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what's next for SharePoint

Hi, everybody. Welcome to another episode of Dux Quax once we recap all of the goodness that Microsoft introduced in 2016 and expect to what’s next for SharePoint in 2017.

Using the discharge of SharePoint 2016, the addition of SharePoint Integration with PowerApps and Microsoft Flow, and today using the announcement of SharePoint Feature Pack 1, there’s been a tidal wave of SharePoint news this season! Believe to understand all of the hype and to discover what’s next for SharePoint in 2017, rather than sit lower with Mark Kashman, Senior Product Manager around the SharePoint Marketing Team at Microsoft?

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  • For Microsoft but for the SharePoint team, 2016 involved dealing with the main of collaboration and becoming enough where collaboration wasn’t an inconvenience.

[ctt template=”1″ link=”984cF” via=”no” ]”2016 involved dealing with the main of collaboration &amp getting to some extent where collaboration wasn’t an inconvenience.” @mkashman #DuxQuax[/ctt]

  • The Microsoft SharePoint team categorizes 2017 as a continuation of a lot what they’ve completed in 2016. There is a lot more details on team sites and collaboration. There’s another degree of what they’re doing using the news service for team news and company news. And getting all services in different ways in which you really obtain a personalized experience for your news.

[ctt template=”1″ link=”I01JS” via=”no” ]”The Microsoft #SharePoint team categorizes 2017 like a continuation of a lot what we’ve completed in 2016.” @mkashman #DuxQuax [/ctt]

  • In 2017, the Microsoft SharePoint team looks to do what they’ve accomplished for collaboration in SharePoint 2016, for publishing. You decide to go and also you go click “create site” and you receive a nice new team site. You will see another choice when you attend “create site” for any publishing site.

[ctt template=”1″ link=”3_0I6″ via=”no” ]”In 2017, whenever you click “create site” &amp customize the team site, you will see another choice for any publishing site.” @mkashman #DuxQuax[/ctt]

  • Consider Groups, linked to each one of these services, as just like a little small-Office 365 for that team that you simply name.

[ctt template=”1″ link=”GYn2R” via=”no” ]”Think of Groups, linked to each one of these services, as just like a little small- #Office365 for that team that you simply name” @mkashman #DuxQuax [/ctt]

  • OneDrive gets intelligence in the Graph and it is becoming conscious of SharePoint. When you manage your files, these apps are actually helping you to do more in context without getting to change context.

[ctt template=”1″ link=”xZj6e” via=”no” ]”The Office 365 application are actually helping you to do more in context without getting to change context.” @mkashman #Office365 #DuxQuax[/ctt]

  • Delve may be the ultimate view of what’s the Graph attempting to let me know.

[ctt template=”1″ link=”7zr2K” via=”no” ]”#Delve may be the ultimate view of what’s the Graph attempting to let me know.” @mkashman #DuxQuax #MicrosoftGraph[/ctt]

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Dux Raymond Sy: Hi, everybody. Welcome to another episode of Dux Quax once we recap all of the goodness that Microsoft introduced in 2016 and expect to what’s arriving 2017. Beside me is Mark Kashman. Mark, why do you not introduce yourself and tell everyone that which you at Microsoft?

Mark Kashman: Yeah. I’m Mark Kashman. I’m a senior product manager around the SharePoint 2016 marketing team. As well as for as lengthy when i remember, I’ve been in they considering SharePoint Online. And many lately, I’ve been searching after Delve and also the Microsoft Graph.

Dux Raymond Sy: Awesome. So Delve, Microsoft Graph, My Analytics, I hear which was a brand new name.

Mark Kashman: Yeah.

Dux Raymond Sy: Do you know everyone what that’s about?

Mark Kashman: Yeah.

Dux Raymond Sy: Why is it important?

Mark Kashman: It, kind of, centers around, you realize, should you consider in the past, if you are a SharePoint person or simply, you realize, go a couple of in the past, lots of this intelligence or this experience was driven by search. However ,, according to what everyone does with content, with email, who they use, what they’re focusing on. There’s this breadth of knowledge where we all know lots of what individuals do. And thus, when we can tell them better making more personalized encounters, we’ve been, type of, tailoring things according to intelligence. Therefore the machine around the back-finish, machine learning the Microsoft Graph part…

Mark Kashman: …if we derive lots of that intelligence, we are able to help people go through the information. If you are inside your email, the thing is focused email that’s the Focused Inbox.

