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This is actually the 4th excerpt from AIIM’s March survey. You’ll find another three below:

It’s essential for individuals proposing content integration and content migration projects to accept high ground. Certainly, the direct savings that accrue from decommissioning a legacy system are essential (27%), much like the possibility benefits inside a particular business process (23%). But the most crucial advantages to a substantial migration or integration project are organizational–improved collaboration and use of information.

In a nutshell, the advantages are directly associated with business agility and achieving a real digital business. This is also true as organizations shift their focus from improving specific point ways to transforming customer encounters and journeys across processes.

The main gatekeepers on these projects–those who should be on any buying and/or implementation team–include:

1) IT also it services (likely most worried about information security and systems integrity)

2) C-level executives (likely worried about improving customer encounters and cost) and

3) Line-of-business operations executives (who are able to directly testify towards the problems resulting from siloed and inaccessible information).

Actual budgets of these projects probably reside by using it also it Services.

Since primary proper take advantage of a content migration or integration project is probably improved understanding worker productivity (use of information in the proper time, place, and form) and process agility (more seamless integration of content, in context, into business processes), it’s likely many organizations are leveraging some spending centered on content collaboration to their migration and integration initiatives.

In the end, the adoption more modern methods to collaboration also requires information platform modernization. Annual budgets for every are robust and frequently more than $100,000–and nearly 30% of organizations intend to increase this spending within the next 3-6 several weeks.

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