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Microsoft AppSource

Hi Ya’ll! Thanks for visiting another episode of Dux Quax where today we’re speaking about Microsoft AppSource included in our “What Happened in 2016 and What’s Arriving 2017” series.

Among the greatest factors to Microsoft as being a technology leader is being able to gather Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Systems Integrators (SIs) into an ecosystem that enhances and adapts the strength of Microsoft technologies for individual customer needs.

To find out more, we went straight to Microsoft headquarters in Redmond to listen to from Satish Thomas (@SatishThomas), Group Program Manager for Microsoft AppSource. Within this interview Satish shares some insights in to the latest growth and development of Microsoft AppSource – the recently released ISV and SI ecosystem for that Microsoft Cloud.

[ctt template=”1″ link=”3W73e” via=”yes” ]”AppSource is our place to go for finish users to uncover, try, &amp eventually provision business SaaS apps.” @SatishThomas @AvePoint_Corporation[/ctt]

How can this transformation the way in which ISVs like AvePoint deliver new innovative methods to finish-users? Discover the shocking truth or browse the transcript below!

Starring: Dux Raymond Sy (@meetDux) and Satish Thomas (@Satishthomas)

Dux: Hey everybody. Thanks for visiting another episode of Dux Quax. I’m very excited because I’m within the mothership, in Redmond. And I’m very excited today to speak to Satish Thomas. This belongs to our “What Happened in 2016 and Searching Toward 2017.” Satish, why do you not introduce yourself?

Satish: Awesome. I’m Satish Thomas. I’m the audience Program Manager for Microsoft AppSource, and I’ve existed Microsoft for some time. I’ve spent about ten years in Microsoft Dynamics, and also the past few several weeks, this (AppSource) is exactly what I’ve been focusing on.

Dux: So, Satish, AppSource, for me personally, it’s this type of great name. Do you know everyone what AppSource is, why people ought to be interested, and what’s happening with AppSource?

Satish: Awesome. So Microsoft – and appreciate the compliment around the name, we spent considerable time onto it – Microsoft AppSource is basically our place to go for finish users so that you can uncover, try, and finally provision business SaaS apps. So we have add-ons for Microsoft’s first-party SaaS applications like CRM, Dynamics 365, Office Part Mire. So it’s basically SaaS apps plus, the apps that develop our first party applications too. As well as for ISVs, also is an excellent important piece, it’s a conduit for ISVs to achieve all Microsoft’s finish users available. Which means you come on the top of AppSource, so we come up with you super effective.

[ctt template=”1″ link=”_0dh9″ via=”yes” ]”#AppSource is really a conduit for ISVs to achieve all #Microsoft finish users available. We come up with you super effective!” @SatishThomas @AvePoint_Corporation[/ctt]

Dux: Therefore it seems like Microsoft is within the cloud. I am talking about, you pointed out a few occasions SaaS.

Satish: Yeah.

Dux: Leveraging all of your cloud technology.

Satish: Yeah.

Dux: How come you believe this momentum, where it’s all cloud first? And albeit, it isn’t just Microsoft, it’s the. Customers, generally, are searching towards the cloud to help innovate and also be their business. Why do you consider that’s?

Satish: I am talking about the is altering a great deal. From a traditional ERP and CRM background, I have seen a great deal. Within the last ten years, the shift to individuals and customers using lots of cloud solutions and ISV – integrating lots of it has been tremendous. Which days, people have no idea discuss it just as much, which momentum is extremely real.

Dux: Absolutely.

Satish: Right? We have seen it today through AppSource with regards to the quantity of ISVs that build differentiated solutions.

Dux: Sure.

Satish: I am talking about, the kind of solutions which are approaching are incredible. As well as for finish users, the quantity that individuals try, are available to trying business SaaS solutions, etc. before they’re buying. You realize, when they’re buying, they’ve already done lots of that evaluation on their own. And that’s the piece that AppSource is actually attempting to leverage and, type of, really differentiate around.

Dux: I am talking about, I gotta let you know being an ISV, Personally i think like and that i know AppSource is really a phenomenal platform, not just for all of us however for our customers. I had been showing our customers with this solution in AppSource, plus they were initially hesitant from it. Like “Is this real?” Until they attempted it. They’re like, “Hold on, are you currently saying I’m able to leverage my Microsoft investments, Dynamics 365, Azure, even Office 365 and never hire somebody to code and set together an answer, and merely deploy it with that tenant in like five seconds?”

Satish: Yes.

Dux: That’s uncommon, right?

Satish: Right.

Dux: Same with this a thrilling here we are at customers but equally, it’s essential for us in ISV. It’s a thrilling time. Now, it opens the options of deploying solutions without awaiting a lengthy duration of time…

Satish: Absolutely.

