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A new comer to Microsoft Teams and wish to collaborate with coworkers as efficiently as you possibly can? Take a look at Matt Wade’s Definitive Help guide to Everyday Etiquette in Microsoft Teams

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Antoine functions like a Solutions Engineer with AvePoint Public Sector (APS). Like a resident “techie” he offers a lot of understanding of how APS could leverage the best from Teams. In part three of the Teams Rollout series, let’s observe how he’s helped APS have a much deeper dive into Microsoft Teams functionality!

Name: Antoine Snow
Location: Arlington, Veterans administration
Current Role: Solutions Engineer
A word that best describes the way you work: Responsive
Mobile phone of preference: iPhone XS Plus
Computer of preference: Surface Pro

To obtain began, please inform us just a little regarding your background the way you reached where you stand today.

I began off my IT career in graphics for Joomla and WordPress sites for any small talking to company. With time I moved into customer-facing roles at Apple, Dell and the other software company like a solutions consultant. I required a four-year break in the software programs world to become SharePoint-switched-Office 365 service owner for any large federal systems integrator.

It had been there which i truly experienced what our customers undergo, when i was certainly one of six individuals who needed to manage and unveil Office 365 Groups, Teams, Yammer and all things in between. I’ve now been at AvePoint for any little more than a year and then try to leverage my consider your experience to assist guide our customers through their cloud journey.

What apps, gadgets, or tools can’t you’re employed without?

My Surface Pro, iPhone, Chrome, Teams, OneNote, Outlook and also the Microsoft To-Do task application.

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Microsoft has moved towards using common language for product names. How can you help customers understand Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Groups?

The initial step is definitely punctuation. Within the Microsoft world, an organization and Team are proper nouns. Google, to. It will help more when studying and writing. However, I love to help customers comprehend the concepts by likening these to the real life: someone who interact may communicate and tell each other, but might have separate goals, agendas, etc. Meanwhile, a group is someone who share exactly the same goals and also have an interest in the failure or success of each other.

The Microsoft Group and Team relationship is very similar: an organization (spot the capital G) may be the first step toward a group and offers communication mechanisms and services for that Group to leverage. Whereas a group, while produced from an organization, supplies a focused experience and collaboration atmosphere.

How can you typically talk to an organization at APS?

Microsoft Teams may be the core of communication among we. We’ve damaged out our various workstreams into multiple Channels to concentrate our conversations. By favoriting certain Channels, I’m able to maintain information I worry about. If a person needs attention inside a Funnel I am not following, it’s as simple as mentioning me within the conversation to seize attention.

Should you wanted to possess a quick private chat, wouldso would that actually work?

I leverage Microsoft Teams chat for just about any side conversations that I have to have. This is often a one-on-one conversation or perhaps a side group conversation. I really like it because I’m in a position to separate work conversations from client conversations which happen via Outlook while still remaining inside the Teams collaboration ecosystem. The simplicity of having the ability to share, or link, existing files and conversations provides it with a genuine edge on using Skype for Business web hosting messages.

What are a few of your preferred messaging features in Microsoft Teams?

Emojis: Skype for Business emojis feel totally dated, and a few of the Microsoft Teams emojis better align using what I’m accustomed to on my small iPhone

GIFs: Who doesn’t love getting GIF-based conversations using their team? It adds levity to particular conversations and, in the own way, encourages me to collaborate with my peers.

Formatting: An enormous advantage of Microsoft Teams is the opportunity to truly format a discussion just before delivering. It goes beyond hyperlinking–there are occasions in which the formatting of the message (bold, underline, italics, bullets, etc.) can impact how impactful it’s towards the audience.

What’s your very best time-saving shortcut in Microsoft Teams?

I’d say I have only two: favoriting channels to concentrate my information streams throughout the day and pinning private chats which i have frequently. These pinned chats aren’t always with individual people, as I’ve got a couple of group chats that i’m an energetic a part of. Pinning causes it to be increasingly simple to continually find these conversations.

What exactly are “tabs” in Microsoft Teams?

Tabs in Microsoft Teams provides you with the opportunity to connect to, or integrate, services right into a Funnel or private chat. I love to consider it as being an interactive bookmark. The way you leverage tabs would be to link our shared OneNote notebooks inside a tab to simply reference and collaborate on information. We use another tab to connect to our stream where we host video tutorials. Since Teams is our primary hub, it’s nice that we’re capable of getting to numerous sources with little effort.

How can you keep an eye on what you need to do?

For individual tasks I personally use Microsoft To-Do. For tasks which involve my team, we make use of a SharePoint list that links towards the relevant supporting products (OneNote, CRM, etc.). Lastly, for side projects which exist outdoors of my immediate group, we use Microsoft Planner. While you will find multiple environments that i can keep an eye on, I’ve found this system particularly advantageous since it lets me know that every one is devoted to another thing entirely. I check increase the SharePoint list two times each day, check my individual tasks daily, and appearance Microsoft Planner weekly.

How has your utilization of classical tools (e.g., email, Skype for Business, and Yammer) altered because the rollout of Microsoft Teams?

Inside a previous existence, I made use of Exchange and Yammer almost solely for team-based conversations and Skype for Business for anything regarding clients. Microsoft Teams has truly permitted me to place these different services in buckets. Teams (big t) is my day after day collaboration and communication mechanism for everybody within AvePoint Public Sector. Yammer is how I am going when I wish to see what’s happening with the remainder of the organization or request expertise outdoors of my immediate group. Lastly, email and Skype for Business are restricted to meeting invitations and contacting clients.

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Complete the blank: I’d like to see ____ answer exactly the same questions.

I’d want to see Microsoft’s Jace Moreno answer similar questions. Because the Platform Lead for Microsoft Teams, his encounters and undertake why is for any successful Teams rollout ought to be quite unique

What’s one factor you’d recommend to some technology department planning for a rollout of Microsoft Teams?

Never be afraid. Like a former service owner and administrator, I understand fully how daunting and confusing the particular groupsOrGroups messaging could be. A rollout will require lots of homework. This can contain focusing on how your users work, comprehending the backbone and architecture of Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams around the backend, and being prepared for the many questions you’ll face.

However, when the homework is performed, which switch is flipped, you will not believe how impactful this transformation could be for a corporation. It’s a different way to operate, even though new could be frightening, embracing it’ll make a substantial impact inside your organization’s digital transformation journey.

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