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Hey everybody and thank you for jamming for an additional edition of Dux Quax: The direction to #MSIgnite! This installment takes me over the pond to Edinburgh where I’d the privilege of sitting lower with my good buddy and SharePoint legend Steve Cruz.

Additionally to owning their own company, Combined Understanding, Steve’s a Microsoft MVP and Regional Director with unparalleled knowledge of SharePoint, Office 365, and Azure, amongst others. If you’re attending Ignite this season, click here to for any catalog of accessible sessions associated with some topics discussed within this video.

Hopefully y’all love this particular installment of Dux Quax, as Steve and that i talk about from the ongoing relevance of SharePoint to factors when relocating to the cloud once we continue to ready for #MSIgnite 2017. Cheers!

Dux: Hey everybody. Thanks for visiting another episode of “Dux Quax’s Route to Ignite”. As you can tell, within this episode I am not driving. And I’m so excited to get along with Steve Cruz. Steve, why do you not introduce yourself? I know everyone knows you but simply in situation.

Steve: Well, I do not think so. Less any longer. So hi, everyone. Steve Cruz, who owns Combined Understanding as well as among the proprietors of MindSharp within the U.S., educational company, products training, and–oh gosh–since 2003, we’ve been carrying this out job of ours.

Dux: Boy. And I needed to stop by and find out Steve. If you are wondering why I’m, we’re inside a nice sunny Edinburgh, right?

Steve: Yeah. It’s sunny now. It was not ten minutes ago.

Dux: Yeah. Well, provide five more minutes and it is gonna start raining. But very excited. Steve and that i are here because we’re managing a workshop tomorrow regarding how to accelerate cloud success. However which i have Steve, boy, we’d lots of making up ground and it is been forever since i have last saw you, man.

Steve: Yeah. It’s been a couple of years that people appear to knock heads again.

Dux: I understand, I understand. But, hey, SharePoint leads us together in certain parts around the globe. Right?

Steve: Yeah. Well, quite. Within our good reputation for SharePoint, you usually encounter our buddies within the SharePoint space sooner or later within about 18 several weeks. You usually meet somebody.

Dux: Actually. And never inside your hometown?

Steve: Correct.

Dux: Elsewhere on the planet.

Steve: Yeah. So we’re in Edinburgh or America or whatever.

Dux: Just how is everything doing? I am talking about, I understand you’re still growing your company, clients are still good. What are you seeing out of your customers, your students because they take training and speaking about collaboration generally where SharePoint’s going?

Steve: So yeah, I am talking about, it’s been a very interesting 18 several weeks, 24 months, I’d say. There’s been an enormous transition to Office 365, understandably, an incredible quantity of companies trying to puzzle out which aspects of their on-prem atmosphere they’re gonna proceed to cloud and whether they can move everything, a lot of it. I believe there’s most companies still available today who are…still under a little bit of mystification about this, some aren’t quite sure. They’ve got lots of internally skills which are missing. What exactly we’re finding above all else is the fact that information mill just still trying to puzzle out what they’re gonna do, how they’re gonna get it done, and just what their lengthy term technique is. But they’re attempting to make use Office 365 around they are able to, I believe, is exactly what their, type of, initial elements.

Dux: Same with the popularity similar in The United States, in Europe, in Asia, or there’s an impact?

Steve: So yeah, it’s very worthwhile. And I’ve certainly observed within the U.K., the popularity is a touch bit behind the U.S., I believe. The U.S. has fully embrace the 365 cloud stack, I believe. Less fear, there’s more type of, you realize, dealing with it to some extent. I believe the U.K. is a bit more careful. I believe it’s…in Europe generally, there’s been a little more caution. A lot of it a bit around the truth that data centers are just just beginning to become opened up in certain regions. So there’s a great deal of compliancy within the data protection element, which wasn’t really an issue in the U.S. since the U.S. had numerous data focuses on the first day that sorted everything out.

Dux: I am talking about, I heard once the Microsoft data center opened up here a couple of several weeks ago, it arrived at maximum capacity.

Steve: Yeah, it had been already maxing out. There is a great deal of certainly large government and public sector industries within the U.K. that that’s all they have to get started. And they are certainly not moving everything there immediately but they’re certainly beginning make use of the Azure power it. And definitely the 365, I’ve observed there is a definite rise in the quantity of customers now searching into that move ahead the rear of data centers without a doubt.

