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Hello! I’m so excited to finally interact with Anne Michels, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Office 365, who’s very enthusiastic about making certain customers have visibility to their Office 365 Usage and Adoption.  Within this episode of “The Route to #MSIgnite”, Anne and that i discuss her background, the need for getting visibility to your Office 365 tenant and Microsoft Ignite.

I think you’ll love this particular episode and don’t miss Anne’s sessions at Microsoft Ignite! Danke schön!

Dux: Hallo, und guten tag, mein name ist Dux.

Anne: Guten tag, mein name ist Anne.

Dux: Hang on, hang on, we’re really in San antonio, right. I’m Dux. Appreciate jamming for an additional episode of Dux Quax. I’m so excited. Finally, I recieve to satisfy Anne. And I’d only been exchanging tweets and speaking on Twitter, and it is so excellent to satisfy you, especially about this beautiful day in San antonio, right?

Anne: Oh, yeah. I am talking about, My home is San antonio, the town where it just rains a couple of times annually. Which means you have a right.

Dux: I have a right, okay, yeah.

Anne: So, yeah, and fortunately, for all of us today, it isn’t among the 2 days around where it rains in San antonio.

Dux: Well, after which it sometimes becomes smoky too.

Anne: A little bit, yes.

Dux: Just how performs this compare, living here, as to the a part of Germany had you been initially from?

Anne: I’m initially in the western part, like Dahn, Perfume, an hour or so . 5 of Frankfurt, for individuals individuals who’ve been to Germany.

Dux: First got it, first got it. And will the weather compare or…not, not too way?

Anne: Not necessarily. You are able to have a left.

Dux: Okay.

Anne: Yeah.

Dux: So you may already know, I’m unfamiliar with San antonio. She is aware of this better.

Anne: Reached provide him some directions.

Dux: Actually.

Anne: The elements doesn’t really compare. So people always bitch concerning the weather in San antonio. Individuals are somebody that has never visited Germany.

Dux: First got it.

Anne: In Germany, it rains more, the summers are less stable, enjoy it can totally happen that you’re in the center of August, like at this time in Germany, it’s 70 and it is raining, and it is been like this for 3 days, so…

Dux: First got it. But guess what happens? I’d an excellent chance to reside there for a short period of your time.

Anne: Yeah.

Dux: Boy, I actually do miss the culture, though. Like I resided there during summer time, you realize, each week there is a vine fest, beer fest, you realize, great food. I miss everything nutrients.

Anne: Yes, yes, yes. Always after i visit Germany and that i return to San antonio, like I usually decide on a suitcase that’s half-empty, so when I return it’s full with German food.

Dux: Now, I realize you began your Microsoft career in Germany, right?

Anne: Yeah.

Dux: You had been using the DX team and also you moved over and done with the DX team too. How have you transition to work 365 team?

Anne: Well, I had been sooner or later, I acquired to some extent where I used to be with DX for 5 years, and that i loved dealing with developers, however i desired to explore another thing. And That I was always really thinking about Office since it was among the items that I had been simply using every day and i also really was enthusiastic about.

Anne: And So I considered, “Okay, how do i combine my passion about Office and my desire for IT Pros?” And, well, that’s what introduced me to work 365 team.

Dux: There you have it. Which days, you’re busy, aren’t you?

Anne: Yes, certainly.

Dux: And first of all, I am talking about, I truly appreciate everything everyone are creating and a few of the reports and content packs. So perhaps you are able to tell everyone all of the goodness that’s available plus they can engage in.

Anne: Yeah. To ensure that is certainly one sector where we’ve been heavily centered on. Within the this past year, where you’ve seen lots of enhancements is usage reporting at work 365. In regards to a year . 5 ago…you may take the right once again. In regards to a year . 5 ago, it had been really hard for people to know how their users were using and adopting Office 365.

However, that’s very, essential information its our customers. Therefore we began to re-architect our usage reporting. And this past year, in March, we launched a brand new usage reporting dashboard at work 365 admin center that allows you to know how your users are utilizing Office 365 across all of the services and across your business. But additionally, the way your individual finish users are utilizing Office 365, the way they are utilizing the person services.

Dux: Awesome.

Anne: Which was an excellent beginning point for admin. So we…

Dux: So, okay, is the fact that readily available for everyone, though?

Anne: Everyone.

Dux: E1, E3, E5.

Anne: Everyone who can access the admin center, you can get the usage reporting dashboard. Just click within the left navigation, there’s reporting, I believe, it states, after which usage reports.

Dux: First got it. After which what is the way I’m able to take individuals reports and place it in Power BI?

Anne: Oh, yes, you are able to, exactly what a surprise.

Dux: Yeah, dashboard promoting.

Anne: I’ll start mentioning dashboard from tomorrow on in each and every user studying.

Dux: There you have it. After which, again, yeah, Power BI’s so effective to visualise and be sure all of this nutrients.

Anne: Exactly. And the benefit of the information pack can also be it allows you to pivot by active directory attributes, like organization or departments. So that you can really also observe how specific parts inside your organization are utilizing Office 365, and not just your whole organization.

Dux: Within the recent release, I believe last couple of weeks days ago, it had been similar for Yammer, right?

Anne: Yeah. So for Yammer, it’s away from the content pack yet, because we also have a form of the information pack therefore we update it every few several weeks. But this past year, this past year, last year…last week, we released a brand new usage report within the usage reporting dashboard within the admin center that enables you to view the way your workers are using Yammer groups too.

