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What I love about Microsoft Collaboration Tools

It’s Valentine’s Day and this year I’ll be celebrating the tenth anniversary of my relationship with Office 365, which dates to when the cloud was referred to as BPOS – Business Productivity Online Services. While I’m in internet marketing, I should also communicate a couple of from the reasons I really like other Microsoft collaboration tools.

Sure, it sounds corny, but after i can exclusively attribute my earnings, bit of mind, job satisfaction, and family existence/work balance to just one product – that’s a great relationship.  Office 365 forces the current workforce and allows us to consider past the traditional 9-to-5 job approach and being moored to 1 location.    

Enough about why I really like Office 365. Let’s discuss why I think you should love Microsoft collaboration tools too. 

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The first times of Microsoft collaboration  

We’ve had im, voice and video calling, and conferences located within the cloud before the iPhone existed. Initially it was built on Office Communications Server and Live Meeting. These two were folded into Lync after which re-branded as Skype for Business. The idea of these technologies in 2008 was still being relatively recent, even though the execution wasn’t fantastic – they produced an chance that people enhance their work and communication. 

BPOS also introduced by using it SharePoint located within the cloud, accessible to anybody without requiring any servers. It was before the kind of Dropbox and file discussing systems arrived. But while SharePoint offered more than document management, back then it required lots of try to make it happen. 

Now Office 365 is hardly recognizable, compared to the old self. While some of the functionality hasn’t altered – it is still brand-new to many people. 

My ‘a-ha moment’ when I grew to become a believer in Microsoft collaboration tools

At the end of 2014, I, together with my spouse and two very young kids (ages 2 ½ years and 8 several weeks old at that time), gone to live in The United States for three months. We bounced around to San antonio, Vancouver, Bay Area, and Los Angeles. I point this out because we reside in Australia and that i was managing a company . So, being overseas for such a long time is generally not practical. 

With Office 365, I could continue running my company as though I had been still home. I continued to be just like linked to my staff, partners and clients as if I was back in Melbourne. Our collaboration and productivity were unaffected. All around, I had been happy with the Office 365 abilities.  

Why you need to love Microsoft collaboration tools, too 

After I show people (not organisations, but real users) the potential for Office 365 and just how to use the collaboration tools – the ‘a-ha’ moments are profound. 

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One thing I’ve found fascinating happens when I show people fundamental functions in SharePoint for example document versioning and discussing, developing a list after which filters in line with the posts to produce a better file and knowledge experience. Or, after i show how Skype can answer an e-mail by having an instant message that escalates to some call, a video chat, a screen discussing session – all inside a couple of sentences. 

In a single moment, their work existence flashes before their eyes, because they understand how they may change just about everything regarding their job from fundamental conversations right through to complex workflows and reports.

  • Save time  
  • Improve customer encounters 
  • Automate repetitive tasks 
  • Better collaborate with peers  
  • Set up a flexible work location and schedule, for work/existence balance  

Don’t underestimate the strength of these ‘a-ha’ moments people uncover what Microsoft collaboration tools can perform on their behalf. Microsoft collaboration tools like Office 365 make an impact to organisations. They create a level bigger difference to folks inside individuals organisations. 

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Lots of people still visit a workplace every single day, send emails, use file shares, and talk while using phone on their own desk. They also visit physical meeting rooms and write minutes &amp tasks inside a paper notepad by having an ink-based pen. 

I really like the truth that I haven’t labored like this for ten years, which my job is to help individuals understand it normally won’t need to either.