Use Yammer

I favor Yammer for communities of practice and affinity groups since the communication requirements of individuals organizations generally aren’t as strict or needy as when you are dealing with your colleagues on actual deliverables.

The very first reason I favor Yammer happens because its consumer experience resembles Facebook you don’t need to visit everything under the sun pop on your feed, you want to begin to see the stuff highly relevant to you. Generally, Yammer’s algorithm is fairly good at surfacing that content.

The following reason I’d choose Yammer is because its notifications are simpler to disregard. By keeping Yammer for the CoPs and affinity groups, you will know individuals notifications are a lesser priority inside your day-to-day work and don’t require immediate attention. Or, if you have an issue on improving an Stand out equation inside your spreadsheet, you are able to ping the Stand out Users Group and someone can respond whenever they have to.

The notifications in Microsoft Teams are usually likely to be work-related and greater priority. Mixing the 2 can become stressful quickly. Your boss @mentioning you in Teams regarding your status update will have a similar weight as someone @mentioning an entire Team requesting open-ended suggestions about the best way to order travel arrangements within the new travel expense application. You can, of course, personalize your Teams notifications, but the options and the amount of individuals who use them are still minimal.

Want to push enterprise communications inside a transparent way? Use Yammer

Yammer is a superb tool for enterprise-wide communications because it’s a location in which the organization’s leadership or communications reps can publish bulletins, updates, demands for feedback, etc., all within an open and transparent way. This will make it simpler for employees to respond, inquire, provide suggestions, etc. within an interface that prioritizes previews of files like photos and documents.

Microsoft Teams, however, doesn’t handle previews such as this whatsoever before you click personal files. Yammer is a natural way, for me, to talk about information without being confrontational. This is largely thanks to Yammer’s similarities towards the familiar interface of Facebook.

It is also simple to give a Yammer conversation to some SharePoint page—like your intranet home page—to keep your conversation at the front of everybody, even when it normally won’t spend much time in Yammer itself. I possess a feeling that a Teams web part is forthcoming, but likely not for some time.

Big organization with needs for giant groups? Use Yammer

Microsoft Teams includes a Team size limit. During the time of publishing, to limit is 2,500 people. For a corporation that wants org-wide Teams for subject-specific communications, you will not have the ability to use Teams. But it isn’t only the size limit. The amount of notifications may become a flood which makes the dreaded company-wide email reply-all shenanigans seem like child’s play. You will be drowning in notifications and it’ll be far too simple to miss something that’s really important.

I do not say that theoretically. I’m inside a number of Teams which include individuals from around the globe discussing Office 365 and Microsoft tools, guidelines, etc. It’s a nightmare to try and go through all individuals notifications to obtain the stuff that are actually highly relevant to me. It truly destroys the significance of a notification in Teams.

Intending to do online calls regularly? Use Microsoft Teams

In case your group is going to be uniting frequently for online conferences, it’s likely simpler for hosting the audience in Teams simply because they won’t be required to leave another application to determine their calendar or join straight into a gathering. Conversely, you can use Yammer for conversations and publish a hyperlink to a Microsoft Teams/Outlook meeting and have them hop to Teams only for the phone call. It is not unlike should you used email for normal work, but Skype for Business for online conferences. It’s your decision, if your priority is ending up in people, I’d recommend Teams each time.

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Wish to include exterior people? It depends upon the problem

Yammer is made on the platform that fully supports including exterior Office 365 users. Yammer was initially began with a separate company that desired to connect disparate Office 365 and SharePoint 2013 enterprises it had been later acquired by Microsoft and incorporated at work 365. Microsoft Teams, however, was built-in-house and does not have the very best exterior consumer experience.

Which may you utilize? Go ahead and take exterior user need and take it out of your top priorities. Another use needs tend to be more important. Are you currently looking to get work done and you need to incorporate a vendor or partner within the mix? Use Teams as suggested above and enable the partner or vendor to your team. Wish to host a Toastmasters online group but additionally include representatives in the local Toastmasters district? I’d still stay with Yammer and enable the reps through there.

If simplicity of use for exterior users is completely vital, I’d lean a little towards Yammer. But Teams gets better every day and, frankly, its recognition and userbase will probably overcome Yammer, which makes it a far more natural and convenient choice in most cases.

Where are you currently? Europe doesn’t like Yammer

If you are within the EMEA region Yammer use is very low, and adoption might take an enormous amount of your energy to obtain people collaborating. Microsoft Teams, however, is seeing huge adoption worldwide among Office 365 users. So, Teams can be a better purchase of the lengthy haul if you are in Europe or you train with individuals Europe.

I can’t fully explain the reasoning here, however, many anecdotal tales from peers in Europe let me know that WhatsApp is really famous Europe it eclipses much of the need for Yammer. Teams, on the other hands, provides a lot more in collaborative features that Yammer lacks that there’s more need to jump from WhatsApp to Teams. Granted, I’ve no data to back that up, but it’s something I keep hearing from my buddies over the pond.


As with lots of work 365 apps, which you need to use will be based positioned on your use situation. Yammer is finally getting lots of love with regards to its integration with Office 365, but it’s doing this at any given time where Microsoft Teams may be the darling from the collaborative online workspace and can only still improve.

Should you finish up choosing Teams, make certain to understand the major Teams advantages and be careful for some Teams pitfalls. Also, it’s vital that you know the everyday etiquette for Teams users and to utilize the lately released Teams help bot.

You are able to take care of the latest Yammer and Microsoft Teams developments on various websites. Listed here are a couple of:

What exactly are your ideas? Which tool would you prefer and why? Comment below and I’ll make sure to chime along with some responses.

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