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Every single day, organizations have a large number of employees with tasks and procedures who must have their workstreams enhanced. Nintex workflows might help mitigate the problems and save organizations money and time.

Organizations have to negotiate an array of workstreams, monitored on each day-to-day basis. To reduce these problems, they are able to create internal workflows and forms to help keep its people organized.

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Nintex is really a workflow automation solution that saves employees time so the team can concentrate on the tasks at hands instead of be worried about maintaining your flows current. In turn, this will allow organizations and employees to save cash, mitigate confusion in workflows and obtain tasks done.

AvePoint is really a preferred technical Nintex partner who migrate Nintex workflows to organizations’ SharePoint or Office 365 environments. This allows organizations to benefit from all the advantages of their established SharePoint and Office 365 environments and Nintex workflows and forms.

We are able to migrate the workflows and forms from lower versions of SharePoint to newer versions, and SharePoint on-prem to SharePoint online. There’s also a choice emigrate the flows and forms from SharePoint to Office 365 having a low impact towards the established business workflows.

Proven Results featuring

For Nintex Workflows, we’ve already labored on over 200 site collections and migrated over 1600 workflows. We’ve also added the next capacity to the Nintex Workflow migration:

  • Placeholder Action for Nintex Workflows: This is made to include a placeholder action for just about any Nintex Workflow Actions that people couldn’t support within the migration. Unsupported migrations are closely related to AP or any other restricting factors.

For Nintex Forms we’ve also done over 270 site collections and migrated over 2200 Nintex Forms. We also have added the next capacity to the Nintex Form migration:

  • Placeholder Form Control for Nintex Forms: This is comparable to the one for Nintex Workflows placeholder. This places a placeholder action for just about any unsupported form controls for Nintex Forms.

Here is a screenshot of methods we handle workflow and forms migration:

Nintex migration office 365 migration

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