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Welcome! With this demonstration, we’re going to inform you using our overall health Analyzer tool in DocAve. First, in the primary DocAve 6 window, choose the Health Analyzer button. Then, within the top left corner, select Profile Manager, then select create.

Next, provide your profile a reputation. Let’s imagine, we’ll just name our profile ‘demo.’ Then, proceed to the scan filter. Here, you will find the choice of selecting by module or by farm. For that purpose of this demonstration, we’re likely to only select granular backup within the SharePoint 2013 farm.

Because we simply want to remove permissions, so within the category filter, we’re likely to only select permissions after which we’re likely to select all the permissions. So click ‘select all,’ then click next.

With this demo, we’re not going to bother with scheduling since we’re only likely to run it once. Select ‘no schedule,’ and we’re likely to select no notifications. Then hit next.

Then, click on the ‘finish’ button. Now it’s time for you to run the profile. Choose the profile we’ve produced, labeled ‘demo,’ and ‘run now.’ Around the right you will notice products which are being scanned. Choose the job monitor option at the very top to evaluate the progress of the job.

When the job is finished, we are able to return and find out what products which are considered to possess passed and you’re all set!