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Obtain the latest industry statistics covering how other organizations handle Office 365 governance and migration with this recent survey.

With lots of organizations creating Office 365 his or her cloud platform of preference, you may think that many if not completely have solid management structure in position. Regrettably, it is not often the situation.

In the latest article on, AvePoint Solutions Engineer Hunter Willis considered in on why the entire process of digital transformation is a struggle for organizations across industries–and then recommended a potential solution.

Caused by it was some good discourse over Twitter between highly respected players at work 365 space. We’ve compiled probably the most interesting responses and ideas here for your benefit.

Things started innocently enough with Hunter tweeting out his article and requesting responses:

Although it received some decent traction, things really selected up when AvePoint CMO and Microsoft MVP Dux Raymond Sy quote tweeted Hunter and challenged his assertion that Exchange managers should manage an organization’s Office 365 deployment:

Hunter had justified his push for Exchange admins within the article, positing that they’re generally “already familiar with responsibilities spread across IT teams” and therefore are typically “deeply involved with use of services, licenses, and application integration in Microsoft environments.”

SharePoint Admins

However, Dux wasn’t the only person who recommended for SharePoint admins to handle Office 365. Both Daniel Anderson and Office Apps and Services MVP Trevor Seward demonstrated their support from the idea:

SharePoint can serve as the file storage and management engine for most of the applications in Office 365. Consequently, a lot of the information-level security from the entire Office 365 platform depends on SharePoint permissions, something SharePoint admins would naturally be rather acquainted with.

Collaboration is essential

Despite there following your rules cases for Exchange and SharePoint admins each exclusively taking control of Office 365, most influencers within the thread contended that managing a workplace 365 deployment ought to be a collaborative task.

There are plenty of moving parts with regards to Office 365, so the idea of it being controlled by an individualOrlittle group was strongly contested:

Particularly, the mixture of SharePoint and Exchange admins was highlighted like a potential dream team.

Office 365 admin Take advantage of Bowman even shared how his company has tackled this joint effort:

In a perfect world, a group of Exchange and SharePoint admins could be a great match for that role. However, they would need to work especially well together with regards to strategy and planning to get anything accomplished.

Office 365 Admins

Obviously, another possible route is always to simply establish a workplace 365 admin role or team that can take on governance tasks full-time. It was recommended by a number of people:

The factor is, for a lot of organizations just one “Office 365 admin” that owns all of the applications could be hard-pressed to know each application to the stage they could effectively strategies and lead a group. Additionally, it’s likely this Office 365 admin have a background in managing among the applications inside the platform. This begs the issue: Which traditional admin role might be best to fill the brand new Office 365 Admin role?

Within the finish, key influencers simply recommended the CIO has ultimate Office 365 management responsibilities:

Obviously, generally an organization’s CIO must have the ultimate say regarding any major Office 365 changes or decisions. But, with respect to the size the organization, it’s unlikely heOrshe’ll have time to really keep it in check every day. Additionally, many CIOs are disconnected in the day-to-day processes, and teams are usually given virtually no operational guidance. This is often ideal for teams that already work nicely together, but could on the other hand create chaos in teams which are still trying to puzzle out working using the solutions.

To help the conversation, Dux collected a couple of from the participants right into a Microsoft Teams call later on that day for any more in-depth discussion.

Participants incorporated:

  • Dux Raymond Sy, @meetdux
  • Hunter Willis, @HW_enduser
  • Fred Yano,@Fredyano
  • Bruno Fonseca, @brunosITworld
  • Craig Jahnke, @techJahnke

Watch the entire conversation here:

A couple of days later Dux got the gang together again to go over. Participants incorporated:

  • Dux Raymond Sy, @meetdux
  • Hunter Willis, @HW_enduser
  • Fred Yano,@Fredyano
  • Bruno Fonseca, @brunosITworld
  • Martina Grom, @magrom
  • Tony Redmond, @12knocksinaa
  • Shaun Guillet, @expta
  • Duane Alleman, @duanealleman

Actually, there are many options with regards to possession of Office 365! Who do you consider should purchased it? Tell us within the comments below!

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