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Editor’s Note: AvePoint’s Office 365 Cloud Backup solution includes support for Planner tasks.

Microsoft Planner may be the go-to tool at work 365 with regards to task management for small or lightweight project teams. It provides more comprehensive management options than the usual shared Microsoft To-Do list or even the well-known Stand out files. By developing a Planner board, you are able to visualize and manage all of the tasks for the team and type them by different topics or groups you place yourself.

From my perspective, an enormous advantage of a Planner board may be the legal rights structure. Any person in a Planner board have access to the information making changes into it, and everybody can easily see which jobs are happening and which friend is focusing on it. Additionally to that particular, you are able to provide all the details required for this, like links, files, along with other data. Coupled with Microsoft Teams, this will get a comprehensive collaboration platform!

microsoft planner

However, one common query I recieve is, “What occurs when a friend decides to delete tasks allotted to me? Can’t every person in a Planner board make changes into it?“ Though a deleted task will be the least of the concerns if you have colleagues like this, it’s a legitimate indicate make. Much like when individuals needed to change their mindsets when Microsoft Teams was announced, the folks using Microsoft Planner have to change the way they take a look at tasks and adjust to the situation to be assigned tasks with a friend. Without notice to make use of Microsoft Planner inside a team, have a minute to obtain on a single page about how exactly you need to use Planner.

Let’s push malicious acting aside. There‘s always the possibility—especially whenever using Microsoft Planner for that first time—that someone constitutes a mistake handling the interface. They might make changes towards the wrong task, delete an activity accidentally, or perhaps delete an entire bucket.

This is actually the problem with the plain legal rights in Microsoft Planner, and there isn’t any out-of-the-box method of getting for this. This really is one possible reason copying your entire Office 365 environment—not only the email, however your cloud apps as well—is something should certainly consider. But to achieve that, it’s a good idea to place a reliable backup strategy in position in advance.

microsoft planner

Exactly what does a Planner plan contain?

To make certain that we’re all speaking comparable things prior to getting to copying data, let’s check out the functions and items in the Planner.

Mainly, Planner includes boards, buckets, and tasks. Each Office 365 Group may use several Planner boards that aren’t associated with one another. On every board, there are various buckets. The number of buckets and just what name they’ve can be you! You are able to assign tasks to every bucket and therefore break lower procedures to less complex structures.

In every task, you may make further settings for example assigning it to a different member, linking files, writing notes, and departing comments.

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Where will the Planner data live?

Microsoft uses various Azure Services to keep the Planner data and correlated information without anyone’s knowledge. What’s most fascinating may be the data that produces the buckets and plans this really is kept in the Azure data service. This metadata also includes the data for linking towards the corresponding Office 365 Group and also the connected conversations, memberships, and files.

In this manner, comments can be created on tasks, and files could be linked. With this to operate, however, the information should have been submitted towards the SharePoint Online from the Office 365 Group in advance. Your comments ought to for every task are kept in the Group‘s connected Exchange Online mailbox.

As you can tell, some services and apps are combined to supply this “simple looking” Planner board, making copying it more difficult.

microsoft planner

Why would I want a Planner backup?

When your organization starts to accept and adopt Microsoft Planner, the usage will progress quickly in lots of areas! Which is actually a good factor, indeed!

What happens when the Planner will be employed for business-critical things as well as your colleagues begin using it in important projects? What goes on when such projects are carried out with the Planner boards, the duties, as well as their records?

In lots of organizations, you will find rules concerning the storage and accessibility to such data (like with regards to industry rules, for example). But beyond these needs, specifically for essential projects, such data should be available after completion.

Using the on-board sources, you really have three options to select from whenever a Planner board is not needed, even if they’re not necessarily suggested.

Option 1

The very first option is for that administrator to get rid of all people in the Office 365 Group. By doing this, the program would not be displayed towards the people with no you could make changes afterward, and also the administrator would still be capable of make manipulations or perhaps delete things.

Regrettably, this method will make other content at work 365 Group would also inaccessible for workers. Soon after several weeks, you’d have lots of Planner boards laying around without users with them.

Option 2

The 2nd choice is to merely leave the program with the users in position. In this manner, it it’s still displayed to any or all people, and changes can invariably be produced. Following a couple of years, however, vast chaos will accumulate within every user’s view–I promise you!

microsoft planner

Option 3

The 3rd option is a workaround to obtain the latest status from the plan. This can be accomplished by conveying the Planner board to Stand out after which saving it somewhere where backup happens. You’d either need to do this by hand, determine a Flow in Power Automate, or use PowerShell to export user data.

However, when you would a minimum of get a few of the data from the Planner boards by doing this, you would not have any comments on such things as tasks, for example. And taking advantage of the PowerShell migration method won’t work for all sorts of boards, like ones which are used continuously for business processes. Finally, this method still wouldn’t prevent users from making mistakes like deleting the incorrect tasks or checking from the wrong products (to assist, you are able to election on UserVoice for any trash can feature to become added).

So as possible see, none of those are perfect options if you wish to use Planner seriously and want to keep an eye on results.


Despite the fact that Microsoft is supplying their clients with probably the most advanced abilities regarding data protection and knowledge retention, Microsoft still highlights that each customer manages their very own data.

Once we discovered above, copying your Microsoft Planner being an organization isn’t feasible without out-of-the-box solutions. Still, you need to certainly consider doing this because the tool will get adapted rapidly in many organizations.

Considering copying the internet services like Microsoft Teams and Planner as crucial whenever using the Microsoft 365 suite because tasks and communication are more and more outsourced from mail to those tools!

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