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We’re presently witnessing probably the most prevalent riots in the usa because the murder of Rev. Martin Luther King, because of disproportional impact of ongoing racial injustice, Covid-19, and economic downturn around the Black community.

During this period within our history, it’s important for AvePoint to articulate our stance on diversity, inclusion, and allyship, in addition to our absolute objection towards racism of any sort.

Many of us are within this together like a global family connected by our common fears, anxiety and humanity. We support our Black and Black colleagues–that their lives and culture matter.

Nearly everybody on AvePoint’s Senior Leadership Team is really a first-generation immigrant, we fought against difficult to integrate into our new house country. We’re grateful for that opportunity—the American Dream—that is the perfect of the usa.

So that as an Asian American immigrant, I’ve been conscious and lots of occasions an individual witness of racism within our beloved country.  However, nothing can definitely prepare us for that crisis of 2020, the social-economical, the mental, and also the uncertainties from it all.

Occasions on the planet and around our way of life do directly impact our work existence and our work family.  I especially appreciate Shenequa Golding’s blog on “Maintaining Professionalism In age Black Dying Is… A Lot” where she superbly articulated that

“…I have no idea who made the decision that being professional was loosely understood to be being divorced of total humanity, but whomever did they’ve aided, unintentionally maybe, inside a unique type of suffocation…”


With this thought, it wouldn’t eat well for all of us to visualize all is common its our colleagues once we start our everyday work. Let’s be empathetic and conscious while expressing support and understanding when appropriate. Like a company, we’re:

  • Educating ourselves and discover the way we could be more inclusive and overcome biases. Here’s an origin guide to become better ally, educate and expose you to ultimately new ideas and understandings about both systemic and interpersonal racism.
  • Support national and native organizations such as the NAACP Legal Defense Fund that advances the reason for racial justice, equality, as well as an inclusive society.
  • Encouraging AvePointers to take part in a wide open dialogue to understand which help one another over these remarkable occasions.

While American metropolitan areas burn with angst and frustration, there’s always hope in American resourcefulness and world leadership.

Like a final remove, I love to give you an estimate in the book “American Politics, the Commitment of Disharmony” by Samuel P Huntington:

“…Critics state that America is really a lie, because its reality falls to date lacking its ideals.  They’re wrong, America isn’t a lie, it’s a disappointment.  But it’s really a disappointment only since it is additionally a hope…”

Being an entrepreneur and first-generation immigrant, I’m positive and hopeful America will emerge from these difficult occasions more powerful, more self-aware, and fewer divided. Cooperating, we’ll heal our wounds and overcome the divisiveness which has dominated our country within the last years. Let’s spread kindness, extend elegance, and become a friend.

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