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Read about the way a nationwide gallery in Singapore drawn on into the good thing about SharePoint Online technologies to reinvent its staff intranet portal and resource center customer website landing page with the aid of AvePoint’s Client Services.

Organizations are ramping up their digital transformation efforts as Singapore prepares for the following generation of shoppers. Using the ever-growing interest in an electronic experience, even cultural institutions in Singapore are endeavoring to help make the digital leap.

At AvePoint, we’re honored to participate digital transformation journey of 1 of Singapore’s largest galleries. We could help address their digitalization challenges by refreshing their existing intranet portal and modernizing their customer portal.


Like a public organization boasting countless staff people, the gallery has deployed Office 365 because the foundation because of its intranet portal. However, siloed legacy systems and division sites present serious issues. Furthermore they create it hard for mix-unit content discussing, they also obstruct effective staff engagement and communication. The gallery management team recognized these complaints and made the decision that the intranet portal overhaul was necessary.

SharePoint Solution

Looking for an answer that may be delivered within inside a short lifecycle and within budget, the gallery’s management team switched to AvePoint because of its reliable and tenured leadership in custom business solutions leveraging Office 365 and SharePoint technologies.

AvePoint supported the gallery at every stage of their intranet portal update project including requirement analysis, solution design, UI/UX design, and implementation.

In order to turn the portal right into a one-stop for that gallery’s staff to have interaction and be sure effective information distribution and cms, AvePoint’s client service team created an answer around the following five fronts:

Business Value

The visually appealing intranet portal has witnessed an outburst of user adoption following its deployment. The portal has turned into a welcome tool for that gallery staff because of its user-friendly interface and mobile ease of access. It may also help site admins be in a position to manage, publish, making changes to site skins and content more effortlessly.

New Intranet Portal Website Landing Page

AvePoint Solution Business Values

Project Highlight

The gallery contacted AvePoint again soon after the effective launch from the intranet portal and requested a refresh of their resource center customer portal.

The resource center offers public accessibility gallery’s precious assortment of reference materials and rare historic archives. The venue is frequented by visitors including curators, art historians, and academic experts who seek reference materials for studies.

The resource centre’s staff have relied upon paper forms for customer registration and feedback collection for a long time. Additionally they needed to by hand input the data into stand out sheets for record and documentation. This led to a laborious and time-consuming procedure that frequently result in lots of human error. A steady rise in customer attendance made the requirement for a beautiful customer portal by having an automated workflow critical.

Because the gallery had already deployed Office 365 because of its staff intranet, hosting the customer portal on SharePoint Online would be a natural choice.

Customer Portal Homepage Sample

Public visitors are now welcomed by two glossy Microsoft Surface Pros put on the leading desk once they go into the resource center. Because the portal is made to be mobile responsive, it may be utilized on a variety of devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The good thing about the portal is definitely an exquisite image and video slideshow that highlights the resource center archives. If visitors are curious about finding the gallery newsletters, they are able to easily opt-in via the ‘Registration’ menu around the portal. In addition, there’s now a ‘feedback’ button around the homepage that has customer satisfaction ratings. When the customer information or feedback is posted, the particular SharePoint lists are uploaded to the portal admin for simple tracking and reporting.

Registration Form

The good thing? The brand new site relieved portal admins of hrs of cumbersome manual entry each week and potential data input errors. Additionally, it granted them the liberty to configure registration and feedback forms and personalize websites content including navigation bars, featured images, and links with minimal training.

The brand new site’s out-of-the-box SharePoint analytics and report function also empowers the gallery leadership team. They are able to now better understand visitors’ preferences making data-driven decisions based on visitor census, psychographics, overall customer satisfaction.

Responsive Website Design for Mobile and Tablets


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