Dux: Now, talking about U.S. And That I have similar observation where I believe the conversation from the U.S, it isn’t even about likely to Office 365. Everybody’s offered, right?

Steve: Yeah.

Dux: However the conversation is much more around, “Okay, now we’re here and there’s each one of these workloads. When will i use SharePoint? When will i use Teams? When will i make use of this?” That’s a continuing conversation which i have with customers.

Steve: Yeah. And also you know, the truth is exactly that, to become quite blunt, sometimes Microsoft isn’t helping that conversation because you have different marketing teams with marketing budgets, with KPIs, which are saying various things to various, you realize, audiences. And the truth is is exactly what we actually require is just one audience listening one strategy about how exactly your company is attempting to work and what are best-fit tools for which you’re attempting to achieve.

Dux: Yeah, To be sure.

Steve: Which type of online marketing strategy just doesn’t appear to become quite there yet. And That I were built with a classic lately where somebody visited a gathering and also the conversation was about change management. Which, obviously, is really a key area of the whole process anyway, your company needs to consider that. But nowhere inside the change management was there even the idea of adoption and the way to go ahead and take workforce combined with the ride and really encourage them to utilize it to the maximum potential. And unless of course you’re gonna do this, then your marketing messages get conflicted. That is, “Well, i was told we’re able to use groups for instance, with this, but really, teams may well be a better fit for your particular kind of application.”

Dux: And I can tell the task too because, as if you stated, there’s different teams, different departments at Microsoft. The onus frequently occasions falls about it inside a typical organization. But we must face the facts. It’s so lacking staff, they might not have the skill even going to drive that guidance. Therefore the whole “it depends” scenario only works inside a perfect world, you realize?

Steve: Yeah, the common, the number of people hearing this now will remember the number of occasions in SharePoint? The solution was, this will depend.

Dux: Well, talking about that…so, you realize, regardless of each one of these new workloads and abilities in collaboration platforms, do you consider SharePoint’s still relevant?

Steve: Absolutely. Actually, I believe many people underestimate simply how much workloads continue to be made by SharePoint within the backend. Right?

Dux: Isn’t this famous? I’m sorry, that caught attention.

Steve: Oh, yes, yeah. That’s. Spence has numerous a picture of that, I know.

Dux: Oh, there you have it. Yeah. Spence, Spence Harbar? You discover these pictures all there.

Steve: This really is Spence’s hometown right? Which means this is…this is this territory around there.

Dux: There you have it.

Steve: But yes, there’s lots of famous landmarks here. We have the, clearly the castle without anyone’s knowledge and…so we’re close to the Haymarket part of the Haymarket station of Edinburgh. Princess Street, Primary Street.

Dux: Awesome. In order you had been saying, SharePoint’s still relevant?

Steve: Sure. I am talking about, in the finish during the day, what’s really happening within the 365 stack generally is, consider SharePoint as the repository driver however we have all of the fringe services that are now leveraging SharePoint as that repository. However they’re building additional services on the top of the particular products. So within the illustration of groups for instance, where you have the various pieces like planner and, you know, you might enable groups, you have a little collaboration, you’ve got messaging. You’ve then got SharePoint because the repository after which you have the nearby information protection governance, that security compliance center that’s managing all the data that’s being put over the whole piece.

And that’s the part that…I think that’s the part that many information mill still battling with, that is they’re attempting to maybe do a couple of pieces at any given time. Whereas in fact, several things like teams and groups and all sorts of these other…Skype for business, each one of these additional factors are really all attempting to interact anyway.

Dux: And also you hit the nail around the mind, right? Because organizations today have that traditional IT mindset, “Oh, let’s move exchange online first. Once we’re completed with that, let’s move file shares, let’s do SharePoint.” That is okay, no problem. However for your point, the holistic technique is missing because now governance isn’t just governance around mail a treadmill drive but governance over the stack. Because as with groups, you delete an organization, the rest of the objects get deleted. And that may be challenging.

