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Using the 2019 M-12-18 deadline continuously approaching, precisely how close are agencies to meeting their records management needs? AvePoint arrived at to over 150 authorities officials to obtain a pulse around the industry. Read below for any quick look at our findings and get more information at an introduction to our full report.

Report Preview:

Agency’s Progress in Meeting 2019 M-12-18 Deadline

Most rate their agency’s progress in meeting the Managing Government Records Directive
(M-12-18) 2019 deadline to digitally manage all records as “good.” Individuals whose agencies transferred all qualified records to NARA during FY2018 rate their progress considerably greater than individuals whose agencies didn’t transfer all records.


Paul Olenick: An essential finding within this survey was our prime correlation between agencies who transferred records to NARA and confidence in meeting the M-12-18 deadline. It seems to become a significant predictor of compliance. Agency leaders can obtain a good handle around the likelihood their agency can make the deadline by asking their record managers when the organization could transfer all qualified records to NARA this past year.

Alyssa Blackburn: Meeting any government mandate can be tough so seeing this degree of confidence in meeting the M-12-18 deadline is excellent! While it’s vital that you go having a touch of suspicion, like the previous graph, I believe this represents NARA supplying clearly written guidance as well as numerous sources. Including their well attended bi-monthly conferences.

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