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As organizations invest heavily to their enterprise collaboration systems or more their tech intensity, they without doubt wish to make certain their finish users are employing central IT SaaS investments. Growing user adoption is really a major focus, especially since sources are now being put in moving from legacy systems to cloud solutions like Microsoft ‘office’ 365. However, as Uncle Ben from Spider-Man once stated, “With greater usage, comes great responsibility.” That’s the way it went, right?

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How you can Increase Usage

During the last few years, there’s been consistent messaging in the market about how exactly organizations need to pay attention to driving sustainable adoption of Office 365–Microsoft Teams particularly. Thinking about it’s the quickest-growing business application in Microsoft’s history, it can make lots of sense why organizations are scrambling to do this.

Inside a report by Gartner entitled, “Maximizing the need for Office 365 By Looking Into Making It A part of an electronic Skill Program,” they highlighted three key findings that organizations should be aware with regards to driving sustainable adoption:

  1. Organizations typically have a lift and shift method of using productivity platforms like Microsoft Teams which leads to there being little value sent to finish users.
  2. Many Organizations are ill-ready to deliver continuous change supplied by productivity platforms.
  3. There’s too little digital skill investment. (Digital skill is the thought of the way you make technology–especially Office 365–part from the norm for the employees.)

Organizations must specify rules of engagement, facilitate leadership buy-in and engagement, and be sure quick wins to have their finish users onboarded as quickly as possible! Fortunately, there exists a Lot of sources about how your business could drive that adoption forward in less than 3 months.

Difficulties with Elevated Usage

As great as adoption is perfect for companies, you will find a number of drawbacks too. With information, data, and groups constantly being produced and shared across multiple platforms, managing sprawl and redundancy should be surface of mind for this teams.

With regards to Office 365 Groups, the 3 components that organizations have to be conscious of are provisioning, management, and lifecycle. Let’s dive in to these a little more and identify which potential issues.


With regards to provisioning, organizations have to identify who’s permitted to produce Office 365 Groups. Natively it’s an on-off switch over the entire tenant, so either all the users might have it or no users can.

If you wish to encourage usage and also have finish users feeling like they cost nothing to produce the particular groups they have to collaborate, you’ll want to determine how Group creation could be available for finish users and concurrently controllable because of it admins.

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When the Groups happen to be produced, how will it make certain the proper users are now being added and also have the right permissions? Including discussing content and knowledge inwardly and outwardly (if necessary).

There is a lot that may be stated for management, the answer point is the fact that organizations must make sure that data possession is made which all the workspaces at work 365 and SharePoint are trackable.


Empowering finish users to produce groups is excellent it affords them the opportunity to produce the collaborative workspaces they have to obtain day-to-day tasks done. What about once the collaborative workspace is not needed? What goes on to all the information and content in those sites? Let’s say it must be retained to have an long time?

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Many of these questions and much more must be taken into consideration with regards to lifecycle management at work 365. Should you not have your bases covered, you might finish track of a lot of dead workspaces that may be housing private information or taking on unnecessary sources inside your atmosphere!

Greater Usage Requires Greater Management

Organizations are continually being pressured to pay attention to user adoption, what occurs when they’ve been successful and also have users taking advantage of their Office 365 investments? Have they got the dwelling in position to make certain the organization’s information architecture continues to be in charge?

You shouldn’t waste the chance for creating a competent collaborative workspace and do not have the proper management in position. Quite simply, you shouldn’t develop a great vehicle engine and set it inside a Pinto (unless of course you’re a warm-rodder from the greatest order).

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With regards to provisioning for Office 365 Groups, getting policy-based provisioning automated for the finish users is really a sure-fire method to ensure proper Group creation. This really is crucial for guaranteeing the Groups being produced stick to your organization’s policies. Not just that, but getting automated auditing in position will decrease the burden on central It too.

With ongoing management, organizations should concentrate on managing site and group possession, classification, and content policies to make certain that all the sites are now being correctly monitored because of it admins and turn into compliant with corporate security policies.

The important thing with handling the lifecycle of Office 365 Groups–and this can be the greatest with regards to greater usage adoption–is ensuring finish users account for proactively deleting or archiving their sites or Groups. You need to mitigate that sprawl whenever possible to ensure that they’re discarded correctly when it’s about time!

Native Office 365 functionality enables you to definitely control provisioning, management, and Group lifecycle in the tenant level. If that’s sufficient for the organization’s needs, go ahead and put them into action! If you wish to an exciting-encompassing method of managing and enabling tech intensity for the organization, though, take a look at AvePoint’s choices to determine simply how much they are able to help.

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