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John Gruszczyk, Product Manager for Microsoft Teams, used his Ignite 2020 session to provide a good introduction to a few of the new and approaching security and compliance features readily available for Teams.

John started his session by outlining Microsoft’s method of data peace of mind in Microsoft 365 and used the graphics below as one example of his point. The reality is, Microsoft’s data security technique is much deeper than simply securing information in Microsoft teams

Microsoft breaks lower integrated security and compliance in Microsoft 365 into six groups:

Stepping Into the facts

John then outlined the different types of security measures and just how they affect Microsoft Teams.

By integrating privacy features in to the services available, Microsoft is definitely ensuring the client comes first. For example, meeting and interactive video controls help it to and meeting organizers be empowered to help keep conferences safe and inclusive.

microsoft teams

ID and Account Protection prevent unauthorized logins to devices and accounts, while effective data protection helps to ensure that your computer data is protected whatever the application or device you utilize.

Admin Controls Available and Not Far Off to Teams

John described there are admin controls to promote safe and inclusive conferences, like management settings for that lobby experience that enables users to manage who are able to bypass the lobby. Admins can use user roles (which control who are able to present and record conferences), and you will find meeting controls to make sure interruptions or disruptive attendees don’t disturb conferences.

Data Security Measures in Microsoft Teams

John did a fantastic job outlining that further built-in labeling and protection can come to Teams along with other services in Microsoft 365. It will likewise be easy to train classifiers for additional exact data matches. You will see just one admin console to configure and manage policies in addition to view analytics, and you’ll also have more possibilities via APIs (MIP SDK) for popular apps and services.

Additionally to those features, Teams can also be receiving further Loss Of Data Prevention (DLP) abilities to bolster controls to prevent sensitive information leaks through Teams chats. Soon additionally, you will have the ability to educate finish users about these policies via tool tips which will explain why and how information was blocked.

With regards to compliance, sensitive data might not be the only real concern thankfully, Teams offers tools to assist prevent or block harassing language to help keep conferences safe and inclusive for everybody.

Additional Compliance Features in Microsoft Teams

Native integration with Insider Risk Management to safely coordinate

  • Automated private Team produced with relevant stakeholders to talk about, store, and review relevant information
  • Use funnel conversations to coordinate and track review/response activities

Advanced eDiscovery support for live documents and links shared in Teams

  • Instantly collects documents from the storage place to pull the information into an eDiscovery situation
  • Attachments are collected, reviewed, and exported combined with the Teams conversations

Retention policies for Microsoft Teams meeting recording

  • Retain and delete tracks within-place governance
  • Retention policies apply wherever the tracks are saved with no need to export elsewhere

Teams-specific actions in Compliance Manager

  • Guidance around enhancements and implementations for much better protection
  • Align with regulatory and compliance standards

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