Dux: …to evaluate which the answer is much like.

Satish: So we’ve spoken a great deal about, you realize, “five seconds to 5 minutes to wow.” And seeking to allow that for that third-party ecosystem that builds on the top of Microsoft cloud is exactly what we’re really pursuing. I believe the greater we all do that for the first-party apps as well as our third-party ecosystem, the greater the knowledge for that finish users.

[ctt template=”1″ link=”bToM4″ via=”yes” ]”The more we all do for the first-party apps &amp also our 3rd-party ecosystem, the greater the knowledge for that finish users.” @SatishThomas @AvePoint_Corporation[/ctt]

Dux: Sure.

Satish: And ISV gets more effective wonderful that.

Dux: So what’s the feedback to date from ISV? Since you launched it what, This summer?

Satish: Yeah.

Dux: Also it went GA like last month?

Satish: Yes.

Dux: Inform us the feedback to date?

Satish: Therefore we really GA-erectile dysfunction, we really previewed at WPC. So Satya and Scott announced at WPC. The momentum continues to be tremendous, right? I believe that it is crazy in an excellent way, the quantity of finish users, etc. But from your ISV perspective, right? You realize, lots of ISVs have been receiving leads, better business outcomes through it. However I think, you realize, since AvePoint was our launch ISVs, I would like to know what you think when it comes to exactly what the takeaway is.

Dux: So a minimum of from your experience, right? So it’s a few things. I’m able to talk about three specific areas. Number 1 is simply it’s an excellent chance for all of us to understand, because it’s an ISV. While certainly we’re proficient at what we should do, but having the ability to take part in this latest method of delivering methods to customers, an simpler way, I believe would be a great experience.

Satish: Yup.

Dux: The 2nd part is that you simply pointed out concerning the leads and also at the finish during the day, we’re all here to obtain work done, to work. And boy, we don’t need to bother about, “Okay if somebody involves AppSource, examines it, wouldso would we all know who they really are?” So Microsoft, especially using your team, supplies a seamless method to capture all of the leads and pass it to all of us. And it is our responsibility to certainly go follow-up and make certain the customer is satisfied and when they would like to further deploy and decide to try production.

Satish: Yeah.

Dux: However the third aspect, that’s a minimum of from your ISV perspective, it now provides us grounds to maximise and make the most of all of the advance workloads in Azure for instance. So for individuals different to AvePoint built AvePoint Citizen Services, we’re the general public sector launch partner. And it is basically, a situation management platform, SaaS based, within the cloud. But what’s exciting about this – and definitely it uses Dynamics 365 and Azure – but we’re in a position to leverage such things as IoT hub, machine learning, embedded RVI, Cortana. And that’s really exciting because now we have seen the options not just obtained from an instructional, awesome factor perspective, but putting it right into a very specific use situation, within this situation for government. After which whenever we show it to customers, they’re like, “Oh, wow, that’s what machine learning means within my world. That’s how IoT might help me be considered a better government agency.”

Satish: Really, yeah. It’s great to listen to it from ISV and i believe that’s the type of success story that we’d prefer to build. You realize, from your finish-user perspective, we love to to state, “business transformation one application in a time” and i believe the kind of apps etc., much like what everyone have built, is I believe what that world appears like later on and AppSource will type of be considered a catalyst to all that.

Dux: So Satish, you realize, you speak a great deal about ISV, you speak a great deal concerning the partner ecosystem. What about our SI partners? What’s available on their behalf?

Satish: Yeah. So timely discussion. So two days ago at Dynamics EG, we launched a brand new a part of AppSource that is basically enabling SIs to participate that AppSource ecosystem. What exactly which means is… your house a company finish-user comes and finds out an application much like your application They love what it really does, they evaluated it, provisioned it, it appears excellent. However, for your last-mile implementation, they wish to readily SI.

Dux: Sure.

Satish: What exactly we’ve done is we’ve really enabled ISVs to create the SIs, onboard the SIs onto AppSource so we provide that…

Dux: Wonderful.

Satish: …ISV-SI matchmaking. If you take a look at Microsoft’s SI ecosystem and ISV-SI ecosystem, we essentially drive them altogether. And from the business finish-user perspective, it simply completes the storyline on their behalf.

Dux: Absolutely.

Satish: Making this something which we launched two days ago, and it is been getting lots of good traction, and ISVs brings their very own SIs. So that’s something which we’re buying.

Dux: Wonderful. Well, that’s great. As well as for individuals interested, make certain you take a look at

Satish: Yes.

Dux: I know you’ll find all the details about AppSource there.

Satish:, it’s quite simple. Just sign in together with your work ID and it is super easy to use.

Dux: Yeah, wonderful. Therefore it seems like lots of great momentum in 2016.

Satish: Yup.

