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Getting a procedure to recuperate lost or corrupted CRM data is essential – whether that’s the procedure supplied by Salesforce, or perhaps a third-party solution like DocAve Backup for Salesforce. But have you thought about what it’s like to discover the data to recover?

What’s just as essential as having the ability to recover information is the power to have an administrator to make sure that they’re recovering the right data. And in situations where you do not know precisely that which was lost or if this was lost, working out which backup file to revive is particularly difficult. The only method to do this with no tool like DocAve would be to by hand comb through posts and cells in a single CSV file and mix reference by using the posts and cells of some other CSV file.

To put it simply — choosing the best data to recuperate is much like searching for any needle inside a haystack.

To assist, we’ve added two key reporting features to the one-click Salesforce backup solution:

  1. Live data comparison between Salesforce backups
  2. Comparison data reporting between Salesforce backups

Live Data Comparison between Salesforce Backups

For organizations which use Salesforce, loss of data or corruption could be harmful – risking security and knowledge exposure. Generally, to start any kind of recovery we have to be aware of extent from the damage. Having the ability to compare objects and metadata between two backups, it’s simpler to visually understand any changes inside a preferred time period. Having a obvious summary of what’s been added, altered, or deleted as your recovery point objective, you are able to better measure the variations between backups inside a detailed view.

Salesforce Backups: comparison job types

Comparison Job Types

Salesforce Backups: set the time frame and type of objects to compare

Set preferred time period and kind of objects to check

Salesforce Backups: live backup comparison results

Live Backup Comparison Results

Data Comparison Reporting Between Salesforce Backups

Additionally to viewing an active comparison involving the backups, you may also generate and download detailed comparison reports. This allows managers share their findings with relevant parties and take further action as necessary.

Salesforce Backups: backup comparison report

Comparison of metadata between select Salesforce Backups

Salesforce Backups: Backup snapshots

Report of changes between Salesforce backups

Find out more about how DocAve aids in Salesforce backup and restore or check it out free for thirty days!

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