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We reside in a fast-paced world where we’re all in a position to accomplish the majority of our day-to-day work tasks from our cellular devices. Technologies have enabled us to remain completely connected and up-to-date with we people wherever on the planet we’re or what time it’s.

Microsoft Teams is a superb illustration of a credit card applicatoin that allows working together from your fingertips. In the mobile application, you can be employed in your teams and channels, chat, take part in conferences, make video and voice calls, and much more.

Microsoft Teams

As convenient because this constant link with our work network is, however, it may also possess a negative effect on your projectsOrexistence balance. When our work can so easily creep into our day-to-day lives via cell phone, it’s essential that we manage our technology in a manner that we are able to still concentrate on our other non-work-related activities getting together with our families, buddies, pets, and anything that people do outdoors of labor.

Naturally we all begin to live and breathe increasingly more in Microsoft Teams for working together purposes, notifications on the cell phones if we are outdoors in our normal workday could possibly get annoying. This information will demonstrate how to change your notification settings within the Microsoft Teams mobile application to be able to have a healthy work and existence balance and never seem like you’re working “all time.”

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Altering Your Notification Settings

To modify your notification settings, touch the hamburger (three stacked lines) icon on top left corner from the Microsoft teams mobile application. Choose “Settings” then “Notifications” and you will subsequently be in a position to view making changes for your settings.

Push Notification Settings

Push notifications are alerts or messages that appear in your phone and allow you to have some understanding has happened in Microsoft Teams. You will find push notifications for a lot of things in Microsoft Teams, including:

  • Chats
  • Mentions
  • Replies
  • Followings
  • Apps
  • Likes
  • Team updates
  • Calls missed, and
  • Voicemails

These may be configured individually to satisfy your requirements and make sure that you are just getting the amount of notifications that the activity warrants. You are able to turn the notifications off completely if it is not essential for you personally to concentrate on a particular kind of action in Teams. You may also change A) The significance of the kind of action this impacts, B) If your notification will appear in your screen, and C) The kind of seem that the mobile phone can make if this occurs. You may also configure certain kinds of notifications to override whenever your status is placed to complete Not Disturb.

The configuration for chat push notifications.

Quiet Hrs and Days

Quiet hrs and days would be the secrets of having the ability to enjoy your off hrs and end up forgetting by what is going on in Microsoft Teams. You are able to mute any notifications throughout the hrs and days you place on the schedule. All your notifications is going to be awaiting you when you enter the Microsoft Teams application to begin working. Take it easy, there is little be lost.

Following Channels

In the event that you’re still receiving a lot of Microsoft Teams notifications on your workday, you might want to evaluate all the channels you’re presently following. Carrying out a funnel will be sending a notification associated with a activity occurring inside it, which means you must only follow channels that you will need to.

Making the right modifications to those settings should make you feel significantly less overwhelmed. Now you’ll strictly be receiving notifications that you need in the occasions you need to discover their whereabouts. This should help you speed up and smarter, the primary reason for using Microsoft Teams, right? Cheers to operateOrexistence balance, everybody!

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