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At the begining of 2017, Microsoft announced the discharge of StaffHub, something made to help companies manage the frontline worker scheduling atmosphere. 2 yrs later they made the decision to construct on the prosperity of Teams and announced Shifts, taking the very best of StaffHub (now upon the market) and integrating it into Microsoft’s flagship collaboration hub.

With Microsoft Teams you receive the strength of Skype for Business, SharePoint, Forms, Power Automate, plus much more, all pulled right into a single interface truly created for simplicity of use.  A traditional mindset states that ends using the desk worker, but Microsoft required it one step further by integrating Shifts into the platform.

Shifts in Microsoft Teams (or simply “Shifts” for brief) is really a Schedule Management Tool, although not an easy carbon copy of each and every other schedule management tool available. Shifts combines the executive have to build and share schedules with employees using the ability for workers to have interaction using the schedule themselves. Remember working the first shift job and seeking to scribble lower the week’s schedule from the print-out on your wall? Shifts makes that the factor of history.

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Frontline Worker Engagement

Probably the most immediately noticeable a part of Shifts is the fact that frontline workers can communicate with their schedule with techniques which make complete sense.

First, it’s electronic as well as on Teams. Therefore if Bill didn’t remember his schedule, he is able to simply unlock his cell phone, open Microsoft Teams, click Shifts, and BAM, he is able to observe that his shift began a few minutes ago is scheduled to begin soon. Take it easy Bill, you may make it.

Second, workers can certainly request time off work and swap schedules along with other employees digitally. And it is tracked, so that your manager doesn’t need to bother about why Bill didn’t appear but Sandy did. And when the manager hasn’t labored with Sandy or maybe Bill were built with a special assignment to accomplish on that day, any special instructions could be added straight to the transfer of the Shifts application for Sandy to determine.

During the development of shifts, you can include specific activities. This really is completely transparent towards the frontline worker, who are able to see what activities they’re likely to do as well as when, if relevant.

When a worker arrives at work, they are able to easily clock in on their own mobile phone as well as hit pause when it’s break time! From the management perspective, you may also set location recognition and make sure that your worker could only sign in after they arrive on-site.

Location recognition enables management to create the preferred place for clocking directly into ensure workers are working in the right location.

On the top from the ease of clocking in in your mobile with no longer requiring time punch card within the backroom, Shifts makes swapping shifts, requesting a shift, and finding open shifts super easy.

Swapping shifts isn’t any foreign concept to shift work, and management frequently requires employees arrive at all of them with suggestions or ready volunteers just before shift swaps (a minimum of, they did in my opinion). In Shifts it’s very easy–if you’re searching in the schedule you are able to click a shift, evaluate the details (occasions, location, activities, etc), click Swap, as well as incorporate a reason behind the swap (for example “doctor’s office” or “out sick”).

And if you discover a wide open transfer of the calendar that matches your availability, click it and provide to consider it.

The good thing about all of these features is you can easily configure management approval of the process, to guarantee the shift swap meets your requirements.

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Shifts for Government?

Yes! Absolutely! Shiftwork happens all over the federal government.

  • Community-owned Pool: Our local town owns a number of more than a dozen pools and, as described above, they have to manage shift workers’ schedules, locations, and activities every day.
  • National and Condition Parks: Park Rangers, volunteers, and much more have the ability to set occasions they should be in the park. As well as in such large areas, the “back room” schedule and punch card is much more restrictive compared to a cafeteria or building. Get the staff straight to where they should be to begin their shift pointless to begin in a specific building.
  • Analysts: I’ve spoken with customers who collect lots of data and want individuals to evaluate it. For Twenty-four-hour operations, shift workers are available in, focus on an activity, and then leave, however the next shift accumulates where they ended.

Let’s dig into that one a bit more.

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Schedule Management with the strength of Teams

It’s been documented everywhere how effective collaboration could be with Microsoft Teams. Within our Analysts example, there’s a couple of key options that come with Teams that support the opportunity to have continuous focus on something from shift to shift:


First of all, the opportunity to ensure you will find security limitations across topical areas—making sure just the right people can easily see the conversations and documentation on the specific subject—is extremely important here.


The opportunity to organize conversations, whether it is functionally (map analysts versus. persons experts) or topically (foreign persons or specific countries of great interest) enables you to definitely ensure “conversation overload” is minimized according to your particular interests


Inside a funnel you’ve threaded discussions. Our analyst may have a specific subject of great interest inside their funnel and employ the topic name because the title from the thread. They are able to @mention a SME to have their attention. Heck, you may also @mention the following shift worker and draw their focus on something extremely important. NOTE: Can’t remember who the following shift worker is? Browse the schedule in Shifts.

Document Discussing

That one is actually interesting, be aware. Document discussing is certainly not a new comer to Teams. Co-authoring is made in. Whenever you upload something to some funnel, it’s instantly organized with the proper permissions within the related document library.

Photo Discussing

Shift workers may take a photograph on their own cell phone, annotate it, and upload it. Are you currently an area worker dealing with the desk-analyst? Not a problem. Bring your photo, annotate it, hop over towards the related discussion, attach your annotated photo, and tag the key analyst which means you KNOW it’s the very first factor they see once they clock in.

Video calls

Have to share something immediately? Jump on a relevant video call operated by Microsoft Teams. Are you currently a janitor inside a federal building and also have found a damaged water line? Look for your supervisor in Teams, hit the recording button, and when they answer and find out your panicked face, switch to your rear-facing camera and demonstrate to them what you’re searching at. Make use of the immediate attention and emergency that may simply be expressed with body gestures.

Forms, Automation, and much more

For those who have an application your shift workers need to complete for occurrences, it’s as simple as developing a quick questionnaire in Microsoft Forms, automating actions like putting it right into a SharePoint list for tracking, and adding a hyperlink towards the form around the user’s rv page. (TPS reports done affordably! With no more be worried about ensuring they’re while using updated one either!!!)

Associated with Microsoft Teams, Shifts integrates collaboration with schedule management for the commercial and public sectors. Using the full power Office 365 backing it, Shifts is definitely an invaluable tool for that GCC and beyond.

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