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When Bob Dylan released “The Occasions They’re a-Changin’” in 1964 (Is the fact that song stuck inside your mind now?), he wasn’t talking about technology or perhaps the pace of change we appear to become a-changin’. When Dylan sang this song, he was obviously speaking about telecomutting saves gas. However, hearing the song lately brought me to consider whether we are able to repeat the same about information management for the most part organisations. Would the song be much better sang as, “The occasions they’re a-changin’, everywhere except information management?” May possibly not be as appealing, but it’s most likely accurate. Technology moves fast and drives significant change, however, many organisations appear are getting difficulty checking up on this evolution with regards to content lifecycle management in addition to digital and physical documentation.

The factor about altering occasions is the fact that they’re also exciting occasions. We all know the advantages that solid information management gives a company:

  • It delivers improved user productivity and improved business efficiency.
  • It supports good governance and organisational performance.
  • Users will find the data they have to do their jobs, and as a result make smarter decisions.

While change is essential, it is also hard and often feels dangerous – especially with regards to enterprise technology. Aussie rapper Seth Sentry’s “Play it Safe” states it best – “don’t take a risk ‘cause risks are dangerous.” This can be a song about restricting our potential by remaining within our safe place. Whenever we avoid change and stick to old processes, technology, or methods for doing things, we obtain left out and lose credibility with this users. Users will discover one other way – maybe sneaking to personal files share, using email like a storage facility, or private cloud solutions like Dropbox or Google Docs. None of those support just one supply of truth or perhaps a collaborative information management atmosphere. Whenever we ask users to do traditional, old-style tasks, like declaring content as records, they just won’t get it done.

It’s the function of knowledge management professionals to guide the way in which. Instead of expecting users to carry on to hold the responsibility of knowledge management when they work, we have to offer the users where they work by automating information management actions towards the extent that users have no idea it’s happening.

We as records managers ought to be constantly assessing technology and just how it may enable effective information management through this sort of automation, integration and versatility. Will this drive information management processes and deliver positive outcomes without finish user participation? Are we able to get technology to automate for all of us? The reply is yes, we absolutely can.

By utilizing technology coupled with business processes the user is familiar and comfy with your as departing the right results just within the Microsoft ‘office’ applications they will use every single day, users are considerably less inclined to find and try a means round the system. It is because the systems they’re using align to how they wish to work. It already suits them.

AvePoint’s information management solution, RevIM, continues to be made with the knowning that finish users shouldn’t perform individuals traditional records management tasks. Rather, RevIM applies management to the SharePoint or Office 365 content from the moment it’s produced or taken. The finish user does simply still work in their preferred business applications. Without anyone’s knowledge, the data manager includes a platform to handle all of this content, no matter where it’s stored (on-premises, the cloud or both) by making use of flexible business rules from the central interface.

Various kinds of users wish to work diversely. Significant for this reason RevIM adapts to users and also to the company processes you utilize, not the other way round.

The occasions they are really a-changin, but if you take another method of information management, harnessing technology for excellent business outcomes, the “changing times” are certainly not departing us behind.

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