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Constituent satisfaction is really a main concern for Citizen Services customers. Just consider the frustration you’d feel should you required time for you to submit something request simply to view it linger with no updates. The greater we keep constituents updated, and also the faster we resolve their demands, the greater satisfied they’ll be. Citizen Services already has SLAs which will raise an escalation if your service request is at risk of breaching the deadline, but customers may should also be notified if your certain time period has transpired with no activity happening on the service request. With this, we’ve introduced the “No Activity” alert.

Simply configure a time period by which activity is anticipated, and when there aren’t any comments designed to the service request or alterations in status, notifications will be delivered to the Service Owner Group for your service request. This helps make sure that constituents are now being contacted and stored up-to-date regarding their demands, resulting in greater amounts of satisfaction.

Figure 1: No Activity Notification configuration options.
Figure 1: No Activity Notification configuration options.

In Citizen Services, constituents can submit photos using their service demands to assist describe the problem they’re reporting, or even the service being requested. As these service demands might be visible with other people that use the Citizen Portal, some customers have requested to limit the visibility of those pictures simply to the town workers and also the constituent who submitted it. This might limit unintended outcomes for example exposing your personal data. Within this release, we offer a choice of restricting the visibility of these images to the one who posted it, and also the internal staff.

Stay tuned in for additional updates. We’re just getting began!