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unlimited backup

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At AvePoint, we provide an limitless Office 365 backup solution that is not based from the one-size-fits-all model.

Aside from copying core Office 365 services: Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Project Online, Office 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams, we make certain our limitless backup options will fit any organization’s needs by supplying two comprehensive options.

To utilize a scrumptious frozen treats example:

  • You can purchase a gallon of frozen treats and share it with as numerous buddies as possible arrive at your party
  • You are able to bring 5 buddies and be sure they are able to eat just as much frozen treats because they want!

Don’t worry though, the storyline would be the same for options you are able to grow around you’ll need without having to worry about support loss or undesirable overage charges. Let’s dive in to the details.

Limitless-User License Backup

This version, license-based limitless backup, is better fit for organizations that don’t have a foreseeable workforce. A few examples of these kinds of organizations would come with contracting companies, retail companies, and universities.

We support growing while you grow – if you are protecting 100 TB of Office 365 TB today, that’s all that you should pay it doesn’t matter how you scale up or scale lower users. For instance, if you are a college that’s searching to focus on just faculty and exclude students– you are able to absolutely do this with this particular model because you never purchase content that’s outdoors the scope of the plan b.

unlimited backup

Our Dynamic Object Registration ensures you’re always in a position to back-up only what’s required for your business, whether by business unit, kind of user, title, position, or other metadata. There’s you don’t need to by hand manage some approved users, we are able to dynamically safeguard any growing or shrinking group of user content according to their Azure AD qualities!

Business-Based Limitless Backup

For the business-based limitless backup solution, we provide organizations who’ve a foreseeable workforce the standard choice to have just as much storage and backup because they want, for any set quantity of users.

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The kind of organization that will take advantage of this is a company which has a consistent workforce, for example AvePoint. We’ve very foreseeable employment levels and therefore are producing content constantly so getting an limitless plan b for those our needs is essential. You can engage in this offering for the organization too!

Why Limitless Backup over Storage-Based Backup?

Some readers might be thinking, “but why buy all you are able eat when you are able just select what you would like with storage-based support?” The solution to this really is simple. If your company is dynamic and scaling constantly you’re going to get nickeled and dimed on all overage charges having a storage-based backup option from another provider.

Not just that, but you’ll also suffer from procurement and audits to support for growing along with other competitor’s storage-based options. Selecting an limitless backup option means now you can increase your business unhindered. You are able to place it and end up forgetting it. Cloud backup is our No. 1 selling product and we have to differentiate ourselves as well as we are able to, hence these updates.

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