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If you’re a DocAve Online Backup user, register let’s focus on our Virtual Lab evaluating DocAve Online Backup and AvePoint Cloud Backup.

When you’re going to eat for supper instead of remaining both at home and cooking on your own, why have you choose to? It’s because you’re prepared to pay reasonably limited for what you would like — faster, better, and simpler like a SERVICE.

Exactly the same reasoning applies when registering to Office 365. You obtain more applications, introduced for you faster, with a much better performance without studying the difficulties of launching, maintaining, and updating an on-premise atmosphere.

AvePoint always keeps this in your mind as well as in the the growth and development in our solutions.

AvePoint Cloud Backup is among our newest inclusions in the ‘Solution like a Service’ world. Our Backup like a Services are faster, better, and simpler – providing you with simplicity and simplicity of use without compromising backup power or restore control.

While our older solution DocAve Online Backup &amp Restore is extremely popular and delivers exceptional value, an array of our clients are converting to AvePoint Cloud Backup. Here’s why

1) Configuration Burden is Reduced

Although some organizations enjoy configuring their very own backups and retention plans, many desire a best practice recommendation. With AvePoint Cloud Backup, we generate a solution that needs minimal quantity of configuration to safeguard your computer data. Once you’ve established the fundamental configurations, you’ll get a full platform backup inside the first week. Next, you’re protected with automatic incremental backups.

While much of your configurations are positioned and able to go immediately – for example incremental backup scheduling and including/excluding certain tenants – you’ll still retain the opportunity to personalize criteria to suit your preferences.

2) Backups Are Actually Automated

Instead of by hand scheduling and running your incremental backups – that is suggested at least of once every single day – AvePoint Cloud Backup is instantly scheduled as much as four occasions each day. This cuts down on the burden on IT’s shoulders because they build in best-practice guidelines to product configuration. As pointed out formerly, you are able to alter the schedule from the backups to some preferred number and time.

3) Enhanced Storage Options

While DocAve Online requires you to definitely take the own storage, you have an additional option. AvePoint Cloud Backup still upholds your choice for that backup storage location, however we currently offer for hosting all of your backups for that term of the contract, within our Microsoft Azure space.

Besides this improve your storage options, but AvePoint typically suggests this chance for greater performance and speed of backup jobs. We secure your computer data automatically – but you’re greater than thanks for visiting take the own Azure Key Vault file encryption key for additional security!

4) More Friendly, Easy and Efficient Graphical user interface

Everybody loves a far more organized, intuitive, and engaging Graphical user interface. We at AvePoint have place a specific concentrate on getting a stylish interface to assist promote user adoption.

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To determine ever better know very well what we mean, make certain you sign up for our Virtual Lab where we dive just a little much deeper in to the comparison of DocAve Online Backup versus AvePoint Cloud Backup and take you step-by-step through the interface.