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An Intro

If you are an IT professional or perhaps an worker of the tech company, you’ve likely heard the word IT governance. It is also a phrase that you might not completely understand. IT governance is an extremely critical component of any business and you probably utilize governance features without realizing it.

The aim of this publish it to define IT governance, its role inside your organization, and supply a couple of concepts to think about when negotiating this broad subject and creating your organization’s purchased it governance framework.

IT governance can be explained as a proper framework to make sure IT investments support small business. Basically, your governance infrastructure is exactly what enables certain users to complete some things while prohibiting other users.

The idea of IT governance was a direct result legislation and rules which were established within the late 1990s and early 2000s to manage the growing use of technology running a business. Of these laws and regulations were the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, a.k.a. the general public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act.

This law was enacted as a result of several corporate and accounting scandals (Enron is a most remember), and established criminal penalties for certain kinds of misconduct. What the law states also needed the SEC to determine rules defining how public corporations will be to comply.

It doesn’t take an financial aspects or legal expert to understand this legislation is something to be given serious attention, and laws and regulations of their type drastically altered the trajectory of economic these days. So, governance: it’s not only a wise decision, it’s what the law states.

Should My Organization Care?

There’s a couple of types of organizations that IT governance concepts are most likely to resonate.

  • Organizations or companies which are susceptible to regulatory compliance
  • Companies or organizations which have business models driven by efficiency and optimization
  • Organizations which have shown mature IT operations

Concepts from it Governance

  • The Danger Principle: Measures and controls must be adjusted based on the amounts of risk.
  • The Appropriateness Principle: The requirements of the business determine the program for that level and elegance of governance.
  • The Behaviour Principle: The governance solution drives the business behavior
  • The Deployment Principle: The governance solution must be incrementally implemented
  • The Automation Principle: Technology helps make the governance solution empowering and inconspicuous.

IT governanceThe Variations Between IT Governance and Management

The 2 have different audiences, different realities, yet share a typical and incredibly important goal.


  • Techniques for business success
  • Provides guidance and steering
  • Concentrates on priorities and policies
  • Usually driven with a steering or governance committee composed of numerous business stakeholders also it representatives
  • Their job would be to assess and mitigate risk and compliance with controls and regulation
  • They’re typically a mixture of technical and non-technical individuals