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Cloud migration typically describes moving data towards the cloud, particularly into whether raw storage container, database, or software service application like Office 365.

Previously, cloud migration exclusively known moving data from on-premises servers towards the cloud. Today, however, this more and more refers back to the have to move data in one cloud collaboration platform to a different.


How Come Organizations Moving from Cloud to Cloud?

Many reasons exist why organizations have data in various locations within the cloud. For example, they’ll oftentimes informally or formally adopt one platform but later realize they are able to have more value from the different platform.

This may be a cloud office platform like Office 365 that provides more abilities, is promoting competitive abilities, or perhaps is simply offered at a far more competitive cost.

Organizations may also require the abilities of multiple platforms because all of their needs can’t be met at the same time.

In lots of situations, employees will start collaborating utilizing a cloud platform unauthorized by their organization. This really is known as “shadow IT” and may pose serious operational and security challenges for organizations big and small.

In order to save costs and much more easily manage data, organizations typically need to consolidate their workflow and knowledge processes. We frequently see that Office 356 may be the platform of preference because from the versatile nature of their many applications.

However, there’s also other platforms like G Suite, Box, DropBox, Egnyte along with other cloud file discussing/collaboration SaaS (Software like a Service) that organizations choose his or her primary tool.

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Exactly What Do Organizations Have to know Before They Move Their Data?

The very first factor organizations need to comprehend is the need for the applying they’re thinking about moving to. Recently, comparisons like individuals between Microsoft Teams and Slack happen to be a warm subject within the IT world, and there’s a lot of information available evaluating features.

Some essential things to consider include:

  • Do you know the productivity abilities?
  • Exist automation options?
  • Could it be simple for users to consider the answer?
  • What authentication, content security, DLP, along with other reporting/security measures can be found?
  • May be the solution customizable enough to satisfy future small business?
  • Will it include both file discussing and messaging abilities?
  • How on offer are : services/support for ongoing assistance and future management?

When a decision to maneuver data onto a brand new platform is created, it’s then vital that you understand a few of the factors around data migration in to the new platform.

Some Points to consider Before a Cloud Migration Include:

  • So what can remain behind and just what must be stored?
  • How will you make certain data remains secure within the destination atmosphere?
  • What data is going to be supported/unsupported around the new platform?
  • What are the bandwith limitations active in the source or destination platforms (ex. throttling)?
  • What tools and services can help in overcoming migration challenges?
  • Possibly most significant: While you proceed to the brand new platform, has there been sufficient communication, planning, and practicing users to learn how to do their jobs and obtain the most from while using new tools and abilities?

Overcoming Cloud Migration Challenges

You’ve seen everything with regards to migrations and can work with you to definitely overcome any migration challenges you face. Regardless if you are moving from cloud-to-cloud or server to cloud, AvePoint has services, solutions and many years of expertise handling migrations for a large number of organizations.

Our cloud-to-cloud bandwith platform can move terabytes of user information from platform-to-platform in hrs, not several weeks. Our services team can perform any are just some of the job round the migration based on your requirements.

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We support a variety of SaaS migration platforms, and may get the migration began in a couple of minutes once you’re all set to go!

If you are moving from the server platform to Office 365, we are able to support the majority of the features and security available in many different server applications. , and with regards to SharePoint, we’re first rate!  We are able to help you get started with content discovery and secure your legacy data prior to it going in to the cloud!

Call us today to discover the way we will help you plan your migration! We expect to assisting you complete your digital transformation or cloud to cloud migration journey!

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