Steve: Yeah. And That I think…and I can tell why people like Microsoft are entering companies and saying, you realize, “Let’s get the change management factors like a major factor of the initial strategy.” And that’s vital since it isn’t nearly culture change and alter management, it’s about business process. And, you realize, just moving e-mail is definitely an IT role. IT go, “Well, we are able to move our e-mail and host it there rather.” Great, okay. Will it save us money? Yeah, most likely, we do not have to purchase new servers. But hold on one minute. How about each one of these other pieces which are in 365 that we’re not really thinking about in the minute?

Dux: And i believe that, that’s a large shift IT’s mindset. You discuss change management since the difference today may be the platform can there be, it’s illuminated. It’s just turning it on and getting hired. And there’s lots of value…true, you might want to migrate many of the on-prem one at a time. But there’s no problem with illuminating the rest of the workloads immediately so organizations and business users can acquire the benefit immediately in very, very pointed use cases.

Steve: Exactly. And i believe the…in fact, to grow with that even more, that is where I’m seeing lots of conversations within the classrooms and also the discussions occasions that we’re running is about the hybrid space. Because whenever you consider the businesses that are looking to maneuver a bit to 365, they’re now within huge discussion about, “Well, if you…do you progress e-mail and a little bit of SharePoint?” So they’re not likely to SharePoint online for everything, they’re keeping their SharePoint on-prem investment, that is huge, in-house. However they’re utilizing a number of SharePoint online for collaboration with certain kinds of say partners or operational functional reasons.

So that they finish up getting many people in 365 a few of the time, some exterior individuals 365 all the time as well as on-prem users majority on-prem still. And that’s developing a second challenge that is how can we join individuals dots between individuals two environments.

Dux: And also have a seamless experience?

Steve: And also have a seamless experience? Right.

Dux: I am talking about, the final factor you would like may be the finish user, again, getting confused. After which after they’re frustrated, they’re going back delivering email attachments, you realize.

Steve: Bingo. Yeah, really. And thus now you’re to the governance and also the compliancy. And also the new information protection stuff in Azure, that is then being leveraged with the Office 365 stack, is simply phenomenal. I am talking about, I’ve spent a great deal of your time for the reason that within the last couple of several weeks. And lots of clients are now speaking to all of us and saying, “Can we’ve bespoke education around, you realize, this subject of compliancy governance while using new tool stack?”

Such things as mix labels, where one can apply labels across all your stack after which clearly do DLP against it, that you can do search against it, that you can do policies against it, you realize? And all of a sudden you have this unified labeling compliancy sensitivity type application over the whole stack. Fantastic. And that kind of, lots of customers who’re searching at this gone to live in 365, that they like that. However their first real question is are we able to make use of the on-prem too?

Dux: Exactly, exactly. So on the top of these, what may seen like collaboration complexities, right, not too we’re scaring you. But around the switch side, the glass continues to be half full. There’s lots of benefit, there’s lots of power. Therefore the last factor you wanna do is enter into analysis paralysis stage like, “Oh, it’s an excessive amount of to deal with. We won’t get it done, it will require time.” It is not the intent but simply be conscious that you simply wanna start considering it from the holistic perspective after which take small steps to maximise the potential for the woking platform.

Steve: Right. And actually, you could reason that if you’ve really got your initial plans, your design is seem, and also you know where you need to reach in 2 many years to 3 years time, place individuals correct foundations in position after which start relocating to it. And also you won’t have any bad surprises or, you realize., design issues 18 several weeks lower the street that all of a sudden, I am talking about, you need to perform a little redesigning it. Right? And i believe this is where the first investment of effort and time upfront will pay the dividends 18 several weeks.

And I’ve in the past discovered that among the greatest challenges it have or even the power users or, you realize, the overall business users have is the fact that there is not the buy-in in the top tier of control over saying, “We’re prepared to purchase the data architecture, governance, and security. We’re not prepared to purchase that planning because, well, that may take four several weeks.”

Dux: Exactly. It isn’t the case…

Steve: “Oh well, we would like it tomorrow,” or, “We need it in 2 days time.” “We have to be reside in two several weeks.” And i believe this is where companies have to change their strategy.

Dux: Yeah. Now, Ignite is on its way. We all know Ignite’s Microsoft’s greatest show and they’d perform a large amount of great bulletins, clearly lots of great sessions. What’s your predictions for Ignite?

