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In most licenses of Office 365 there are lots of tools designed for managers and finish users alike. Having a cloud-based collaboration platform that employs the entire software potential from the classic Microsoft suite, what’s to not love?! There’s a lot power in collaboration, but a few of the newer tools at work 365 are not as easy that people learn and understand. There’s a lot untapped value in applications like Groups and Teams, what about less popular applications like Sway?

This is among the most typical questions I encounter after i have discussions concerning the less popular applications at work 365. Sway is among the newer applications released by Microsoft, and makes it simple to talk about interactive reports, personal tales, presentations, and much more.

With regards to amazingness and options versus. usage, Sway is, within this blogger’s opinion, likely probably the most undervalued tool using the finest potential at work 365. From creating a simple website with links by means of a top quality static page, to making a whole interactive internet based slideshow that may be distributed with ease (check this out example I made in a couple of minutes!), Sway has enormous possibility to empower every company and user to make use of Office 365 for that distribution and presentation of knowledge.

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You may be thinking, “But doesn’t PowerPoint already do this?” PowerPoint is really a licensed desktop application presentation tool when compared with Sway, that is entirely on the internet and free! While PowerPoint is mainly employed for presentations, Sway is really as much an exhibition tool because it is a platform for that distribution of knowledge.

You may create interactive Sway presentations which are located online within a few minutes. You can easily transform existing videos, images, Word, Stand out or PowerPoint files into beautiful, story based interactive formats. You may also embed documents, information, and links from over the web into new Sways that add happy to the storyline your users are telling regarding your organization.

Multiple users or groups could be given use of edit Sways, such as the formats, colors, navigation and discussing settings. This enables Sways to become heavily customized effortlessly. Getting all this functionality included in the offering of Office 365 adds enormous value towards the platform, but Sway is really new the value appears to become undiscovered by most. When coupled with other tools like PowerApps, Flow and Forms, the options are really unlimited.


Ways to get Value from Sway

At its core, Sway offers an very simple to use and equally effective approach to distribute information that may be shared like a link, be embedded right into a site, or shared via email or social networking posting. It’s easy and simple enough to make use of that individuals could possibly get began within a few minutes using the application, and tutorials can be found from within the interface for added help.

This could rapidly give your users to provide content anywhere without getting to create a laptop together or host dynamic presentations over the web while giving attendees immediate access for their content. This enables your users to simply share happy to exterior clients in amazing new ways, that could even potentially go viral and produce your organization massive exposure and a focus.

Be cautious though, additionally, it can bring the worst!


 Securing Information Exposable via Sway

You should understand what sort of information might be baked into Sway presentations and shared externally, and much more important, to possess a governance plan and the opportunity to enforce preventing externally shared sensitive documents towards the wrong audience.

Generally, you be capable of control whether people can externally share while using application. Regrettably though, beyond that there’s no native method to control what content individuals are embedding and discussing from inside the applying outdoors of fundamental permissions management at work 365.


Sway is really an underused and amazing platform for presenting information across departments and organizations. It’s very effective like a business application and could be used easily to complete wonderful things. With AvePoint, you’ll be able to secure your sensitive information from being shared while enabling individuals to make use of the full functionality of Sway for internal and exterior clients alike.

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