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How To Use Microsoft Teams
Using Microsoft Teams: Tips From AvePoint’s Engineers


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Like a technologist, I’ve an awkward secret: I’m not an earlier adopter of tech. Like a consultant, I help companies adopt technology and discover value in digital transformation. However, with regards to things i use to complete my job, I love to have stable, tested tools which are about as prone to surprise me on a day as toast in the morning. I would like my focus to be achieving results, and also have the tools I’m using to get it done be transparent.

Microsoft Teams is really a rare exception. I do not frequently eagerly adopt and evangelize an item prior to it being even formally launched. It is thrilling, really. It required me searching in internet marketing a few occasions and overcoming a number of my very own objections to discover what it’s really proficient at. However I am glad since Used to do, because when it’s good, it’s very good.

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Evaluating Microsoft Teams

I really made a summary of my objections since i desired to justify to individuals why I wasn’t while using latest craze from Microsoft. Finding out how to use Microsoft Teams web client as well as after i made the decision to download Microsoft Teams, I had been mostly unhappy using the Microsoft Teams Skype for Business integration and Office365 Group email conversations, considering it as being an entire substitute of these tools. My reasoning was, “How could adding another communication tool to check on increase my productivity?”

I found that Teams is really a purpose-built tool that steals conversations from both email and chat, and enhances the caliber of these conversations. Will I are in possession of less emails and messages? Yes, a little. What I’ve got a much more of is transparency with my colleagues, better use of plans, and much more impactful conferences.

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Microsoft Teams
Top left: Algernon around the AvePoint Team, loving Microsoft Teams sKkype integration

My greatest questions initially were, “Who must i use in a Microsoft Team?” and “What don’t let do after we take presctiption a group?” The solution I discovered ended up being to make business teams and functional teams behave as a communication funnel or like a collaborative workplace. Let’s take a look at a few examples:

How To Use Microsoft Teams? The answer I found was to make organizational teams and functional teams act as a communication channel or as a collaborative workplace.

Business Communications – Your Team in your wallet

An business team consists of individuals who share a supervisor. From the manager’s perspective, I like how Teams is organized to find the best-lower communication. I love getting multiple synchronised conversations most abundant in relevant ones in-front. I love dealing with transparency, showing my team things i am focusing on and supplying immediate feedback. Here are a few features I’m benefiting from:

  • Most significant is Teams’ mobile abilities. My team includes managers in various offices as well as different countries. Personally i think more linked to my team than I in the past. I can tap into all of them daily and recognize their accomplishments and blockers in tangible-time. The feedback from their store is the fact that mobile makes cooperating simple and easy , built-into their lives.
  • I “pinned” relevant sites and documents to tabs towards the top of the funnel. They serve nearly as bookmarks the whole team must have fast access to. We’ve training approaching, and so i place the materials inside a tab making a tab in our PowerBI dashboard.
  • I made channels for continual learning known as “Daily Digest”, which is among our company’s values. I made use of a Bing search connector that gives us daily news on business relevant topics. We discuss this content within the reply section.
  • I designed a funnel for individual recognition known as “Successes”. We put emails, messages, and conversations within this funnel to praise the great work of part of they. Any accomplishment could be recognized here. Like a manager, it allows me to exhibit the organization what a fantastic job my team does.
How to use Microsoft Teams: I made channels for continual learning called “Daily Digest”, which is one of our company’s values. I used a Bing search connector that provides us daily news on business relevant topics. We also discuss these articles in the reply section.
Screenshot: How you can add Bing News articles in Microsoft Teams.

Business Collaboration – Exercising Loud

Teams are ideal for improving and standardizing processes doing exactly the same kind of work. I’ve peers in other regions all over the world, and due to timezones it can be hard to obtain a consensus on any global changes to the processes. Because Microsoft Teams provides transparency and organization, we are able to easier decide and become more lucrative around the couple of calls we could schedule. The outcomes of those discussions may then be pressed with the communication teams for additional visibility.

Lately I’ve been dealing with my peers in Germany and Japan to overhaul a 5-year-old CRM process which is used by different teams around the globe. We discuss and collaborate on documents within the Team funnel, so when necessary, possess a business call also through Teams. I’m able to match it up to this past year in which the same group met to update a comp plan we use globally. We could have less and shorter phone conversations since we use Teams.

Another advantage is the fact that our discussions and decisions in teams archived and stored at work Graph. This will make our focus on this method a company asset and contributes to our lengthy-term institutional understanding.

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Functional Communication – User Acceptance and Adoption

A practical team is someone who work toward shared objectives. Teams is ideal for top-lower communication to stakeholders inside a project. Our pilot program for brand new global HR software has stakeholders throughout the organization. Using teams, project stakeholders can communicate:

  • Instructions for testing
  • Software updates
  • Comments and feedback
  • User needs

Dealing with this group “out loud”, or cellular everybody so what concerning the outcome, leads to consensus, more powerful buy-in, and adoption. Polling bots are utilized here during acceptance testing. Recommendations that by consolidating the communications and collateral, there’s a lesser feeling “being lost.” This stability and transparency is particularly critical during change management motions.

Functional Collaboration – Remote, Global, Together

Teams is ideal for mix-departmental work. We’ve remote technical staff and teams in lots of offices who focus on projects all across the globe. From drafting the contracts to coordinating receiving the work, there are plenty of conversations, documents, and communications that should be established. Getting a group makes this more lucrative for that team, but additionally creates an easier customer experience because of shared notes and arranged conversation history.

I make use of a services delivery team that services our The United States customers and it has team people from multiple offices in The United States as well as in China. This team hasn’t met personally and accustomed to depend on the biweekly Skype calls and email distribution lists for communication, having a SharePoint team site for collaboration. The best team development moments have been the talk at the start and finish from the biweekly call. It labored but felt very formal.

Because we started dealing with Teams, they’ve began using and also have seen an instantaneous rise in connectedness, quantity, and excellence of communication. Mobile is a big advantage if you have complementary timezones too. What we should also have found is the fact that using the Team, it maintains its culture and cohesion and makes it simple to include and take away experts we want for particular tasks or projects.

Why Microsoft Teams Won Me Over

Here’s what I love about Teams that helped me an earlier adopter:

  • Agility: Teams is definitely an random tool (just make sure choose good names for the Teams) but supported by effective, featureful items like SharePoint. The good thing is I recieve all of this within my pocket because of mobile integration.
  • It really works the way i work: Transparent software promotes team connectedness and culture
  • It enables for multiple synchronised conversations which allows us to exercise loud for greater transparency.
  • The collaboration process has become a company asset which builds institutional understanding and redundancy.
  • The majority of my communication and artifacts have reached just one funnel so my teams don’t feel lost searching for information and collateral.
  • Teams helps me drive global connectedness and growth. We are able to standardize faster and may pivot faster globally which will help us maintain our leadership position on the market.

Final suggestion: Make certain you apply the reply at the end left of the conversation rather of beginning a brand new conversation while using major at the end from the screen. Should you start a lot of conversations, it will get confusing because they’ll be reordered by newest. Keep replying to help keep all of your ideas on the subject manufactured.

Final piece of advice about how to use Microsoft Teams:

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