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AvePoint Services researched ITAR and Export Administration Rules (EAR) needs and developed greater than 20 custom text phrases and regular expressions to assist Compliance Protector identify sensitive data that will have to be managed based on government rules.

AvePoint’s Service Team also discovered their collaboration methodology would also require EAR compliance, that was alarming towards the customer and demonstrated to be real.

Following a effective compliant migration, the big defense contractor labored with AvePoint to apply live scans with Compliance Protector to pressure compliance across their environments.

With this particular implementation, anytime an worker submitted a document or any other file with sensitive information towards the wrong location, Compliance Protector would immediately avoid the upload and quarantine the file to some safe location.

The big global contractor also deployed Compliance Guardian’s capability to classify and tag documents to become managed using their three-tier records management taxonomy. Consequently, multiple tags received to files, which meant these files met the factors for multiple actions.

To assist offset any impact towards the performance from the company’s farms, AvePoint implemented offload servers towards the architecture to mitigate the outcome.

AvePoint also went further to build up a custom calculator for that customer to find out how you can manage the information collected and stored by Compliance Protector with an ongoing basis. This is a key element enabling the big defense contractor to continuously monitor for compliance while keeping track of their database storage.