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The Task

The aim of MCI’s IT department would be to allow its talents for you to use anywhere, anytime as well as on any device. After a preliminary foray in to the Google cloud, MCI made the decision to maneuver to Office 365.

“When I became a member of MCI…the group technology director in those days selected Google. It was regrettably and not the right solution for MCI once we had several business cases that couldn’t be managed correctly,” stated Edouard Duverger, Global V . P . It, MCI. “The cost reduction initially expected was really an expense increase. After 8 several weeks we made the decision to maneuver to Office 365. “

Support expectations are high, but MCI’s IT department has clarified the phone call.

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“Our business runs 24×7 therefore we should also give a 24×7 finish-to-finish support team around the globe having a quite strong level 1 to ensure that our users get a strategy to their condition in seconds,” stated Duverger. “We can proudly say our users could work remotely as efficiently as though these were in the office. This can be a strong asset within this COVID-19 crisis.”

After being hit having a ransomware attack, MCI recognized they needed additional data protection than had been offered natively by Microsoft. Not just did they have to retain their documents for 5 years and financial documents for ten, additionally they needed the opportunity to perform granular restore.

“We were built with a ransomware problem with a user’s OneDrive so we learned that Microsoft only offered the chance to revive the entire OneDrive in a specific date and just within the last fourteen days. They didn’t provide any granular backup nor a suitable retention period,” stated Duverger. “This may be the primary need that pressed us to consider another-party solution provider.”

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The AvePoint Solution

MCI evaluated multiple third-party Office 365 backup solution providers prior to you buying AvePoint Cloud Backup.

“When we made the decision to consider another-party solution, we compared AvePoint to a different provider and also the AvePoint solution was much more powerful and easier to use,” stated Duverger.

MCI find the limitless data retention option and it is copying all their workloads at work 365 (Groups, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, etc) as much as 4 occasions each day.

“The limitless retention period and limitless storage abilities is super flexible” stated Duverger.

“We also discover the granular restore abilities as a swap and Teams data helpful, despite the fact that we are while using granular restore abilities in OneDrive and SharePoint more often,” stated Duverger. “The option would be really effective and enables you can either to consider specific data in order to browse inside your entire backup in a specified date.”

MCI has additionally had tremendous success consolidating and re-organizing their SharePoint Online atmosphere with AvePoint’s FLY migration tool.

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MCI continues to be impressed using the tool, that they leverage multiple occasions per month.

“We use the reply to recover misplaced or lost from your use data about 5 occasions monthly or less…but whenever we do, it’s super efficient” stated Duverger.

Cloud Backup has helped within their business and purchasers operations with new customers. MCI finds particular value in Cloud Backup’s granular restore functionality and it is running 4 backups each day.

“This is extremely helpful when our teams are answering client RFPs because this provides for us the insurance coverage our submissions are guaranteed and easily available contrary is accidentally deleted or misplaced.”

When requested to characterize the general knowledge about Cloud Backup, Duverger responded, “I am really pleased with the answer, which is essential with Office 365.”

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