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Dux just completed an excellent web seminar on “The Top Five Microsoft Teams Challenges &amp How You Can Solve Them” so we many userful stuff here! There have been also lots of specific questions which were tossed out during and merely following the web seminar that Dux didn’t have enough time to get at (he’s a fairly busy guy, in the end!). We like great questions, and also the questions we’ve got were so excellent that people made the decision to write them!

Here is a short sampling of a lot of our favorite questions with solutions, screenshots and links that will help you around we are able to.

Don’t let let users create groups on their own or only allow admins to produce groups?

This really depends upon your governance policy. It can possibly might change from department to department, for the way tech savvy your finish users are and just how much take control of your organization wants over Teams.

AvePoint’s Cloud Governance solution enables finish user provisioning while keeping security and governance over Teams. In lots of ways, it had been designed particularly as a solution to this issue enabling the finish users to directly create Groups and Teams inside a secure, governed way while concurrently lowering the burden onto it to keep the machine.

Can One switch off Microsoft Teams for particular people? How?

This really is now possible with the Office 365 Admin Center, the how-to via Microsoft Docs can be obtained here.

Can One change a previous calendar event produced in a normal calendar to the Teams calendar?

There’s a couple of ways to get this done It’s my job to just produce a Teams meeting invite and combine it with the initial Calendar event.

We’ve two subdomains which to produce Teams. Are we able to set Teams self-provisioning to suggest to several subdomain?

Through the AvePoint Cloud Governance solution, yes, you could do.

What goes on whenever you delete an organization that’s connected with multiple teams being unsure of that it’s connected with multiple teams?

Great question along with a fear that lots of people might have with regards to the dwelling of information in Groups and Teams. The good thing is that Teams can’t be directly associated with several Office 365 Group there’s just one Office 365 Group behind each Team that you simply create.

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There’s a Skype admin console within the Portal to manage facets of Skype functionality, Can there be likely to be a group Admin Console within the portal? So how exactly does that actually work?

This really is presently at work 365 Roadmap and really should be coming before too lengthy (very good news!). You’ll find specifics here.

What is the method to retain Teams conversations and activity history if needed?

Yes, there’s now accurate documentation choice for Microsoft Teams that will help you to retain these details. Simply choose the widget within the lower left after which choose the “Archive Team” for that team under consideration.

Does Teams chat use exterior chat programs?

Not presently, though chances are that connectors for Teams Chats have been in the pipeline. It’s possible, however, to talk about Teams externally with non-Office 365 users and permit them to take part in Teams chats.

Can One share a folder or file kept in Teams by having an exterior person who’s not really a member?

Yes, you could do via SharePoint. You select the the “Open in SharePoint” option, then share the data externally through the SharePoint Document Library behind the audience.

microsoft teams

How can you backup Teams content?

AvePoint includes a Cloud Backup solution that supports Microsoft Teams! You’ll find our documentation here to learn more.

Is Teams role-based? As with, can users who’re people of Groups only see their very own groups?

You will find People and Proprietors of Teams. People can observe and edit the documents and knowledge in Teams, take part in chats and add tabs to Teams channels, while Proprietors have additional administrative access for Teams.

So how exactly does Teams integrate with your own personal calendar in Outlook?

You’ll instantly visit your Outlook calendar occasions in Teams underneath the “Meetings” view, and new conferences that you simply make in Teams can look in Outlook. The chat conversations, conferences information and contacts for Teams continue to be kept in the rear finish of Exchange, because they were in Skype.

Are you able to talk to exterior users on Teams et al, i.e., partners, contractors, etc? Is Azure AD authentication the only method to make certain users access precisely what it takes?

You are able to consult with exterior users in Teams. And it’s also rumored with a few evidence that they’re focusing on a totally free form of the Teams application. Exterior users don’t have to authenticate via Azure AD, however they do need to have a Microsoft account (not always a Office365/business account). Another thing best to note: you will no longer need to create an current email address to possess a Microsoft account, users can authenticate with emails from multiple providers (like Gmail, etc.).

What is the situation whenever you would use an open Team? Or perhaps is Yammer better for many times when membership isn’t defined?

There absolutely is. You might have information (just like a Marketing Sources Team, or perhaps a public HR Team where users can inquire, for example) that’s Suitable for all to determine, but maybe should not be announced company-wide. There are many other use cases, but we discover it’s perfect for governance and privacy/security good reasons to encourage private Groups/Teams. This really is the default at work 365 too.

So how exactly does the Teams client manage metadata?

Presuming we’re talking about the metadata mounted on documents and also the managed metadata system in SharePoint Online, this is accomplished through the SharePoint site behind they. The most important thing would be to comprehend the locations from the documents which are in Teams channels and chats.

Documents in Teams channels come in the audience One Drive/SharePoint Document Library underneath the SharePoint Site connected to the Group/Team, inside a folder that’s named identical to the funnel within the Team (see example below).

From individuals folder locations, you can handle metadata and knowledge just like always (if you cannot yet see and communicate with custom posts within the “Files” views in Groups or Teams).

Are you able to sync folders and files from inside Teams to your File Explorer along with other Office products so that you can easier find/open/save individuals files through shared files outdoors of Teams?

This can be done through the One Drive application by syncing the folder from the Team in which the file is situated (begin to see the previous question). For collaboration spaces where so many people are editing and viewing information, though, it isn’t really an excellent practice for the way frequently individuals are editing.

Personally, i always suggest that instead of syncing to people’s desktops, users should open the cloud files they require in the cloud in their desktop applications. This way you can be positive that conflict management and co-authoring is going to be enabled, and they’ll possess the stability featuring from the desktop application—the better of all possible worlds.

From my perspective, the need to still have the ability to communicate with information via the standard methods people have used for any lengthy time is a very common request from finish users who might be getting some issues with adoption. It can possibly be addressed through some upbeat, obvious and concise training content for the finish users to higher understand ways to use the gui (Graphical user interface) and the advantages of interacting directly through Office 365.

They were great questions, so we understand the insights in to the difficulties that so many people are facing with regards to Teams adoption.

Most of them discuss the type of governance and control strategies that people cope with on a day-to-day basis at AvePoint. As we’ve helped organizations small and big through the years, nearly everybody has questions about how they may streamline governance for SharePoint and today Groups and Teams at work 365. We’ve created a solution that can take the responsibility of provisioning, reporting, security, lifecycle and compliance from IT and empowers finish users to obtain more from Office 365 simultaneously!

Our Cloud Governance solution can launch user adoption from the new collaboration spaces at work 365 within an automated method in which bakes your policies, security controls, and lifecycle management into each collaboration space, especially Microsoft Teams, from the moment they’re produced. By doing this, your team does not have to constantly assist finish users with daily tasks and monitor the atmosphere.

Make sure to visit us, so we expect to seeing you at our next group of webinars!

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