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I lately had the pleasure of managing a web seminar with Mike Valme and Microsoft’s Ajay Iyer on Agile Project Management Software with Microsoft Teams and Planner. We’d a ton of questions from your live audience, and so i made the decision to construct a publish answering the best ones! Should you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend checking it above. Without further ado, let’s enter into some Q&ampA!

Are you able to make buckets within cards in Microsoft Planner?

No, but for this reason the Listing feature is excellent! Since Cards are a lot of primary task, I personally use the listing for just about any related subtasks—same as Microsoft Project!

Would you recommend multiple projects in a single Microsoft Teams instance?

Yes. If you possess the same customer, this is when separating multiple projects per funnel can be very useful. For those who have 5 projects which are each one is with various customers, I’d produce a separate Team for all these projects to help keep all documentation and conversations completely separate.

So how exactly does Microsoft Teams rival the characteristics of Asana, or communicating using Zoom?

Microsoft Teams is indeed a one-stop-shop. It’s just one platform where one can basically do just about everything in one location. With Zoom, when you can video and chat, you cannot collaborate on documents simultaneously and have 40 different chats going plus live meeting conversations or capture action products in Planner. That you can do all that with Teams! Incredible.

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Can Microsoft Teams be integrated with G-Suite?

Not a chance!

Does Microsoft Teams have functionality that may replace Forecast?

I’ve not used at all Forecast and so i can’t talk to specific kinds of functionalities, however i can perform all project management software activities within Teams. I Actually Do still used Microsoft Project to produce a schedule, but that’s also since i use exterior customers and want to transmit schedule updates regularly. But everything else—assigning tasks, collaborating, templates—is in Microsoft Teams!

What’s the main difference between Microsoft Teams and Google chat? They appear to become quite similar.

Teams is more preferable. You can include anyone to a chat super easily, share conversation history (or otherwise, or some), perform a quick video call, and add GIFs!

Will the Mac/Home windows form of Microsoft Teams have a similar functionality because the version running on the internet?


Are you able to create templates for Microsoft Planner (or buckets, a minimum of)?

No, not copy templates. You may earn templates on another sheet you could ask the employees to make use of, I guess. However, each task is usually unique with respect to the PM, therefore it would need to rely on your business.

Are you able to link tasks in Microsoft Planner?

Place them within the same bucket, but no, you can’t link these to one another.

Are you able to add payment dates towards the listing products?

Not, but a great idea. I ought to claim that being an added feature to the wonderful partners at Microsoft.

So how exactly does Microsoft Planner use Project Online for those who have a company implementation of Project Server or Project Online?

It doesn’t integrate with Project Server or Project Online. It’s a brand new application embedded within Teams.

Are we able to track teams in Microsoft Teams (instead of Harvest)?

When it comes to “tracking” Teams, you receive notifications each time you’re tagged, someone replies to some thread you’re on, someone tags you inside a conversation, replies for your chat, tags you inside a document, etc. (Observe that notification settings could be altered based on your requirements.)

Are we able to send meeting invitations to a person outdoors from the organization?


Following a project is finished, how can you take away the funnel?

You are able to delete it, however for records purposes I suggest hiding it rather. Simple one-click to cover the funnel.

Are you able to restrict permissions inside a funnel to see-only?

Not. ?

Can Microsoft Teams be associated with Asana?

Yep! Here’s a step-by-step guide.

Following a project is finished, are we able to archive Microsoft Planner products? And may we duplicate song for the following project?

Once each task is marked as complete, it instantly gets into a “Completed” bucket which hides instantly (much like accurate documentation). You cannot duplicate song (like cards) so far as I understand, but that’s an execllent recommendation will be able to make to the partners at Microsoft!

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