Mark Kashman: If you are in something similar to SharePoint, the house, you can observe sites and portals which are suggested for you. After which something similar to One Direct for Business, we go ahead and take intelligence and say, “Hey you have been focusing on these files, here are a few files which you may like this most people are focusing on.” The great caveat there’s we don’t break any permissions but we help narrow your field of what will be best for you in those days. So we’re building from that. You’re seeing it, you realize, with what we’re doing. And we’re also enabling organizations so that you can take advantage of the Graph and also to make more relevant, personalized encounters.

Dux Raymond Sy: Yeah. I am talking about for me personally, I really like Delve, I really like the Graph. Particularly, I’m totally hooked on My Analytics nowadays because when begin through our Office 365 and 10, that’s the very first factor I take a look at. You realize, it’s is much like, “Oh, no, I’ve these goals. I won’t spend over our limits time on meetings” and also the greatest factor I wish to, I suppose, fix is working outdoors of labor hrs. It’s type of, of eye-opening because we don’t really consider it. However when you view it for the reason that form, for the reason that, you realize, BI method of showing things. And also you take a look at yourself, how you train with people, it simply changes the way you consider work.

Mark Kashman: I’m really glad that everyone scheduled this between work hrs and so i didn’t need to adjust my goals.

Dux Raymond Sy: Oh, there you have it

Mark Kashman: Since I might have adjusted transpire only for you.

Dux Raymond Sy: There you have it.

Mark Kashman: However, you type of hit on a couple of things. You realize, Delve is much like the best view of what’s the Graph attempting to let me know? It informs me about documents and, you realize, videos, and portals, and sites, and there’s much more coming when it comes to what you will look out of there. Whenever you take a look at My Analytics, it’s a spin on “Well, let’s, you realize, keep close track of what you’re doing, the device around the back-finish.” And it’ll let you know, are you currently spending a lot of time in email, a lot of time inside your calendar and whatnot, in conferences. I really think one pivot, that’s great, could it be teaches you who’ve explore contacted lately that perhaps vital that you you. So it’s really only a tap around the to say, “Hey, you realize, you’re spending the best time according to your objectives but are you aware?”

Mark Kashman: And So I think that’s lots of that intelligence. It isn’t quite the private assistant for that enterprise.

But it’s close because it’s really assisting you focus your time and effort, it’s concentrating on where’s the best person. After which through everything, clearly, in which the right submissions are. And, “Hey, incidentally, are you currently type of expending time correctly?”

So hopefully, it will help you receive back time or focus time in the easiest way.

Dux Raymond Sy: Well, here’s an item idea. Why don’t we connect My Analytics and Cortana, right?

Mark Kashman: Hey.

Dux Raymond Sy: And Cortana will undoubtedly say, “Hey, Dux, you know…you gotta stop doing that because…”

Mark Kashman: Yeah, I love it. Well, you realize, we have just a little teaser into that where one can program Cortana with Office 365.

Mark Kashman: It’s a light integration at this time. But because we build the analytics muscle, and also the machine-learning muscle, and, obviously, individuals are intelligent, you realize, support vehicles.

Dux Raymond Sy: Absolutely.

Mark Kashman: I totally observe that coming.

Dux Raymond Sy: Awesome, awesome. Now, talking about Delve and all sorts of this goodness, let’s discuss SharePoint 2016.

Mark Kashman: Yeah.

Dux Raymond Sy: I can’t continue. It’s such as the fire hose, you realize, one blog publish to another. I am talking about just today, right?

Mark Kashman: Yeah.

Dux Raymond Sy: It’s five seconds to provisioning or something like that?

Mark Kashman: Yeah. Super quick sites in the SharePoint home linked to Office 365 groups and layering in exactly what we’ve really shipped up up to now, modern lists, modern libraries. Great integration with lots of technology like PowerApps and Flow. But, yeah, inside a breath, 2016 was much more about dealing with the main of collaboration. Exactly how should we improve might exactly how should we adjust to people, you realize, because they work with time? And individuals are small teams, individuals are big teams. So when you appear where we’re going, you realize, that actually increases to some broader, you realize, business level or full company.

