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While Microsoft continues to be touting the advantages provided by the cloud and SharePoint Online, not every customers will be ready to go all-in.

Rules makes it challenging for organizations to maneuver some types of workloads towards the cloud. Some organizations might also have heavy customizations and become cautious about potentially disrupting the applying their legacy SharePoint atmosphere by looking into making the move. There are many components to think about!


The entire process of developing a new server-based SharePoint atmosphere and moving happy to it ought to be fairly straightforward in case your organization has already been utilizing a legacy version. That stated, you might still be thinking about doing a bit of “spring cleaning” because there may be redundant, outdated or trivial data inside your current atmosphere.

Moving on-premises SharePoint happy to SharePoint Online, however, frequently involves more planning. If you are using SharePoint 2010, the migration process mandates that you develop a separate 2013 SharePoint farm for the on-premises atmosphere before copying the information and services to SharePoint Online.


Whether or not or otherwise you have a SharePoint atmosphere, how big the atmosphere your business intentions of relocating to is essential. It’s generally suggested to possess bigger SharePoint environments distributed across multiple servers. This can give your organization to bolster the scalability of SharePoint while increasing tolerances.

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If you are deploying SharePoint On-Premises, you have to determine:

  1. The number of servers and databases you’ll need,
  2. What roles individuals servers will have to host,
  3. What your SharePoint architecture need to look like, and
  4. If all SharePoint servers adhere to the licensing model.

Although SharePoint isn’t necessarily hard to deploy, it may be very challenging balance the correct amounts of tolerance and scalability while submission with Microsoft licensing and writer-suggested guidelines. A number of these complications could be prevented by relocating to SharePoint Online.


The price of maintaining a SharePoint atmosphere is another figuring out factor to be considered. SharePoint On-Premises environments are usually comprised of multiple SharePoint servers and should have the correct licenses. In addition, getting to pay for the price of the servers themselves will impact the total cost of maintaining an on-premises atmosphere.

SharePoint Online deployments will vary since the option would be located in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, the amount of SharePoint servers needed to aid an answer deployment doesn’t have effect on implementation costs.

Being an application within Office 365, SharePoint Online’s cost is dependent upon a set rate license in which the subscription is calculated per user. This licensing model assists you to take advantage of Microsoft’s own virtual world-class SharePoint farm without getting to bother with the amount of servers and SharePoint licenses used.

Managing SharePoint Online being an application within Office 365 may also reduce administrative costs associated with maintenance operations. For instance, Microsoft provides continuous patch management and server updates. Your IT team also will no longer have to handle the cumbersome procedure for by hand moving your business towards the new edition of SharePoint Microsoft will it for you personally.

These are merely a couple of factors that organizations have to consider when searching at SharePoint On-Premises versus. SharePoint Online. To discover the advantages of the most recent form of SharePoint, take a look at our free SharePoint 2019 Guide!

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