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Records ManagementI’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas any longer.”

I really like the film “The Wizard of Oz,” and Dorothy’s line to Toto is among my favourites. There’s this type of sense of uncertainty and a must find the familiar. But in addition, there’s the actual sense of excitement which comes when facing great change.

I would be among the couple of people on the planet who are able to honestly say I really like records management. I am talking about, love it.

I remember when i continued to start dating ? by the finish from the evening had drafted an entire classification scheme on a napkin for that person to consider home (exactly what a catch I hear you say!).

I really like understanding that individuals have the data they have to do their jobs easily and efficiently. In addition, I really like understanding that information that should be, is going to be there for that lengthy term. And That I love having the ability to destroy things when it’s legally allowed and when individuals items are no more needed.

The alterations keep coming

I feel very fortunate to watch because the industry changes, apparently before my eyes. Initially when i first began, everything was still being mainly paper based, despite the fact that I’ve never really labored with no computer.

Most organisations then remained as from the view that you simply did your initial work digitally after which printed it and use it personal files.

I saw the arrival from the ‘solve all’ electronic document and records management system (eDRMS). This tried to move users from file shares, network drives and (horror!) diskettes right into a records management system.

The issue with this particular, obviously, was that physical records management process had just been converted to a digital atmosphere, when truly the two didn’t match whatsoever.

I’ve also watched Microsoft’s SharePoint 2007 literally alter the game of enterprise cms, giving collaboration tools straight to finish users and nightmares to records managers everywhere.

Searching towards the future

And today, the entire factor is altering again with Office 365.

The various tools have become modern-day, with increasingly more features created for the records manager and not simply the IT administrator. This really is giving records managers everywhere more visibility into and control of SharePoint than they’ve ever endured before.

Records management constraints are being lifted allowing organisations to configure their records management to how they would like to work.

Blog Publish: Records Management Past, Present and Future

I’d say that i’m passionate finish user of the Office 365 features, but nervous as a records manager.

This is why, as organisations around the world adopt Office 365, it’s vital that records managers have an awareness of the functionality their organisation gets, how their users will work using these new platforms, and more importantly the way they will wrap records management processes around or through this.

Office 365 is not the only domain of IT. Nowadays there are privacy and compliance features, legal and disposal hold functions, auto classification and retention and disposal, to mention however a couple of. The records manager who’s not at the table is one that will probably be left behind as the evolves.

We might not be in Kansas any longer, but wherever we are is pretty exciting!

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