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Our crew attended the “Public Sector Digital Transformation &amp Optimisation” conference in Canberra, Australia from Feb 19-20. It’s a 2-day conference that focuses on change management ways of help government agencies minimise disruption throughout their digital transformation journey. 

Transforming business processes within any industry poses different challenges. You have to the Australian Public Services (APS). Alana Walsh, Director, Future of myGovDigital Transformation Agency, presented the digital transformation plans for government services in her keynote Digital Transformation for 2019 – Searching to the way forward for digital transformation and what what this means is for that APS.” 

We acquired valuable insight about how the Estonian Government grew to become among the only countries where 99% of public services can be found online via Ingmar Vali’s keynote “Estonia – Probably the most advanced digital society on the planet.” Vali may be the eGovernment Expert, Center of Registrars and knowledge Systems (RIK) for that Estonian Government.

Here we are at a Change: Redefine Records Management with AvePoint 

Our very own Alyssa Blackburn, Director of Records &amp Information Management Strategy at AvePoint, shared her expertise on included in the discussion on how to implement and maintain change management strategies to ensure a successful transformation journey for the Australian Public Sector. In her own presentation “Redefining Information Management” she highlighted some key areas: 

  • What goes on whenever your users wish to transform however your systems and procedures aren’t quite to the task?
  • So how exactly does a records manager still maintain oversight using the rapid development of content produced in SharePoint and Office 365 and be sure that it’s managed compliantly?  
AvePoint records management workflow

Alyssa stated, “It was great for this conference and share my understanding using the Public Sector audience. Managing information doesn’t need to be cumbersome and could be easily automated with technology. My tip would be to make certain your information is born classified, labeled, and guarded in the get-go. By getting automation and governance strategies in position, you are able to allow users to operate the way they want not understanding they’re working how you want, and that’s the way to succeed.”

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