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The AvePoint Solution

After evaluating a lot of the marketplace, Oregon’s Department of Ecological Quality made the decision that AvePoint’s DocAve suite met both their approaching SharePoint 2019 migration needs and foreseeable management needs.

“DocAve had much more functionality past migration for managing content and users. A lot of things that people wouldn’t have envisioned,” stated Dobrioglo. “Like copying content in one spot to another, cleaning dead accounts, establishing delegated permissions, and much more. Performing these things by hand was far too time-intensive.”

In almost nine experience with DocAve, probably the most heavily used modules within that suite happen to be Administrator, Report Center, and Backup &amp Restore.


AvePoint’s Administrator tool can help with everything else from managing permissions to reporting and enforcing policies. “I mainly apply it copying permissions in batches and doing regular clean ups of dead accounts,” stated Dobrioglo.

He described that reports will sometimes show when incorrect permission legal rights happen to be granted. “I frequently pull reports to research permissions. This protects me considerable time since i would natively need to do a lot more, even requiring me to create PowerShell.”


Report Center

DEQ is presently leveraging Report Center for infrastructure reports. The reports include documents that exact artists are using, storage usage, and traffic reports to assist figure out what has been used and just what went stale. It will help the company figure out what actions have to be taken with certain content when handling the overall atmosphere.

“As webmaster, it enables me to determine activity within my SharePoint farm and optimize it to find the best performance. I see everything that’s happening from who produced what, to that has access, and much more. These reports are extremely useful because we are intending a migration soon,” stated Dobrioglo.

Backup &amp Restore

Native backup functionality doesn’t offer much versatility and could be clunky to complete. Pair by using the lack of ability to revive anything less than the website level, and you’ve got your time-consuming task.

Backup &amp Restore has provided me so much more options. The opportunity to restore in a document level continues to be so useful. I’m able to choose precisely what I wish to restore without getting to revive an entire site,” stated Dobrioglo.