Dux: Now, what’s available for 2017?

Satish: A great deal, right? The things is… I am talking about returning to that time concerning the ISVs, I believe when an ISV builds an answer on the top from the Microsoft cloud, you want to make sure they are super effective through all of the avenues we’ve. So AppSource is a superb conduit for your. To your feedback, that’s super important so we attempt to learn so much from the ISV feedback.

The 2nd piece is perfect for finish-users, you want to make certain that whenever they are available and discover that, there is a foreseeable experience to test it, provision it.

Dux: Sure.

Satish: And all sorts of individuals good stuff, right? That the caliber of the application, the caliber of the knowledge is super important there. Along individuals lines, one thing that we’re focusing on, it’s a construct known as AppSource Solutions. What exactly everyone have constructed with AvePoint, when it comes to using Azure Compute, SQL Azure, Cortana Intelligence, IoT, SCRIM data, Power BI embedded. We believe we’re creating a method for ISVs so that you can easier package this stuff up and publish it on AppSource. As well as for finish users, so that you can come and consume that inside a consistent and foreseeable way.

Dux: Wonderful.

Satish: So consider that as this way AppSource, type of, moves more towards discovery, trial, and provisioning of that a lot.

Dux: Correct.

Satish: Additionally to simply the invention facet of it, that is more where it’s focused today. Making this something which we’re very, very committed to right now…

Dux: Sure.

Satish: …and spending considerable time. on.

Dux: And definitely, I know beyond that, you’ll… The vision is that you simply complete to full existence cycle, right?

Satish: Absolutely.

Dux: After which possibly pushing further. Having the ability to manage and determine other apps that, you realize, as customers they are able to leverage.

Satish: Absolutely and this is where the entire story all comes together, right? So it may be apps for industry application, it may be add-ons for our first-party application.

Dux: Sure.

Satish: So getting all this and getting AppSource like a destination its this. And getting a foreseeable experience for discovery, trial, and provisioning, this is where, type of, that finish story is. Now there is a lot, much more that are going to there.

Dux: Wow, I gotta let you know, it’s thrilling. Because not just using the momentum from the cloud, just dealing with customers all over the world, commercial, public sector, the cloud could it be. Actually, personally, I’m very impressed with many different the federal government agencies Sometimes with, because now their mind is about cloud first. But when they’re there, these business solutions that Microsoft offers would likely provide lots of significant advantage.

Satish: Absolutely.

Dux: Because there is a large amount of Microsoft investments.

Satish: Yup.

Dux: Proceed, I’m sorry.

Satish: No. And So I think, yeah, I believe you nailed it. And i believe this is where the momentum and also the feedback that we’re getting is along individuals lines but there exists a much more to complete. And i believe this is where, you realize, feedback from folks as if you along with other early ISVs, and feedback from finish-users. That’s what we’re super centered on.

Dux: So talking about feedbacks, Satish, for those watching, just how can they offer feedback for you? So your house they’re finish-users, they’re giving it a go, they’ve ideas, just how can they best achieve both you and your team?

Satish: Yeah. So a couple of ways. I believe the feedback is one thing that people spend considerable time searching at, just from the continuous improvement perspective. So clearly, you can check out, call us through there or even the, you realize, the feedback dialogues. Or achieve me directly, I believe Dux will a lot too and that i be thankful. Which means you know, Satish Thomas on Twitter or simply my email, [email protected] And I’ll enable you to get connected with the idea to individuals on my small team or we’ll assist you to answer your question or pay attention to your feedback one-on-one.

Dux: Awesome.

Satish: Awesome.

Dux: Well Satish, you realize, many thanks for the time. I know this is extremely useful to individuals watching. Before I allow you to go, I’ve one question which i ask everyone.

Satish: Yet another last factor.

Dux: Yeah. Hold on, there’s more. Should you be a Microsoft product apart from AppSource, what will you be and why?

Satish: Okay, good. I had been wishing I possibly could just say AppSource.

Dux: No.

Satish: That’s a really tricky one. And So I play lots of poker.

Dux: Okay. You’ve made lots of money playing poker?

Satish: Not necessarily, however i love playing poker. And So I have no idea when we create a Microsoft, just like a poker game on Xbox, but when we have ever did or maybe we do…

Dux: Sure.

Satish: …I think that’ll be a…

Dux: Microsoft Poker, I gotta seek advice from my boy, but maybe it’s something new being released. Exist any… So you will be a texas holdem game.

Satish: Yeah, yeah.

Dux: Okay. Well, wonderful. Well Satish, thanks.

Satish: Awesome. Thanks to you.

Dux: I thank you for time.

Satish: Yeah, thanks.

Dux: Make certain again you meet up with Satish, and look for AppSource. Thanks and remain tuned for the following episode. Bye!

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