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This month, AvePoint Online Services (AOS) has updates that offer necessary regulation and knowledge protection to Office 365 Groups. Additional features are also added across Governance Automation OnlineDocAve Online and AvePoint Cloud Insights to further build the woking platform right into a complete finish-to-finish experience for Office 365 users and managers — from easily on-boarding users into Office 365 to then controlling and focusing on how they access, use, or create data in your deployments.

Take a look at highlights out of this release and on them below:

  • Office 365 Groups Backup and Automated Regulation
  • Automated User Licensing and Lifecycle Management
  • Office 365 Reporting on User Activity across Sites and Content

I know full well that Microsoft is pushing Office 365 Groups hard at Ignite this season. Groups are what Microsoft is touting because the new digital workspace — effectively consolidating Azure Active Directory, Outlook, Skype for Business, OneNote, SharePoint Online, Power BI, and Planner into one collaborative space. To make certain managers can effectively manage this latest workspace, we’ve incorporated two exciting additional features to Governance Automation On the internet and DocAve Online:

  • Instantly Provision and Configure Office 365 Groups: With Governance Automation Online’s newest service request, users are instantly delivered Groups while managers ensure demands for brand new Groups, changes to existing Groups, and lifecycle operations for expiring Groups are routed through business-appropriate approval processes, and configured using the correct privacy and retention settings.

Governance Automation Online - Office 365 Groups - Privacy SettingsPrivacy settings on content and membership at work 365 Groups.

  • Backup and Restore Mailboxes and Files at work 365 Groups: DocAve Online now provides necessary support by copying and restoring mailboxes and files for every Office 365 Group.

Supplying the right Office 365 user license for an worker involves lots of backwards and forwards between IT and processes. For organizations that offer Office 365 use of periodic or contract employees —such as individuals in retail or manufacturing — provisioning, altering, renewing, and removing licenses happens often. The lack of ability to simply overview active and inactive users causes it to be obvious how difficult it’s to handle Office 365 user licenses at scale.

To assist with this particular, we’ve added the consumer Lifecycle Management service request to Governance Automation Online. Office 365 managers are now able to instantly provision, renew, remove, and alter licenses because they build a request form which makes appropriate changes in line with the information business users input.

Governance Automation Online - Office 365 User Licensing - Licensing Settings
Set the kind of license to provision, and whether or not to prompt Business User approval before supplying the license.

User policies based on managers instantly assign the right Office 365 license, in addition to use of individual applications like Yammer or Skype for Business. Licenses may also be focused on a timed basis, triggering automatic removal when the employee’s contract term expires.

Governance Automation Online - Office 365 User Licensing - Trigger user licenses
Set time triggers for user licenses.

Visualized through Microsoft Power BI, AvePoint Cloud Insights sources audit and report data from SharePoint Online, Activity Management, and also the Office Graph APIs to find trends kept in storage, site usage, content, and user activity. Recently, AvePoint Cloud Insights premiered in preview mode, providing the market a sneak look into how their users are coming up with, using, and getting together with sites and content across Office 365.

AvePoint Cloud Insights has become generally like a complete-fledged product using the following additional support:

Security Trimming: Managers can control which report types Cloud Insights users have access to and also the scope that information is retrieved and displayed towards the finish user. This helps to ensure that information is only at the disposal of individuals who must have access – and from the hands of individuals who shouldn’t.

AvePoint Cloud Insights - Security TrimmingSecurity Trimming

Account Filters: Managers can remove service and test accounts that may skew report data to supply just the most accurate data around Office 365 usage.

Possess a question about applying our additional features? Leave a remark below and our product managers will respond as quickly as possible!

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