However ,, 2016 was about, you realize, getting enough where collaboration wasn’t an inconvenience. It had been mobile first, it had been cloud first, it had been always available. The websites are simple to provision, simple to use. They’re linked to groups to ensure that when you are getting to, you realize, getting a SharePoint site, you then have a shared calendar, a shared inbox, link with planner, yet others aspects…

Dux Raymond Sy: Notebook, OneNote.

Mark Kashman: Yeah, OneNote, Notebook. And extremely should you consider it, it’s a good way to pivot around different factors from the suite. And So I always consider groups linked to each one of these services as just like a little small-Office 365 for that team that you simply name.

Dux Raymond Sy: That’s true. That’s a great example, yeah.

Mark Kashman: You name their email list of people. They’ve access to numerous content.

Dux Raymond Sy: Right, right, right.

Mark Kashman: Now SharePoint is a huge a part of that. You receive a workplace 365 group regardless of whether you create it in Outlook, regardless of whether you create it in Microsoft Teams.

Dux Raymond Sy: Sure.

Mark Kashman: Or ok now what we spoken about today is that you could now produce a new group in the SharePoint home.

Dux Raymond Sy: Actually, absolutely.

Mark Kashman: However when you do this, you receive a full-powered SharePoint site wherever you develop an organization from and the other way around. Should you now produce a site, it’ll link to groups. So it offers a superior that actually nice link with whoever you’re dealing with. Regardless of whether you work openly or independently with within the organization, we stick to that.

Mark Kashman: But a lot goodness originates in 2016 for the way people can collaborate better. I pointed out modern document libraries and lists and definitely, there is a modern feel and look. Plenty of user interactions that can be done where one can pin products. You are able to move products around. You can observe what’s been distributed to you, distributed to the audience. Everyone can access files when it comes to where one can access them. The mobile component continues to be a lot of innovation. Not just can there be now SharePoint apps for iOS, Android, not to mention, Home windows 10 Mobile. However, you produce other apps such as the OneDrive application, that is now pervasive across all platforms. It offers consumer and commercial.

Dux Raymond Sy: Yes.

Mark Kashman: One more thing, the OneDrive application gets intelligence from the Graph. It’s becoming conscious of SharePoint and it truly is a middle of gravity. Whenever you manage your files, these apps are actually helping you to do more in context without getting to change context.

Dux Raymond Sy: It may sound like Minority Report, in a great way.

Mark Kashman: It’s a tiny bit. I would like individuals, you know…

Dux Raymond Sy: Actually.

Mark Kashman: Well…

Dux Raymond Sy: That’s what…

Dux Raymond Sy: That’s coming, right?

Mark Kashman: So like I heard lots of you are receiving some nice HoloLens demos.

Dux Raymond Sy: Yeah.

Mark Kashman: I really hope the UWP application plays through where you will be able to…

Dux Raymond Sy: Actually.

Mark Kashman: …not only perform the fun games and a few of the Mars visiting. But you’ll likewise be able to handle your files in HoloLens later on. And surely, lots of what we’re focusing on, is actually adjusting to how teams will work now. Which makes it quite simple to handle content, to handle information, getting the destinations be friendly, more simple to use, flexible with time, and, obviously, mobile. I’ll only say mobile once more. However if you simply make use of the SharePoint application, it’s really the very first time where one can access SharePoint content not only the stuff that’s inside a library or perhaps a list. You realize, we’ve built a mobile aspect to SharePoint for some time now however it was second rate when compared with what we’re doing now.

Dux Raymond Sy: Correct.

Mark Kashman: So anything within the team site, anything like a few of the new news articles that we’re enabling, they’ve some very wealthy, web part component.

Dux Raymond Sy: Absolutely.

Mark Kashman: …to get Power BI data, or Yammer conversations, or simply a roll-from content. You realize, the information by search of history has become heavily mobilized. So, whenever you build out these parts bobs, where you’re using many of the new modern tech, you’re guaranteed to get it be considered a great experience on the smaller sized device. You realize, an Android tablet is going to be all right. Or maybe something similar to, you realize, here on your wall or perhaps in a number of the…

Mark Kashman: Yeah. A few of these bigger devices where it scales up nicely and use of it, you realize it’s really only a look away.

Dux Raymond Sy: So with all of this goodness, don’t let expect exactly the same in 2017?

