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Take a look at our latest installment of Dux Quax (mobile edition) where I ride together with Microsoft’s Senior Product Manager for SharePoint Mark Kashman in conclusion the 2017 SharePoint Virtual Summit! Hear Mark and that i talk about from SharePoint enhancements, Communication Sites, the SharePoint Mobile Application, and also the road ahead for SharePoint!

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 Full Transcript

Dux: Hi, everybody. Thanks for visiting another episode of Dux Quax Mobile. I came here due to how awesome the SharePoint Virtual Summit was. I gotta listen to it in the source, right?

Mark: Well, I am talking about, I believe i was firing on all pistons, a minimum of 99 from the 100 pistons that people had put aside with this event.

Dux: There must be an audio lesson for your, “99 of the…”

Mark: 90-nine pistons under SharePoint within the cloud. 90-nine…

Dux: That which was that song “99 Problems”? But anyway…

Mark: Oh, way…

Dux: No, no, no, don’t forget visit. Don’t forget visit. Okay. Mark, therefore it would be a great Virtual Summit.

Mark: Thanks.

Dux: Plenty of love and engagement, clearly, in the community, so…

Mark: Yeah, the team…I mean the city was great. We’ve got a lot of feedback throughout the event, following the event, continues to be really positive. Clearly, questions, comments, plenty of feedback, curiosities of when’s this gonna come, when’s that gonna come? But it’s usually great to get at that time because now we are able to say, “Oh, yeah, it’s not far off.”

Dux: What exactly was the greatest factor you weren’t expecting that left the Virtual Summit, whether it is feedback or perhaps be it, you realize, just searching in internet marketing again following the event? Something that was out for you personally?

Mark: Well, yeah, the greatest factor I simply come hearing increasingly more and i believe it isn’t just due to the Summit and surely the Summit might have triggered, I believe, another question about 2 yrs ago. However, it’s “I’m really excited to make use of might Office 365. I can tell the way we can immediately do that” versus, “Oh, I view it is really as kind of a teaser, a carrot to get at the cloud.” However the question more isn’t just just when was it destined to be available but we’re really excited for doing things. Incidentally, we’re already within the cloud which is something which we are able to see that’s coming they immediately need to see the worth in. So it isn’t an issue of “Do I proceed to the cloud?” Many people happen to be there which things only cause them to become do more within the cloud.

Dux: The feedback I acquired, talking to another customer, is, no, this really is great however it dates back towards the classic SharePoint question I recieve from customers, “Now there’s more stuff. There’s more stuff.” It’s nutrients, don’t misunderstand me. But how can we get our heads for this, like, exactly what do we message our users? How can we provide them proper guidance and practical assistance with, you realize, what workloads to benefit from, what features, what abilities? What exactly advice can you give?

Mark: Yeah. Well, I believe the recommendation is clearly destined to be different for everyone and that i don’t wanna go ahead and take cheap cop out. But clearly, one size doesn’t fit all. And Office 365 itself, being this unique broad toolkit is broad. And you take SharePoint within that world, we’re also broad for your question. We have a great deal that are going to, that give us a call, that people support or channels and comes through SharePoint, but it’s type of that using the practical look. Where are you currently at within the cloud journey? We’re not gonna dictate that, but when individuals are already within the cloud using their email and calendar, they’re already building apps in Azure or perhaps in other services, you realize, only then do we kinda arrived and we’re considering, “Well, how about moving your documents up, your sites, building new, maybe…” You realize, many of our customers have previously had a current investments and there is a migration path and there is a conversation available about kind of what so when. And it is type of that, it isn’t all things in one weekend so spend some time. You will find stuff that you wanna do immediately. There might be newer and more effective workloads, a few of the things we announced within the Summit’s like, I believe like communication sites are destined to be stuff that people wanna do immediately. There isn’t any migrate to some communication site. You may wanna bring a number of your sites forward in one prem, connect these questions hybrid way, or simply begin to build new within the cloud.

Dux: Well, a couple of things, you realize, I’ve learned and extremely gone lots of value from is, you realize after i did the FastTrack…

Mark: Web seminar around, yeah, yeah.

Dux: …the CIO of Microsoft, Jim DuBois, awesome guy, you realize he stated something which kinda struck a chord within me. He stated, “You know, look, classical IT always consider let’s move exchange, let’s move File Shares, let’s move SharePoint.” But getting another view because these types of all illuminated, right, at work 365 when compared to traditional, you need to install, config, and whatever. So consider much more about scenarios and employ cases which ties into what FastTrack offers in which the Productivity Library, I really like that if you’re in HR, you’re attempting to do onboarding, this is actually the use situation, fundamental essentials abilities and workloads you need to consider.

