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SharePoint 2019 continues to be released! Now it’s time to make a decision to remain on-premises, proceed to the cloud, or possibly develop a hybrid scenario. Like its predecessor SharePoint 2016, this new edition of SharePoint is really a “snapshot in the cloud,” literally taking code from Office 365 at the begining of 2018. Unlike its predecessors, the time-frame of development has reduced (with it, the rate for on-premises change).

Let’s have a glance back in its history in the evolution of SharePoint to supply context for that decision of whether or not to proceed to SharePoint 2019 or Office 365. The 2 primary regions of comparison are across consumer experience and administration enhancements. You may request a security comparison, however that would take a completely different publish! Also, while you may still find SharePoint 2007 environments being used today, I’ll rapidly evaluate the presently supported on-premises versions.

Overall, this release built upon SharePoint 2007’s cms heritage–publishing framework, metadata, enterprise search–and is built to further embed document collaboration into people’s everyday work.

Consumer Experience Administration
  • Ribbon – Matching Office 2007 Release
  • Managed Metadata Service for true taxonomy
  • SharePoint Workspace for synchronization
  • Mix-browser and improved HTML support
  • Increases in thresholds &amp limits
  • Social features inside a “My Site”
  • Office web applications
  • Improved central administration
  • Introduction of farm health analyzer
  • Better logging and usage reporting

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SharePoint 2013 would be a tale of two focuses. This is actually the year that Office 365 was truly born, and thus while there were on-premises enhancements, these were less pronounced than between 2007–2010.

Consumer Experience Administration
  • FAST search embedded
  • Social newsfeed
  • Community template
  • eDiscovery
  • Apps for SharePoint
  • Share
  • Sync with OneDrive
  • Office Web Application Server
  • Hybrid support
  • PowerShell

Truly “born in the cloud,” SharePoint 2016 was the very first snapshot of technology obtained from the refactored administration and consumer experience which was required for Microsoft to become effective within the Cloud.

Consumer Experience Administration
  • Durable links
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Durable links
  • Team site follow
  • Profile Redirection
  • Mobile
  • Hybrid application launcher
  • Thresholds &amp limits
  • Search
  • Scenario Picker
  • MinRole
  • Zero downtime patching
  • Fast site creation
  • Search enhancements
  • Advanced hybrid features

This can be a current snapshot from the choices of SharePoint 2019 and Office 365. While you will see enhancements to SharePoint 2019 later on, the main one constant at work 365 is change. The easiest method to keep in touch would be to evaluate the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, stick to the Microsoft Tech Community, or attend among the great SharePoint conferences all year round.

SharePoint 2019 Office 365
  • OneDrive (Next-gen Sync Client)
  • Modern
    • Sites – Team &amp Communication
    • Pages
    • Lists / Libraries
    • SharePoint Home
  • Large file support
  • Extended character length
  • SharePoint Framework (SPFx)
  • OneDrive (Next-gen Sync Client)
  • Modern
    • Sites – Team &amp Communication
    • Pages
    • Lists / Libraries
    • Hub Sites
    • SharePoint Home
  • Large file support
  • Extended character length
  • SharePoint Framework (SPFx)
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Yammer
  • Power Apps &amp Flow
  • Delve
  • Stream
  • Planner

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The advantages of administration rely in your context. On-premises provides you with the opportunity to control every facet of the service. However, the advantage requires focus some time and actual infrastructure. In Office 365 you’ve less that you can to manage, but there are other advanced features that become available. Here is a report on additional features in SharePoint 2019 and an introduction to Office 365 they’re a little hard to compare.

SharePoint 2019 Office 365
  • Newest IIS APIs
  • Newest Powershell
  • Updated health analyzer
  • Trash can restore enhancements
  • Advanced hybrid scenarios
  • SharePoint &amp OneDrive Administrative Center
    • Discussing, storage, sync, device access
  • Security &amp Compliance Center
    • Classifications, data governance, threat management, reports

We’ve reviewed a brief history of advancements inside the evolution of SharePoint and gently compared SharePoint 2019 and Office 365. If little else, you can observe the focus of Microsoft is aimed squarely in the cloud, with the best features being introduced towards the on-premises server. Ultimately, the choice of whether or not to move isn’t so determined by features, but around the context of the decision.

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