Mark Kashman: Yeah. Therefore the team categorizes 2017 as certainly continuation of a lot what we’ve completed in 2016. There is a lot more details on team sites and collaboration. There’s another degree of what we’re doing using the news service for team news, corporate news. And getting that, you realize, in different ways in which you really obtain a personalized experience for your news. Only the articles themselves should you take a look at publishing pages, we’re doing lots of work to really make it to ensure that, you realize, rather of single column, we’ll proceed to supporting double column.

Dux Raymond Sy: Right.

Mark Kashman: And stuff that people just would expect. So there’s, kind of, nailing the fundamental, we believe we’ve done that. Getting to, really, a higher level of the items individuals are requesting, expecting. And, obviously, we have some plans that, you realize, maybe we haven’t conveyed yet.

Dux Raymond Sy: Yeah, sure.

Mark Kashman: That we’ll hopefully possess some surprises. But we’ve really checked out 2017 regarding do what we’ve accomplished for collaboration, we’re doing for publishing. Dux Raymond Sy: Awesome.

Mark Kashman: And thus we’ve really seen what many of our partners do within the portal space. These types of portals inside a box and extremely, you realize, getting that point to promote. Just like like what we should launched today. You decide to go and also you go click “create site” and you receive a nice new team site. You will see another choice when you attend “create site...”

Dux Raymond Sy: Totally.

Mark Kashman: …for a publishing site. Dux Raymond Sy: Awesome.

Mark Kashman: And thus, we’re beginning to speak about what that appears like and just what it’ll do and we’re getting a lot of feedback in early stages, so far as what it must be. And, obviously, dealing with our partners to make certain that people obtain a breadth of some simple sites. Something that’s a bit more departmental completely as much as, obviously, the bottom support for something broader company-wide.

But many of it truly means it simply as being a bigger concentrate on one-to-many type broadcast of knowledge. The development of these pages ought to be easy, mobile first. Utilizing the same tech we have for team sites whenever you produce a page, you’ll do this with these publishing sites. However the bigger focus is going to be on design, so how exactly does it look?

Dux Raymond Sy: Exactly.

Mark Kashman: Can One communicate much more easily with, you realize, visuals and also have that be pervasive in and through the publishing site.

Dux Raymond Sy: Right.

Mark Kashman: So publishing is a big focus. Returning to a lot of our roots, you realize, we’ve spoken about doing more for enterprise cms. This is why us doing a bit of early things with metadata but doubling lower with that. Just how can document libraries and document centers be robust. Certainly nudging into a few of the arena of understanding management. You realize, there’s lots of curiosity about stuff that we spoken about, maybe last year, and getting that through and true with the publishing motion. We believe that there’s some room there. Dux Raymond Sy: So don’t tell me you’re getting back CMS.  Mark Kashman: Maybe within different name.  Dux Raymond Sy: Actually.

Mark Kashman: And, certainly, more contemporary and much more connected.

Mark Kashman: However if you simply consider it, everyone has content that should be managed across the organization.

Dux Raymond Sy: Absolutely.

Mark Kashman: And it can be done today however in a genuine structured format. And getting it’s real visible on the best way to make use of the content, what audience it’s ready for, how you can tag things appropriately.

Mark Kashman: You realize, there’s several things that people supports and definitely, fare better within this more contemporary way. After which another area that we’re searching into is we’re now collecting and supplying insights to numerous analytics. You spoken about My Analytics.

Dux Raymond Sy: Right.

Mark Kashman: That’s a personal look at, “Tell me about my day and just what can one fare better,” type of that Fitbit for that enterprise.

Dux Raymond Sy: Exactly.

Mark Kashman: And thus that’s for, you realize, your very own, “How can one get time back?”

Dux Raymond Sy: Right.

Mark Kashman: However when you take a look at what we should do in sites, and just what we all do in files, and just what we all do with even things like video, is we would like to tell your friends how active is the content? Are people obtaining the value from it? Can One dive into what we should just released but take that the next phase further with OneDrive for Business. I sent personal files out for review. Maybe 50 individuals my team have or haven’t engaged by using it, wouldso would I understand that? Now, you are able to use and check out the ultimate analytics.

Dux Raymond Sy: That’s awesome.

Mark Kashman: If you take type of the research that people laid in 2016 and begin to bubble that up to and including site owner or something like that more tenant wide where it’s like, you realize, a tenant admin?