Mark: Yeah. Yeah, I am talking about, we kinda get two kinds of questions and i believe the one which you’re speaking about I believe is definitely a fascinating way specifically for kind of the brand new, “How will we take more benefit of Office 365?” But as an older question, still a really valid and good real question is, “How will i build an externet on SharePoint online?” A lot of methods to answer that. There’s clearly a bit more than SharePoint that you could pull into that. However another question that might be almost identical platform answer however , more broadly in scope is, “How can one better use my exterior partners? Just how can I exploit getting information to my clients and operating together better?” That won’t be SharePoint. That could be shared calendars. That could be documents. That could be just literally, you realize, assigning people various things because you have an online team that’s originating from, you realize, many different places.

I really remember a lengthy, lengthy time ago, even in the past of BPOS, I believe the worth can there be. BPOS being what came before Office 365…

Dux: So for individuals who aren’t born yet, in those days, BPOS, Business Productivity Online Services.

Mark: Yeah. So we’ve clearly experienced the cloud for some time. These latter years happen to be unbelievable growth and new encounters and extremely wonderful things they is doing. But the need for having the ability to bring people together rapidly. I recall there is a predicament where they’d an enormous event that required to bring five very distinct, large teams on the catastrophic level. And clearly, they did the things they did for his or her job roles however they really shared their info on a SharePoint team site. Within days, they’d five of those large entities engaged, discussing information…

Dux: 100 %?

Mark: 100 %. After which when their done, they were…

Dux: And that’s the factor, right, like SharePoint’s existed for some time and that i know lots of government institutions, non-profits all over the world, you discuss calamities and disasters, SharePoint is mission-critical. I am talking about, what that now is incorporated in the cloud all of the abilities, what that you can do in a shorter time of your time.

Mark: Yeah. And i believe the greatest enhancements the team continues to be making is, how can you do this without getting to organize for 3 to 6 several weeks to face the factor up? And that may be in the farm level, obviously, previously. However it’s, how can you produce a site very rapidly without getting to invest a lot of money and time on design and also the plans of methods it’s gonna seem like on the mobile phone. You realize, that’s kinda all built-in there.

Dux: And So I know among the favorite things everyone spoken about, a minimum of for you personally Mark, is about security and around protecting data.

Mark: Yeah.

Dux: Are you able to speak much more about that, especially now we reside in a, you realize, highly-compliant global world, right, where there’s GDPR near, for instance, there’s needs with various government entities. Which means you know, are you able to speak more to around what everyone just announced and just how could that be very valuable to organizations worldwide?

Mark: Yeah. There is a lot that we’re doing, clearly, in an exceedingly reactive way. You realize, everything’s encrypted now, resting as well as in transit. The information centers are highly protected in each and every way of all the degree of the stack, in the software, in the hardware, towards the physical entry within the entrance. With regards to guarding your files, clearly, we wanna have a pro-active measure. A number of that simply is use policies. You realize, how will you best guide people to understand the website that they’re on includes a certain policy that pertains to it. The file, when you begin to connect it for an email, that integration without searching awareness towards the finish-user, you realize, it truly provides them the various tools so that you can apply their digital…you know, their DLP policies so that you can manage their devices better. You realize, I believe earlier from Dan, you heard a bit by what we’re doing with customer key, providing them with additional control at each level. With SharePoint, certainly the greatest factor that individuals are storing there’s their data as well as their documents.

Dux: Well, talking about security, right, I’d the privilege of hearing Scott Guthrie a couple of days ago at Build. He spoken concerning the data center security. He stated, “For example, when we have devices that should be replaced, there isn’t any refurbishing.” He was stating that every data center has these massive shredders, that hardware like we shred papers, you shred hard disk drives.

Mark: Hard disk drives, awesome.

Dux: Yeah. I’m like, “Wow, that’s pretty awesome.”

Mark: I usually had this within my mind, this picture that Scott Guthrie just went around having a giant magnet, just went, “Woooo,” together with his red shirt and also the giant red magnet.

Dux: Right, right. Now, it’s good. What else is, I believe, what’s the most enjoyable part for you personally?

Mark: Probably the most exciting factor for me personally, really, is 2 things, the communication sites. I am talking about, when individuals begin to go create site plus they really from the gate, have this superbly designed, easy to utilize, incorperate your content. The concepts of saving your projects, about to publish it, so that you can turn from collaboration to communication, these websites are really simple to build and use. You’re really just configuring parts on the page. A couple of things, you should use multi-column, awesome. So when you drop an internet Part into position, you aren’t locked there. Should you wanna move up, you wanna move it lower two posts, three posts, they’re real friendly and you may change them even while you’re going. So to obtain your message out when you are prepared to communicate, quite simple and you may build these websites and extremely intended for users and type of team leads so that you can build out individuals sites.

