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digital transformation

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This is actually the first excerpt from AIIM’s March survey. You’ll find another three below:

Ever question how good other organizations are progressing along their digital transformation journeys? At the end of March 2019, AIIM arrived at to over 250 people of organizations across disciplines to determine exactly that. Continue reading for any short excerpt of the findings, or get more information at the entire report.

Every organization is on–or ought to be on–a Digital Transformation journey.

79% of organizations realize that they have to transform right into a truly digital business to live. Because the currency that fuels and money your way, details are an organization’s best asset.

As organizations begin their Digital Transformation efforts, they’re concentrating on three key areas for improvement: 1) IT processes as well as their modernization (58%, to provide them more business agility) 2) Information Governance (42%, to create their information assets more findable, accurate, and available to machines) and 3) Customer Encounters (39%, to improve value to customers and mind off potential digital disruptors).

An increasing tide of knowledge chaos and confusion imperils these preferred Digital Transformation journeys. The amount, velocity, and number of information which most organizations have to manage, store, and safeguard now exceeds remarkable ability to even marginally keep pace with big content challenges.

Typically, organizations expect the level of information entering their organizations to develop from X to 4.2X within the next 2 yrs. And more importantly for individuals who worry about cms and content services, they expect over 60% of the information to become unstructured (just like a contract or perhaps a conversation) or semi-structured (as an invoice or perhaps a form).

digital transformation

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