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Hey all! DuxPouneh Kaufman, and Tom Arbuthnot lately finished an in-depth web seminar regarding how to get users to maneuver from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams. Though they covered a great deal, there’s more often than not the surplus of questions that point won’t permit. So, I collected the very best of the bunch and made the decision to reply to all of them inside a follow-up blog publish. Let’s get began!

Can Microsoft Teams be utilized within an RDS atmosphere for remote desktop users?

This may depend around the atmosphere, but apparently it is possible!

Must I consider Microsoft Teams for brief-term projects, or perhaps is it more appropriate for lengthy-running groups for example committees?

Microsoft Teams may be used both in conditions, however the organization of knowledge is particularly type in lengthy-term scenarios. Setting standards to be used, applying a method, and training finish users all will be necessary. Additionally, you will find several factors for teams governance that could come up.

I saw that Microsoft Teams presently includes a limit of 250 users for any call/meeting. Can there be anything around the roadmap to improve time?

For bigger conferences, current the intent appears to become to host a Teams Live Event. This is usually a much better fit with this anyway because you can control who are able to lead towards the meeting.

Can Microsoft Teams be placed on client Computers like a service? I have a problem with users not launching Skype for Business unless of course it launches at startup.

Teams could be deployed over the organization much like other Microsoft products. Documentation and tips are available here.

What is the user-friendly feature/compatibility matrix for Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams?

Because of the rapid rate that has are now being put into Microsoft Teams and also the Teams/Skype for Business admin center, I wouldn’t recommend anything outdoors of Microsoft documentation with this information.

Are you able to set permission levels inside an individual Team so only certain people can easily see specific channels?

Less than yet, however this continues to be conveyed by Microsoft like a big priority for that Microsoft Teams dev team and it is in route soon!

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How about cooperating outdoors of my organization for example if your customer or provider is Skype only?

Any user who receives a party invitation can gain guest use of a group (as lengthy as that Team enables guest users). Additionally, Teams Conferences may include any exterior emails.

An Organization has existing content that we wish to link to a different Team. It seems the admin can’t produce the Team and link it unless of course those are the who owns the audience.  Can there be one other way?

At the moment, you’ve got to be an organization owner to include a Microsoft Team to work 365 Group.

Does Microsoft Teams integrate using the existing conference room video equipment?

Generally, Microsoft Teams does integrate using the Rooms when the “Building” object continues to be correctly configured being a parent for that Team. This functionality is in route.


Any advice for explaining the main difference between SharePoint sites and Teams? They’re linked, but users have a problem understanding when you should use which.

There exists a large amount of suggestions about this subject! Read this blog publish to begin with.

Are you able to convert existing Skype for Business calendar conferences to Microsoft Teams?

For that linked invites, no. You’ll have to produce a new series like a “Teams” meeting, or add Teams meeting invites towards the existing series using a link.

Thanks for your great questions!

To learn more, browse the transition FAQ page from Microsoft. We’ve got lots of questions regarding if certain features are coming so when, and every one of these details are available through the Office 365 roadmap, something we highly recommend anybody with admin responsibilities checks frequently! We also suggest looking at our article on How you can Drive 90% Teams Adoption. Have questions? Drop these questions comment below!

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