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#ShiftHappens Conference concentrates on “digital transformation in the trenches” and can share modern workplace strategies which have labored for that greatest and many controlled organizations. Wake up close and private with industry heavy hitters, change agents, and innovators because they impart their understanding among digital transformation enthusiasts in Washington, D.C.

Take a look at my conversation with AvePoint CMO, Dux Raymond Sy, and AvePoint Global Marketing VP, Julie Liu once we discuss how #ShiftHappens Conference aims to provide insanely actionable ways of strengthen your organization best handle shift.

What’s the #ShiftHappens conference?

Dux: The #ShiftHappens conference is AvePoint’s reaction to the space between industry and user conferences.

Julie: AvePoint continues to be proudly sponsoring industry conferences for more than ten years go to partner user conferences for comparable period of time. What we should saw on the way is the fact that there’s a niche between vendor-focused content and prescriptive industry guidance. The concept behind the #ShiftHappens conference would be to gather the idea of digital transformation in the trenches using customers’ real-existence applications and types of conditions.

AvePoint would be a Global Platinum Sponsor of 2019’s Ignite Tour.

That’s an enjoyable name, that which was the muse?

Dux: Literally shift happens. Once we were considering this conference, we didn’t wish to spend your time speaking about why you ought to adopt the cloud people know the cloud may be the future. With lots of iterations of Office 365 moving out so rapidly, IT admins and business users have experienced to consider in a considerably faster pace. Because the shift happens, we can’t manage to spend some time your untidy modern workplace—inevitably things fail. Take that pun because you will.

Finances a lot of great content around digital transformation. Why a passionate conference?

Julie: That’s an excellent question. A part of our inspiration behind causeing this to be a celebration would be to allow individuals to observe that digital transformation isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Digital transformation isn’t as perfect as Contoso leads you to definitely believe. We would have liked to create together a lot of our and Microsoft’s real customers to possess a very candid conversation. Once we curate content for that #ShiftHappens conference, our priorities is about audience engagement permitting inquiries to be requested anytime. The extra advantage of getting it as being a celebration is you have people’s complete attention. Hopefully to inspire individuals to show up, learn, as well as trade encounters!

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So what can attendees expect using this conference?

Dux: We’re proud for hosting a killer fall into line of subject material experts (SMEs) wearing sessions split between two tracks: Business Acceleration and Technology Innovation. The Company Acceleration is perfect for the company Leader, Consultant, Power User or IT Pro that’s focused on the effective user adoption and planning process in moving your organization’s digital transformation.

Technology Innovation, however, is the tactical, technical track for tackling nuances presented in extending your Microsoft ‘office’ 365 investment. This track includes every detail about how you effectively help your organization with little downtime towards the business and configuring the best consumer experience with different number of needs and objectives.

Are you currently excited?

Dux: I’m super excited!

Julie: Yes, obviously! We have seen many of these customer questions that everybody has, and individuals need to know when we can solve them and make up a conversation around digital transformation concerns. With #ShiftHappens we are hoping to make it fun and interesting, puns incorporated!

What exactly are you wishing attendees remove out of this conference?

Julie: The greatest takeaway for attendees will hopefully be they make new connections and understand that they’re not by yourself within this new space. Hopefully that individuals still take their minds together not just inside their organizations but additionally with skillfully developed in order to find solutions that best serve their demands. Digital transformation isn’t a one-size-fits-all and we’re excited to talk about customer-brought sessions that showcase different transformation journeys.

It was an enjoyable intro related to we! Browse the links below to learn more round the #ShiftHappens conference and stay tuned for additional later on!

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