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Today’s disrupted world means the majority of our schools and learning institutions have closed, and vast sums of scholars all over the world have reached distance education mode.

Online learning isn’t a new idea. Lots of people, including myself, have utilized accredited web based classes for a long time.

However, it’s now your best option for those institutions of greater learning, many of which have mainly centered on traditional in-person teaching models.

online exam

Ought to be practical existence necessity, distance education an internet-based assessment are actually essential business continuity plan (BCP) factors for ALL universities and schools to make certain course schedules and program arrangement can continue, even just in these remarkable occasions.

Some have had the ability to leverage free teleconferencing software for example Microsoft Teams or Zoom for that classroom experience or perhaps a learning management system for additional advanced engagement with students.

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But regardless of how universities or colleges have tackled the task of remote learning, there’s one chance to learn that is not effectively “digitized.” The internet testing and examination experience continues to be terrible for professors and students alike.

It was the task our Singapore institute of greater learning (IHL) customers given to us. We’ve been dealing with Singapore IHLs for a long time to supply a cutting-edge, Office 365-based learning management system which has dramatically improved their learning and teaching experience.

When I will detail below, it wasn’t a simple challenge to resolve. However, with this Exam Management System, we could dramatically enhance the online testing experience and align with guidelines.

Why The Internet Exam Experience Continues To Be Terrible

Generally, online exam solutions happen to be limited in four key areas:

  • Security and Control: You need to allow it to be challenging for students to cheat, which may be challenging when through the very nature from the solution they’re on the internet and get access to a nearly infinite assortment of understanding. And how will you make certain it’s really Someone In Particular who’s using the test?
  • Ease of access: Students might have different devices, browsers, and os’s, and also the testing solution must be consistent across these.
  • Exam Design and Grading: Within the greater education setting, in which a test might take into account a sizable area of the overall grade/mark, exam design is essential and may typically involve many parties. Educators wish to have versatility in the kinds of questions they are able to ask and wish to see patterns in how students are answering these to determine their effectiveness at assessing learning. The opportunity to delegate grading and assessment can also be key when you might have countless students in a single class.
  • Integration: A test testing solution should have been flexible while seamlessly dealing with best-in-class, free productivity solutions for example Office 365.

How AvePoint Is Making Online Testing Better

AvePoint is here now to keep your learning programs and students in front of the curve with online learning and exams.

With AvePoint, lecturers delivers personalised, immersive, and collaborative learning today for that leaders of tomorrow.

Educators could be empowered using the latest Microsoft cloud technology, without creating IT overhead.

Students may take formative assessments and exams by themselves devices, offline or online, all while giving exam proctors complete oversight and control.

Our Exam Management System solved the formerly pointed out challenges for the Singapore IHL customer by:

  • Whitelisting which technologies, books or any other materials are permitted to become utilized during exams (and which aren’t).
  • Establishing a key for college students to unlock their encrypted exam packs.
  • Leveraging technologies that induce a BYOD-enabled exam package that provides students a regular experience across devices, browsers, and platforms. We support offline and online test taking, whether or not the student loses network connectivity mid-stream.
  • Defining and delegating roles for creating, proctoring, being able to access and grading exams. A professor can rapidly create a test, get it approved by an instructional mind, provided by a proctor, graded by a helper after which see the statistics for every question.
  • Additionally, it syncs seamlessly with this LMS built on Office 365.

online exam

We have advanced AI abilities that may use interactive video and facial recognition technologies to guarantee the person using the online test isn’t an impersonator.

We’re Here To Assist

AvePoint is a key technology partner serving a few of the largest government ministries/agencies and institutes of greater learnings (IHL) since 2001.

As previous Microsoft global Partner of the season in Modern Workplace Transformation, we all know what it really means to become a reliable partner, faithfully serving our local neighborhoods across our 29 offices in 14 countries and 5 continents. During these remarkable occasions, AvePoint lives together with your challenges and pains, and we’re here to assist!

For more information about AvePoint’s cloud-based education technology choices, please find out more on our EduTech solution page.

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