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The fluid landscape of records management

I fell into records and knowledge management more years back than I choose to admit. Initially when i first began, certainly one of my jobs ended up being to log records inside a ledger which had records  dating to 1911 — not after i began incidentally!

Within the years that I’ve been in records management, I’ve come across some substantial changes, from pure physical records management, towards the onslaught of eDRMS because the silver bullet (which obviously it was not).

Things I see now, though, is the fact that changes continue to come, but it’s less the modification that’s the issue because the pace of change that we’re seeing., Probably the most prevalent illustration of this is actually the rapid movement from on-premises to cloud based solutions.

I’ve spent really my career dealing with traditional records management systems, like HP Records Manager (formerly TRIM) and eDOCS, (see aforementioned silver bullet!) these days. Scalping strategies will always be mainly created for use through the records manager, as opposed to the finish user.

Additionally they expect many of us to operate to operate in a manner that isn’t even more than physical records management used in a digital atmosphere. As an individual who has ‘grown up’ in the realm of records management, which was completely fine beside me.

I understood the way it all labored, I understood retention and disposal schedules, business classification schema, the mapping of these two, metadata schema, and security schema. Everything made sense in my experience because that’s how I used to be educated to think.

The consumer perspective

The truth is though, as great as which was for me personally like a records manager, I had been the only person nobody loved it. Users absolutely HATED it. Fun Fact: In a single organisation I labored for, people would make believe you hide in the ‘records lady’ after i walked with the corridors. Users were justified within their hate.

Scalping strategies requested the right results in a manner that was dissimilar to how they were utilised to working.They requested these to perform tasks, like manual record declaration, which were outdoors of the normal business process plus they basically mimicked paper-based processes only within an electronic atmosphere. For that finish user, there wasn’t a great deal there to love!

The modification I’ve began to embrace was instead of aligning users to records management, I’m able to align records management towards the users. And guess what happens users love? Nothing. They love not getting to complete other things, with technology meeting users where they work, they won’t have to.

Putting records management behind the curtain, within the systems in which the users will work, instead of counting on an intricate silver bullet solution both ensures finish users are prepared to engage but still meeting records managements needs.

The proceed to cloud

There’s been a transfer of the landscape, with increased organisations moving to and expanding their utilization of Cloud platforms, Records Management processes will also be moving because well.

I’m working about this one myself and altering my considering the way we do things, however the more I see this, the greater organisations I see adopt this latest method of doing things, the greater success for records managers. And there’s a great deal to like about this.

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