Mark Kashman: Somebody who would like to really see how’s my company doing internally?

Dux Raymond Sy: Exactly. Right.

Mark Kashman: This really is mainly internally. But we’ll have lots of analytics for sites, files, people. Obviously, using the graph, you’ll see a spin with that. Not just, “Here would be the hard figures but here’s what’s highly relevant to you.”

Dux Raymond Sy: I am talking about I began considering as if you and check, right, using the Graph?

Mark Kashman: Actually.

Dux Raymond Sy: You could think about search patterns, trends and all sorts of that. Boy, which brings lots of good insights towards the organization.

Mark Kashman: Yeah. So it’ll help that people go, “Okay, and so i maybe did just a little, small, internal campaign to highlight, you realize, understanding of X project…”

Dux Raymond Sy: Whatever, right.

Mark Kashman: “…or some campaign.” And calculating that, certainly, happens to be tantamount to, “Should I actually do that again?…”

Dux Raymond Sy: Exactly.

Mark Kashman: …or “Should I actually do different things?”

Mark Kashman: So, you realize, there is a lot for all of us to discover what individuals want from analytics. Just across the organization, I am talking about we have pockets bobs of great analytics work and, obviously, we’ve had organizations which have been doing wonderful things.

Dux Raymond Sy: Sure.

Mark Kashman: So we’re not attempting to only provide what we should provide but we should also enable when individuals are collecting analytics.

Dux Raymond Sy: Absolutely.

Mark Kashman: And supplying third-party tools that provide you some really deep, wealthy analytics. Exactly how should we have better data for them or sometimes, it’s better accessibility data.

Dux Raymond Sy: Sure. No, that’s awesome. So Mark, it’s exciting so we can’t watch for 2017.

Mark Kashman: Yup, 2017 is a good year.

Dux Raymond Sy: Now, before I allow you to go.

Mark Kashman: Yeah?

Dux Raymond Sy: I acquired to inquire about you this. If you are a Microsoft product, what can you by and why? Now, you cannot say SharePoint, or whatever because…

Mark Kashman: Right, right. I would say that might be too easy.

Dux Raymond Sy: Yes, exactly.

Mark Kashman: So you’re saying basically would personify a Microsoft…

Dux Raymond Sy: Actually.

Mark Kashman: …product, what can that be? I believe the very first factor you think of, simply because it had been certainly one of individuals items that didn’t quite allow it to be beyond, you realize, the pair-year mark. But it’s the Microsoft Zune.

Dux Raymond Sy: Oh, yeah.

Mark Kashman: You realize, it’d some cred. Like I…

Dux Raymond Sy: I’d certainly one of individuals.

Mark Kashman: As possible see…

Dux Raymond Sy: I’d the main one with the…

Mark: …I’m and not the most hip guy. You realize, I’m hip because There is my MVP pin. However I have no idea, there is something about this. Much like it had been a pleasant design. It was…

Dux Raymond Sy: Excellent.

Mark: …a solid device.

Dux Raymond Sy: It’s smooth, and sleek, and yeah.

Mark: Yup. Yup. And so…

Dux Raymond Sy: Yeah. It’s [inaudible 00:15:34].

Mark: And to tell the truth, it truly held all of the music I ever needed. And So I, type of, have my record collection, I, type of, have my tape collection, obviously There is my digital collection. Everything fit with that. I’ve didn’t have problem filling that factor. Also it was a fantastic device so.

Dux Raymond Sy: It had been. It had been a fantastic device.

Mark: And, you realize, the brown color. How will you fail with brown?

Dux Raymond Sy: Actually.

Mark: It had been an attractive device.

Dux Raymond Sy: Okay. Well, Mark, many thanks.

Mark: You’re welcome. Thanks for…

Dux Raymond Sy: Therefore we expect to any or all the goodness.

Mark: Yeah.

Dux Raymond Sy: And we do hope you had a lot using this. Before the next episode, many thanks. We’ll help you.

Mark: Thanks.

Dux Raymond Sy: Bye. Stay Tuned In for additional Dux Quax once we still the conversation about what’s next for SharePoint in 2017 whenever we sit lower and discuss what’s next with Adam Harmetz, Group Program Manager for SharePoint at Microsoft!

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