Steve: And So I would say a few of the hot taters which are developing in the minute, certainly, such things as PowerApps, flow and these types of new tool kits within 365. You realize, I believe there’s destined to be a great deal happening with individuals within the coming time. Teams I believe is a big step. Teams are now being pressed and pressed and pressed within the last 8 several weeks to 12 several weeks. And So I think we’ll visit a lot around that space. Hybrid, I’m really searching forward some the hybrid items that they’re speaking about, not only for SharePoint but simply generic hybrid approach.

As well as for individuals people who didn’t know, lately they went GA a couple of several weeks ago using the Azure authentication from hybrid. Fantastic story. Many people still have no idea this stuff’s released. A lot of updates happening. After which from the Azure perspective, clearly we have more data centers being announced. After which therefore, feature teams of Azure which are being illuminated and pressed. So with this ability for businesses to make use of Azure for database and application hosting against 365 service consumption.

So I’m wishing that at Ignite, we’re gonna see lots of new messages around that Azure set of features that’s gonna allow much more, you realize, power BI capacity, for instance, integration from that. So I’m really looking forward to, I suppose, all of the fringe elements. SharePoint like a platform, I do not anticipate seeing great massive leaps from the 365 perspective for SharePoint online. However, it’s that hybrid story which i think we’ll hopefully see a bit more of.

Dux: And particularly, you realize, you discuss regional data centers. As you may know, inside a couple of several weeks from now, GDPR is very large here. And there’s a few GDPR sessions at Ignite too. And increasingly more, you can observe Microsoft’s pushing, reminding customers that, you realize, remember GDPR. And also the platform can easily offer the needs of this compliance.

Steve: Without a doubt. Actually, I…you know, I believe the entire, should you just consider the security and compliancy center at work 365, just like an idea, after which getting a glance at all of the tooling that’s inside, it allows you to understand the types of questions you need to ask her, simply by searching at just how that’s being applied. Since the GDPR stuff, we’re certainly beginning to determine an enormous customer request of methods would they implement such things as learning management systems, integrating by using custom delivery and monitoring and checklists and ensuring people adhere to certain statutory things that they need to follow. How can they the listing that off, how can they monitor it, and just how will they make sure that individuals are following it? That’s being a real big facet of it.

And thus, sometimes historic techniques that we’ve used of delivering the information through different digital channels, we’re now working quite carefully with many different LMS vendors to integrate that into an LMS system which in turn integrates using the GDPR requirement moving forward, so it’s all interlinking by doing so. However I think the…from a customer’s perspective, they’re not trying…they struggle to find all of the pieces that actually work together. And lots of occasions, they’re just looking for one solution where everything just fits together.

Dux: Exactly, right. Well, you realize, there might be a category for your. Office 365, GDPR and SharePoint.

Steve: Well, now we’re really running them.

Dux: Oh, you’re.

Steve: Yeah, yeah. So we’re already doing GDPR classes with Ant Clay. So he’s been doing the company side and I’m…I mean, myself and a lot of our other guys, we’re training the technical people on ways to use the compliance tools within 365 as well as on-premise.

Dux: So that your compliance center, AIP, all the good things.

Steve: Yeah. And one thing that, again…you know, we discuss 365 and obviously Microsoft’s marketing side of 365 is really a key driving factor, but from the hybrid perspective, that is where I believe most companies are destined to be over the following, you realize, 3 years to 5 years, there’s destined to be most companies remaining for the reason that space. It is also concerning the on-premise services that people could possibly get through, such things as SharePoint 2016, Exchange 2016, SQL Server 2016. After which applying just as much governance and compliancy on-prem, in addition to through 365 behind this cloud, right? And this is where I believe the…Microsoft aren’t ignoring the on-prem people, you realize? They’re gonna have the ability to speak with us.

Dux: Correct. Well, Steve, it’s been an excellent conversation. And i believe we’re about to get at our destination.

Steve: Shall we be?

Dux: Yeah, yeah. You realize Zoey guaranteed us an excellent dinner.

Steve: This season? Ok last one, dinner.

Dux: We’re gonna have a very good dinner. However, thank you for watching and we do hope you enjoyed reading this episode. Until the next, help you. And also have a great day. Thanks. Bye.

Steve: Cheers.