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Microsoft Teams is completely packed with features made to enhance collaboration. Between your chats, channels, Teams, @mentions, and likes, notifications can easily get free from control in a rush!

That stated, it is also super vital that you learn how to make certain you aren’t missing anything important or highly relevant to your workstream. Listed here are a couple of guidelines to help you fine-tune Microsoft Teams notifications to your demands.

The way the Microsoft Teams Desktop or WebApp Transmits Notifications

You will find three primary options with regards to notifications in Microsoft Teams. The “Banner and email” notification setting can have a banner message pop-in the low right from the screen and send an e-mail (you are able to set the regularity) using the notification information. If you choose the “Banner” option, the banner notification will still show, but no email is going to be sent. If you choose “Only show in feed” the notification are only visible through the enter top of the left from the application.

You’ll still find the amount of notifications inside your activity feed, and through the feed you can have a list record of latest notifications. You may also filter the notifications inside your feed by type, an element that is useful when searching using your recent @mentions.


Choices for Notification Types

Beneath your profileàSettingsàNotifications within the Microsoft Teams application, there are lots of actions that may generate notifications. Fortunately, there’s also granular controls that will help you adjust the way you want each some thing.

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While you consider your choices, bear in mind there are additional supporting tools to assist manage your notifications while you work. For example, it’s easy to enable desktop banner notifications through the Microsoft Teams desktop application. You may even wish to setup Outlook inbox sweep rules to handle email notifications instead of turning them off (or use Microsoft Flow to start other actions from individuals notifications!).

It’s worth noting that Team proprietors can prevent @mentions in Teams settings (see below) and you can unfollow or “mute” chats so that they don’t generate notifications.

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Carrying out a User’s Status

You are able to configure Microsoft Teams to transmit a notification whenever a user’s status changes so that you can keep an eye on when fellow collaborators are for sale to chat.

Make time to consider the way you work…

It is true that lots of us don’t like to become overloaded with a lot of notifications, but it is also correct that you want to make sure we don’t miss any important updates or demands, even if we’re away from our desks. Consider how you need to manage your notifications, which chats, people or Teams are most significant, and the best way to keep an eye on everything that’s happening.

Remember through all this that to managing your projects-existence balance is essential! Make the most of these configuration options and make sure that your off time is really your off time.

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