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SharePoint Online has turned into a go-to collaboration service for a lot of organizations searching to modernize how they conduct business. That stated, what exactly are some challenges that companies have experienced when attempting to make the move? We partnered with AIIM (The Association for Information and Image Management) to discover.

Per AIIM’s Applying Information Management on SharePoint and Office 365 course:

Among the big decisions that should be made whenever using SharePoint is how it will likely be located. Could it be located internal for your organization or available on the web via Office 365?

Possibly probably the most compelling need to deploy SharePoint on-premises would be to get access to every personalization option available. On-premises servers permit custom developed code on-server and solutions that aren’t readily available for the internet version.

However, online solutions mean no upfront costs to buy a web server and install the program and you don’t need to perform maintenance functions. Many of the the case with patching, which happens instantly. Online also provides the power for exterior organizations to talk about your data — when approved. All the integrations to 3rd party identification providers means it’s not necessary to handle passwords for exterior users. Finally, SharePoint Online has functionality, because of the Office 365 integration, which should never be obtainable in the on-premises product.

Key Data Points

  • 47% of organizations state that a minimum of 60% of the organization’s unstructured submissions are housed in SharePoint repositories.
  • 46% are positively planning for a migration of the SharePoint happy to the cloud.
  • 57% have security or control concerns about SharePoint cloud migration.
  • Typically, there’s not one obvious reason behind the SharePoint cloud migration decision
  • 57% of organizations planning for a migration using their company repositories into Office 365…getting eliminate file share chaos, and shifting SharePoint repositories from on-premises towards the cloud are core causes of the Office 365 migration.
  • Probably the most likely strategy as on-premises versions of SharePoint walk out support would be to move these repositories to Office 365.
  • Typically, 46% of the organization’s sensitive documents (that’s, documents that contains your personal dataOr PII or documents required for business, regulatory, legal, or ip purposes) are found in Office documents.

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Survey Questions

What’s your very best estimate from the number of your organization’s unstructured information and content that’s housed in SharePoint or Office 365 repositories (versus. other content repositories or business applications)?

What’s holding you back motionless your on-premises SharePoint deployments towards the cloud? (check as much as apply)

Exactly why is your business moving to Office 365?

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