Dux: Awesome. Now, Ignite’s coming. What have you got available for Ignite?

Anne: Yes, super, super excited for Ignite. Focusing on lots of good stuff, lots of enhancements, and lots of, well, bulletins for Ignite. We’ll really have four sessions which will concentrate on primary Office 365 admin topics. So please arrived at my sessions, I truly, and I’ll cover all of this.

Dux: I’ll make certain I place the link within the blog publish here, and we’ll connect to your sessions, yeah.

Anne: Fantastic, yeah. What exactly we’re focusing on, is around the one hands, we’re focusing on exactly how should we really result in the admin center itself smarter and much more personalized. Because whenever you consider it, we at work 365, there exists a large amount of data, there exists a large amount of telemetry information. And we’re focusing on exactly how should we surface that through admins in the right moment within the right place to really make it simpler that you should manage Office 365.

Dux: Right. Sure. And that’s key, right, because by getting visibility from the usage, you can now consider, are people adopting or otherwise? Like what exactly are they searching for the most part? And you can tweet many places when you wanna highlight further so your users can engage in it.

Anne: Yeah, exactly. And it is not just usage, right. For instance, we’ve access to numerous information. Like your house, basically saw you had, your DNS records wasn’t configured properly, right, let’s say I possibly could really surface that for you and allow you to know before anything really will get damaged to be able to repair it proactively.

Dux: That’s awesome.

Anne: So that’s all what we’re searching at, like really getting you, or providing you with the best information in the proper time to ensure that we are able to surface and provide you with recommendations regarding how to better manage Office 365.

Dux: Fantastic, fantastic. And just what else are you…so apart from your sessions, you realize, there’s a lot of things happening, there is a Universal Studios party. Therefore if there’s one factor, like, on the top of the list, outdoors the sessions, what exactly are you searching for?

Anne: Ending up in the city.

Dux: Well, there you have it, yeah.

Anne: I am talking about, that’s, seriously, that’s things i love about Ignite. Like, at Ignite, I’m able to meet all of the great individuals from the city that I’ve been dealing with within the whole year, but that could be in various countries, right, like my MVPs from Germany, like Rafael, or from Austria, Martina, and so forth. I simply love connecting using the community, not to mention, also connecting with customers.

Ignite is the greatest chance for all of us to, obviously, tell customers what we should will work on, however and to get feedback around the solutions what we’re working at.

Dux: Therefore the community is amazing. And something of individuals a few things i like is, you realize, particularly with technology and social, these folks I know. It’s as being a lengthy lost family or perhaps a reunion, right?

Anne: Yeah, yeah.

Dux: And that’s awesome about technology.

Anne: Yeah, that’s true, yeah, it’s like a…yeah, Ignite is sort of a family reunion.

Dux: It’s, it’s.

Anne: That’s what it’s.

Dux: I am talking about, that’s true social media immediately.

Anne: Yeah.

Dux: Awesome. And thus, again, so after Ignite, what else is on its way in, a minimum of, your brand-new physical year? What or were the important thing regions of focus for you personally?

Anne: Yeah, so certainly then, really, deliver all of the bulletins and all sorts of additional features that we’ll be discussing at Ignite. To actually work about how the largest the admin center smarter. However that includes then exactly how should we result in the usage reporting smarter.

That’s really a place that we’re also heavily investing into at this time. Because getting all the details you have in usage reports that’s super useful, getting everything data, but many of customers have distributed to us, or Microsoft, it’s great basically observe that 95% of my users are utilizing Skype, what concerning the 5% that aren’t? How do i really enable them to use Skype? How do i increase my usage of the several services?

Dux: Which is where sources, like FastTrack is available in, right?

Anne: Exactly.

Dux: And FastTrack’s center’s been in, well, because there’s lots of guides and knowledge. After which places like Tech Community, right? People can turn to Tech Community and say, “Hey, according to my usage report, this isn’t working. What have everyone done?” So…

Anne: Yeah, yeah, yeah. So we’re focusing on assisting you turn this in where your business exactly is within your digital transformation journey. After which providing you with recommendation. How will you really increase usage, and not just providing you with recommendations, what you need to do inside your specific situation, but additionally helping you to do something from the admin center.

For instance, individuals 5% of the users that may not be using Skype, they may not understand how to get began with Skype.

Dux: Actually, actually.

Anne: So you might like to really send them an e-mail, pointing them via a training resource.

Dux: Or perhaps, yeah, or perhaps simple things, like lots of presence, right? Presence turns up on email or online, so.

Anne: Yeah.

Dux: Fantastic. It appears as though it’s destined to be a thrilling year?

Anne: Yes, it certainly is going to be.

Dux: Awesome. Well, well, thanks, Anne, for showing me for this beautiful area. Capitol Hill, I’ve never existed el born area. It’s great.

Anne: It’s really beautiful.

Dux: But, look, you realize, maybe the next time, I must convince you, we must do “99 Luftballons,” yeah.

Anne: Okay, so only for the record, he attempted to convince me to sing “99 Luftballons.” But when I actually do that, this really is not good for nobody on the planet, if there’s one factor which i really suck in it’s singing, so…

Dux: But’s it’s Nena, okay. Or, or possibly let’s do Fantasia

Anne: That might be much better.

Dux: Because it’s not necessary to sing, right. With this buddies, many thanks for joining us within this episode. Thanks, Anne, and we’ll help you within the next one. Bye. Tschuss.

Anne: Tschuss.