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Technologies have most likely been the only finest driver of alterations in business these days also it shows simply no indications of slowing lower. At Microsoft’s Government Tech Summit in Washington D.C. now, Microsoft demonstrated off several technology and inclusions in existing platforms, preserving their digital transformation initiative.

Distinguished Engineer for that Office 365 Enterprise Cloud Paul Lorimer presented about how Microsoft is trying to further their dedication to their collaboration platforms, adding new functionality with the aid of AI, machine learning, mixed reality and much more.

The issue “why not?” remains an issue central to the idea of a really modern workplace. Why can’t we all do this? Why can’t we used mixed reality to describe an item with no product really being there?

Developing a modern workplace with Microsoft 365

  1. Unlocking creativeness. This can be a big one. Millennials realize the worth in creativeness and demanding thinking, having a sizable most of polled millennials think that creativeness breeds productivity. He described how Microsoft promises to unlock this creativeness inside a couple of bullets.
  • Creating compelling quite happy with intelligent applications
  • Working naturally with ink, voice, and touch
  • Visualizing information in new ways
  • Connecting the knowledge across devices

2. Designed for Working together. For individuals that actually work on Microsoft products and platforms, you are aware how committed Microsoft would be to enabling collaboration and working together. t’s not a secret that with regards to Microsoft collaboration platforms, the choices are lots of. However, connectivity across devices and platforms is one thing they still work at. Lorimer described a few of the methods through which Microsoft continues their mission of making a really modern workplace.

  • Accessible design to incorporate all team people
  • Email and calendar with Exchange
  • Connect with people, content, and apps with SharePoint
  • Voice, video, and talk to Skype and Microsoft Teams
  • Co-authoring with Office 365 Pro-plus

Microsoft’s Government Tech Summit is a wild and fun ride to date. With day two well going ahead, it’ll be fun to determine the other technologies and applications is going to be shown today. Make sure to follow AvePoint’s blog – more Tech Summit presentation recaps is going to be not far off!