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The AvePoint Solution

As more of CSU’s business data gone to live in the cloud and Microsoft Teams, the requirement for a appropriate backup solution grew to become more urgent. Following extensive researching the market, De Geest states there is just one viable solution.

“We were searching for any provider that may support the whole Office 365 suite with greater functionality than is provided natively by Microsoft. AvePoint switched out is the best provider for all of us, mainly since they’re the only person that supports a complete backup of Microsoft Teams, having a retention period as lengthy while you require.”

An additional challenge for CSU was that the organization doesn’t work in several weeks, however in four-week periods.

“That’s challenging for a lot of backup solutions, simply because they work only on the daily, regular basis. Within our situation, all information is supported two times each day using AvePoint’s Cloud Backup. We store every period for just one year and also the annual backup is stored for tax purposes for seven years,” stated de Geest.

Based on De Geest, recoveries are needed no more than monthly, usually when an worker has accidentally deleted personal files or e-mail.

The answer benefits would be the reliable and lengthy-term backup of data, the opportunity to retrieve individual files and e-mails, that has been enhanced user-ambiance.

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“Users can already retrieve many files themselves, however a real recovery job remains employment for that IT team,” states de Geest. “AvePoint makes this complete process much faster and simpler than in the past. It truly is a remarkably easy tool to make use of. You sign in to the portal as well as minimal tech-savvy person may use it. It couldn’t be anymore self-explanatory.”

AvePoint’s solution also impressed the business, which accounts for a lot of CSU’s management tasks.

“They were utilizing a different backup tool, however when we requested them to have a look at AvePoint to potentially dominate managing their backup, these were amazed at just how easy it is by using. They are managing this for all of us too,” stated de Geest.