Sleep issues of it is only the job the team does in mobile. The SharePoint application is maturing really each week, month, visually, externally. Should you consider the application within the updates, about every 3 months, they’re developing pretty significant updates in order to…while you’re out on the run, like when we desired to publish, “Hey, we’d a lot of fun with Dux today.”

Dux: Selfie.

Mark: Just a little selfie, just a little texting. When we were built with a document which goes by using it, you realize, you are able to really start or perhaps publish your news out of your application. So it’s really incredible, the job that you simply can…the way that you could access SharePoint data and documents on the run is actually effective with the application.

Dux: Yeah, Dan, you need to get just like a backstage view because out of your perspective, you receive the cameras here, right?

Dan: Yes, seriously, in order to open my SharePoint application and publish a news article to the site. Actually, that’s what I’m doing at this time.

Dux: At this time, yeah.

Mark: However I think the key factor about mobile would be to remember, we’re doing the work for IOS, Android, and Home windows. We’ve already had a great browser from PC to Mac and every one of the present browsers. It’s an excellent experience. They is actually optimizing because of not being specific on which device you’re connecting to but where are you currently connecting from? What’s your connection like? And optimizing for performance and responsiveness.

Dux: Forgive me because of not knowing this but can there be an application for Home windows store too?

Mark: Yeah. There is a Home windows store application. Once they first launched, the prospective was mobile. But they’re also focusing on enabling that to become something in the Home windows 10 desktop level too.

Dux: Because I’m thinking Home windows 10s, right, using the new Surface laptop that arrived on the scene.

Mark: Sure.

Dux: Yeah, awesome, awesome. Now, what’s ahead? Ignite’s a couple of several weeks and that’s a newest chance to land a comment?

Mark: I believe when we just look like…if you appear between May fourth of this past year to this summit, you realize, that’s a great year in which the primary focus was collaboration. This season, there’s lots of concentrate on extending collaboration, new team site functionality, convenience and connectedness, to teams and also to groups and extremely having the ability to bring a number of what their workload likes the world, but additionally having the ability to easier push our information and pages and encounters right through to something similar to a brand new teams tab. You realize, you are able to share on SharePoint content pages and vice-versa. So with groups, we’ll have the ability to easily generate, like there exists a new group calendar Web Part. Or add and link planner like a left-hands navigation within two clicks. So lots of that actually work continues. Not to mention, this season as being a big focus for a huge part of the items we announced being around communications, so collaboration, communication, and to return exactly how should we double lower making communication better? You realize, we’ll have V1 soon out of the door with communication sites.

News is a huge, big service for all of us so that you can produce the news, take in the news, have or aggregate and fasten towards the Microsoft Graph which means you get my news while you might possibly not have adopted me or enrolled in me for the reason that old sense. However the news service will definitely enhance with regards to the broader achieve of reports, the way it can make news, you realize. A lot of platform apps can get the opportunity to create news. After which just every team that people interact with, you realize, does indeed wanna develop a first-party Web Part. And today using the new SharePoint framework maturing, you are able to build highly-connected web parts which are, you realize, kinda mobile-ready. It’s not necessary to construct in responsiveness. Therefore we think there’s destined to be lots of traction around new web parts, new extensions, and also you know, something that the SharePoint framework enables. It truly would go to both web and mobile on the first day.

Dux: Awesome. Well, thanks, Mark.

Mark: You’re welcome. Thanks, mister, for that some time and the lift. I believe we’re here.

Dux: Yeah. You gotta produce a great rating, though.

Mark: Absolutely. Absolutely.

Dux: So I need… Yeah, meaning…

Dan: Would be that the Goober application?

Dux: Actually. No, it’s the… Yeah, Goober, right? There must be an internet Part for your, you realize. The coming year, it is always good basically can order a vehicle from the SharePoint site.

Mark: The factor which i really want basically could simply have one further request before we eliminate.

Dux: Okay.

Mark: I’d like a Dux bot. Anytime I want helpful advice, SharePoint advice or existence advice, I simply wanna contact my Dux bot.

Dux: Dux bot.

Mark: You want it?

Dux: Yeah. I gotta speak with the AI team now. I’m gonna visit Harry, maybe they are able to assist me to. Or Paul Stubbs [SP], you realize, he and me…

Mark: Paul Stubs may be the right guy. Absolutely.

Dux: Okay. Thanks, mister.

Mark: Yeah, absolutely.

Dux: Thanks, Dan.

Dan: Hey, thanks, Dux.

Dux: Help you, guys.

Mark: Thanks.